You Should Work in Video Games | Episode 4: Production

You Should Work in Video Games | Episode 4: Production

Production at Riot is essentially all of the
roles that make up pretty much the leadership of all of our teams at Riot. When you’re in a production role you’re
essentially responsible for the collective output of that team. Making sure the team is heading in the right
direction, that roadblocks are removed, that we’re all in rhythm, all trying to make
the best possible game. Making video games is pretty challenging. There’s so many components that go into
it from the gameplay and the design to the art and the style and then the engineering
and the technical challenges. You never really know when you’re done. We make something we think is going to be
awesome and then we need to test it. You really need to be flexible until you have
something in players hands that they love. The ability of the company to be agile and
to still respond to that kind of stuff is really critical for our players because, you
know, the world is changing so rapidly. Having a team that can adapt to that is really
key. One of the things I love about Riot is everybody
is here for the players. We are passionate players ourselves and so,
you know, when we’re again thinking about the kinds of games we want to make it’s
the kind of games we want to play and that really just shines through on teams from production
to design to art to tech to QA. We really look to push decision-making as
far down as we can to people who are actually doing front-line work. I really want an artist who’s working on
a character model to make all of the key decisions. She needs to have the context, everything
that she can, to make something that’s perfect for the experience. The thing for me at Riot in production is
just the pure variety of it. So every day is different. One minute I’m sort of in the team working
on our next sprint and figuring out what the priorities are and the next day I’m literally
in Downtown LA working with Danny and the CG team to film a live action trailer. Like watching people jump from buildings with
straps on and everything. If you want to be part of a company that’s
really enthusiastic about its player base, that wants to bring to market things that
players have dreamt about or they wish another company would do, then this is the place for
you. I’ve been working in software and production
for almost 20 years and I never really had this experience until I came to Riot which
was working with a team to build a feature, shipping that feature, and going home and
playing the thing that I just helped make and then talking to my friends who had played
that the next day. You start realizing that wow, I helped build
this thing that millions and millions and millions of people around the world experienced
and hopefully brought them some joy. I think there’s something really exciting
about the ability to work on something like that.

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  1. Riot: "You should work in video games"
    Me: "Oh yes, can't wait to be overworked like a slave, told I am a piece of sh**t and be initiated into a misogynistic/homophobic work culture at Bethesda Games"

  2. 1:02 ok but i seem to recall someone on the balancing team believes you guys got 200+ hours of experience and you don't need to listen to the players… cus you guys know better

  3. "Everybody is here for the players." Yeah… everybody except Player Support. Seriously, you guys have "Players First" as your company motto but then regularly drop the ball with your support. They might as well be automated bots since they can't do anything to escalate issues or resolve things beyond an automated system. Been following Riot from the start and have seen the rise and fall of your Player Support… seriously, you need to double down on fixing that.

  4. It's time to bring some new information or even the beta for PROJECT A! It's been months since anything new has happened, the community is in darkness

  5. I would love to work in video games, but it’s extremely hard to get into! And your Riot office in london doesn’t do apprenticeships!

  6. but you need insider connections. You may have all the qualifications but what it comes down to at the end of the day is whether the hirer 'likes you or not. BUT GAME DEV COOL VERY NICE TO ME I LIKE TRES BIEN

  7. These are the morons responsible for all the broken champions, the piece of shit trash client that won't work after 10 years and the cancerous community they attract..

  8. Oi gente! Esse canal é do meu filho Pedro, ele tem 11 anos e joga Lol desde os 6, ele é apaixonado por esse jogo e joga muito bem! Se puderem dar uma olhada e se inscreverem, será de grande ajuda!🥰

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