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  1. Do you have any suggestions for the next chapter? o_O!

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  2. What the commander did for atago was very selfless and that is something I would have done to help atago but I would have kissed her first

  3. 4:28 Just. Keep. Calm. No. Sudden. Movements.
    8:45 Dude… Run…
    14:27 Run b*ch! RUUUUUUN!
    15:48 Better here than out there…
    19:28 RIP Shikikan…

  4. Wow, this is really fantastic! I haven't enjoyed your work so much since akagi and taihou's chapters! Atago is my 1st shipfu so I guess somehow she still has a special place in my heart! The ending sequence was really heart-warming! Great job!

  5. How to get on Roon's good side. Ask to hug her before she does the same to you. That way it can possibly be less painful.

  6. Terrence: Sees Today is Yandere's day Oh no…No!!
    Roon: Today's the day Terrence-Shikkan
    Dido: Yes Let me show you my love for you
    Terrence: I promise Atago for the kiss
    Roon: Kiss!?
    Dido: Nani!?
    Terrence: You both are Yandere but Atago is not!
    Roon and Dido: Chases Terrence
    Terrence: Runs away and looks behind to see Roon and Dido I had to lose them!

  7. Ah yes just another "normal" day in the port with Atago,Dido,Roon, Akagi. I think it all of them

    Suddenly a black hair with red eyes girl that have thicc body but sound like loli appear behind me and grab my neck

  8. 0:24
    For a sex nigth with roon.
    A whole year of gems.

    Its not a question of worth IT or not.
    Its a double winm
    But rather.
    The one of IT you will take that upon you or not.

  9. Finally my dream come true.

    Someone made yandered BATTLE ROYALE.

    And it is in azur lane. And it is fight for commander.


    Can't wait for next part.

    And thanks for making my dream come true.

    PS:Could you put Mama Friedrich to the story?Maybe like legendary summen.

  10. Why does this feels like if its an anctual five nights at freddys fanfic?


  11. Ajax, deutschland, fdg, and sirius shouldve also been in the roster in my humble opinion but I can see why you choose them exept for unicorn

  12. One Night with Yanderes:

    Dido: The first one to appear within the night. She’ll aimlessly walk around until she spots you, at which she will advance towards you, albeit slowly. She’s the easiest to outrun from, so she shouldn’t be much of an issue. It’s when the more dangerous kansen appear that she might be a problem.

    Roon: The second kansen to be active in the night and already proves to be one of the more dangerous ones, once you’re spotted, she will charge at you fast if within her eyesight. Nothing will make a difference if you put yourself behind something weak like a fence as as she can destroy them easily. Due to her clothing, she’s more harder to spot in the darkness.

    Atago: It’s never advisable to stay in one place for too long less you want Atago to appear somewhere nearby. She appears if you stay in one single area for more then 15 seconds, at which she will advance towards you at a moderate pace. You don’t need to worry about her if you just keep moving.

    (The remaining other yanderes will be for Part 2)

  13. Just a little something I decided to cook up (See if you get the reference, also pls no hate)

    Commander silently walked through the school, each step echoing throughout the hallways. Too late for regrets now, the decision has been made the moment the commander walked through those doors. After reading the letter and learning about the participating ships he knew they were doomed from the start.

    Is what a normal commander would’ve thought in this situation, this commander however had a little special gift with him as well. As he walked through the first hallway (where you encounter Dido) the commander’s bangs waved in front of him. He stood still for a while then he walked the other way instead. Avoiding the encounter completely. Sorry Dido, maybe next time. But my life is on the line here.

    (When the commander enters the chemistry classroom and obtains the charm)

    The commander was eating the chocolate once again his bangs swayed in front once again and a calculating look appeared on the commander’s face. How much seconds till did he have? 8, no maybe even-

    The door was sliding open.

    ‘Commander~ are- -there…eh?’

    Roon found herself inside the chemistry classroom with no one inside.

    ‘I could’ve sworn I heard the commander in here, where did he go?’

    Meanwhile right outside the commander was slowly tiptoeing away as a fast pace. He silently thanked Akatsuki for that ninja training indeed.

