WWE Suffers Another Huge Superstar Leak That Might Have Ruined The 2019 WWE Draft – Fox Sports

WWE Suffers Another Huge Superstar Leak That Might Have Ruined The 2019 WWE Draft – Fox Sports

Hey guys, welcome back to wrestling world! Wwe’s major move to fox sports is quickly
approaching Smackdown will now be airing on Friday nights
on fox sports The show will be returning to it’s previous
name of “Friday Night Smackdown” as well The move is a few weeks away but there is
a heavy amount of info that is still coming out It was recently revealed that wwe will be
having an official wwe draft in October This will not be a small “superstar shake
up” of years past, but it will be similar to the 2016 wwe draft All wwe superstars will be “free agents”
and they will be available to draft for either raw or Smackdown The draft will be bigger and better than the
last one in 2016 Reports claim that Vince McMahon loves the
look and feeling of the nfl draft and wants his draft to be very similar There’s also another major change coming
to the draft and that’s the fact that Smackdown will be starting off the draft this year In years past, the wwe draft would begin on
raw and wrap up on Smackdown, but this year will be the opposite The draft will begin on Smackdown, now that
Smackdown is the “A show”, and will wrap up the second part of the draft on that following
raw But some of these major draft picks might
have already been spoiled by fox themselves Fox currently has a lot of promotional material
going around for Smackdown and it might be giving away spoilers During this week’s NFL games, fox put up
a graphic that showed regular stars such as Roman Reigns, Charlotte, kofi Kingston, and
Becky Lynch The stand out star of that group is Becky
lynch because she’s currently on raw, so does this mean that Becky will be heading
over to Smackdown in the near future? It definitely is a possibility, Becky Lynch
could drop the raw women’s championship to Sasha Banks and head over to Smackdown
on fox Fox also released some other promo images
from a photo shoot that heavily featured Alexa Bliss, Rey Mysterio, The Miz, and once again
Becky Lynch If there already is so much promotional material
for these superstars, then it’s likely that they will be remaining on Smackdown This 2019 wwe draft will also put an end to
wwe’s wild card rule The wild card rule allowed superstars to jump
back and forth between raw and Smackdown, but the superstars will now be exclusive to
one brand once again after this draft takes place. The only problem with this rule is the women’s
tag titles, will they be tied to one brand or will they be up for grabs between both
brands? what are your thoughts on wwe’s move to
fox sports? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you
in the next one!

39 Comments on “WWE Suffers Another Huge Superstar Leak That Might Have Ruined The 2019 WWE Draft – Fox Sports”

  1. So the wwe draft is coming up in the next several weeks, but Fox Sports might have just given away some of smackdown's top picks. What are your thoughts on WWE having another full WWE draft? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Let's try to reach 500 likes today! Thanks for watching guys 😀

  2. The nostalgia when I hear "Friday Night Smackdown."
    Can't wait for Smackdown to be aired on Friday Nights again!

  3. Sd still the b show don’t get me wrong sometimes sd is better but let’s not forget witch brand has Been around longer as for the women’s tag team titles the cant make them exclusive to one brand cuz both brands don’t have enough women to tag for the titles

  4. WWE Should go back to the old format
    RAW – Universal Championship, World tag titles, womens titles & intercontinental championship
    SDLive – WWE Titles, WWE Tag Titles, US Title Cruiserweight Title
    24/7 Championship floater

  5. Make a Raw and Smackdown Women's tag team titles. They got enough women they don't use that they could be using to chase after those titles.

  6. I can see Becky Miz Rey Rey and Alexa all being moved to Smackdown they all have the mainstream appeal. And Rey Is a wrestling legend

  7. I love this idea, and the fact that the superstar draft will start on Smackdown is great and it will be known as the A show, as for championships I do hope the women’s tag team titles can be on both shows. In my opinion it’s better that way, unfortunately it looks like Sasha and Bayley will remaining on different shows. 😕

  8. Hi, congratulations on the channel, very informative. I wrote for Paul Heyman's twitter a few days ago and now I see this information here, I'm very happy. I wrote some ideas for Paul Heyman, going up to Io Shirai for Smackdown, in an upcoming Kairi Sane fight, io Shirai would come up, disrupting Kairi, thus creating a beginning of rivalry and the end of duo Kairi Sane and Asuka. In the 15th Clash Of Champions, I wrote to Paul that Sasha is the new Raw Champion and Charllote is the new Smackdown Champion; As they return to the weekly shows, Raw and Smackdown, Raw's new rival and challenger for the female title is Asuka and Becky Linch is Charllote's rival for the Smackdown title, but as this rivalry happened a short time ago I suggested a third competitor, the newcomer to the main squad, Io Shirai. But always, during fights, the beautiful Kairi Sane disrupting Io Shirai.

  9. all i hear is NXT Takeover, NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover NXT Takeover


  10. Mandy Rose: (To Nikki Cross ) "You will never look like me. " Alexa Bliss : (To Mandy Rose ) "Nobody wants to look like you! " Mandy: "Shut up! " They will have fun, Smackdown on Fox, Woo!

  11. Fox will force the WWE to produce a better product and get rid of the bad garbage storylines and get back to real competition…hopefully,

  12. If Becky Lynch goes to Smackdown they have to move Charlotte Flair cause you can't have both of them on the same show.Andrade will stay on Smackdown because of the fact that Fox wants an ambassador to the Hispanic community and he's that guy.Brock Lesnar is going to Smackdown plain and simple and Ronda Rousey is going if she decides to come back.

  13. Fox Sports is fine Locking them down on one show is stupid. that is like saying New England Patriots or Green Bay packers or New York Yankees and only be shown on Fox ROFLMAO yeah right

  14. Not what it seemed to be about of course using Alexa bliss again in the picture in front! Wow they need to uses Mandy rose too! Very deceptive! 👎

  15. I’m actually gonna unsubscribe these post are old,& fake very deceptive! You need new info not old! I’ll get my info from wwe network from now on! Fake fake fake!

  16. I would not be surprised that Raw gets back most of it's former roster fromSmackDown to make Raw the A show while SmackDown gets the weak roster from Raw to become the B show.

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