    (Closed Courtyard)

    The commander was relaxed as if nothing could surprise him again, until his bangs once again flowed in front of his face…shit.

    ‘Co-man-der~’ giggle

    The commander burst into a sprint and saw the protection fence, will this be enough. After seeing it destroyed probably a few minutes earlier, no definitely not. In that case…

    Akagi was chasing after the commander, all alone and as good as hers, his cute attempt to escape was making her burn even hotter inside. When she felt he was within range, Akagi reached out her arm and grabbed-


    The commander simply vanished from her sights and found herself gone pass the fence. When did she get here?
    Meanwhile the door into the building closed silently and the commander casually walked upwards to the third floor.

    And I’ll let the whole Atago interaction happen. Hope you enjoyed.

  14. Dido really got the short end of the stick… I feel bad for when she discovers that the Shikikan did actually abandon her… same with Atago. Roon absolutely didn't deserve that kiss yet she's the one who got it T_T

  15. What is happening is that Akasi is the one how make this into a thing and if any the girls can get him will be married to him and everything is being film the amount of views is how he gets paid. But Akasi takes some of the money.

  16. I can relate to the commander's action of saving atago . Because that's exactly what I would do ( since i married her )

  17. TRULY liked and enjoyed watching this fanfic!!!!
    Dido is one of my MOST favorite shipgirls!!!! 😍😍😍😍
    I am really looking forward to part 2 of this!!!!

  18. I know everyone is concerned about commander surviving the night, but here's a bigger worry…

    W H A T ' S T H E A F T E R M A T H O F T H E S E E V E N T S G O I N G T O B E L I K E ?

  19. know your instinct if dido is around better not get seen or otherwise other yanderes go hunting mode and start running

  20. To all idiots and trolls hopping on meme train using Akagi as ultimate yandere – just remember her secretary questline, especially the final part, especially those words:

    *I didn't do anything while you were asleep. As long as you accept me, I am happy…

    If you say you don't wish to look at me, then that is fine… If you say you won't be mine… then that, too, is fine.

    All I'm asking is that you never, ever forget my love for you, Commander.*

    And for a second appreciate her honesty and loaylaty to your sorry asses. Then you can go and F yourselves. Seriosly sick of that BS both in game commentary section and on youtube vids.

  21. Ryuum never ceases to amaze us…

    Not sure how to feel with dido tho..
    But I really felt the THICC experience with Roon and the difficult choice made to send Atago away from that scary shit…

    As for the remainder…

    Probably the one who slammed the door is Akagi…I could tell by the laugh subtitle more or less..

    Probably will run to Junyou afterwards….
    I dunno bout Taihou tho but we already have the counter card…

    Oh well…that's what a parallelism gave me..

    Yanderes will always be Yanderes…it's the non yandere you have to watch out for the most..

    Specially given how muscular she thinks uni is…

    For some reason my doubts with unicorn personality was spot on…I'm glad I'm deploying Ryuuhou now….

  22. Im not trapped in a school full with yanderes. Its the yanderes who are trapped in a school with a well cultured and very yandere loving shikikan who uses yandere only fleets in his sorties anyway.
    Tell me if you're one of us guys!

  23. In the next episode, Illustrious should appear towards the end of the night. But here’s the catch: once she notices the commander, she should be revealed as another yandere. And it’s just before the clock turns to 6am, like that troll Freddy Fazbear jumpscaring you at 5am.

  24. Me a boy version of the Frederick DE Grove well this was both surprising and scary and even more scary if you seen it with your own 2 eyes in real life

  25. Akagi AND Roon AND Taihou together in a "Survival" situation?! IT'S BATTLE ROYALE – AZUR LANE!!!!!!!
    And kissing Roon? THEY ARE MARRIED NOW. Because her thighs don't lie.

  26. enter the school

    Saruman : so, you choosed death!

    Pretty good m8
    I think this is very first time SKK gave a kiss scene, i loves Roon and i'm happy she involved here finally, yay.
    Can't wait for next part. Well done

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