Wildcat Athletics: Men’s Soccer

Wildcat Athletics: Men’s Soccer

(Music) It’s amazing to have even one fan
or 100 fans who are in the stands cheering for your team. (Crowd Noise) (PA Announcer:
Now entering the match for Penn College : Number 7, Christopher Rutledge) I’m Chris Rutledge.
I’m currently majoring in web design with a minor in marketing and I’m a midfielder
for Penn College men’s soccer team. I’m always outside juggling, messing around with a ball.
I live for that. I love playing around with it. Every time I get to practice, I’m happy
to be there. If it’s a two-hour practice I get kind of mad that it’s ending. I just want
to keep going, going and going. Be out on a sunny day and being able to juggle the ball
and kick the ball around with people, I love that. Class obviously comes first before soccer
because we are student-athletes, not just here to be an athlete. You have to balance
that correctly. You go to soccer, you get home and do your homework. Then you have your
free time. After graduation I would love to maybe live in like a city like Chicago or
Boston, New York and be a web developer or ending up in sales to start out because I
also have a minor in marketing and that kind of stuff interests me too. You go 110 percent
at every ball. I’m not saying play reckless and try to hurt somebody but just go into
every tackle with the confidence that you are going to win the ball. Go into every ball
that’s in the air that you are going to win it with your head. I want to be quicker with
the ball. I want to be quicker with my feet and also my mind. Getting the ball and finding
someone to get it off my foot, especially in my position where I’m in the center. They
got to get the ball to me and I got to get it away from me. Just look for open space.
Coach Rafael Morais, he’s been a new inspiration to this team. He doesn’t care if you’re a
freshman or a senior. He cares that you’re going to go in there and try your best. Go
in there and give 110 percent. He’s won championships. He’s a great coach. He had a lot to bring
to the team. We didn’t know each other when he came. We didn’t even know him. And he came
down and put us all together as one family. It’s a great group. I’m happy with what I have.
The education I’m getting is incredible and the playing time for soccer is incredible.
(Music Fades) (New Music) Ranked among the top 10 public four-year colleges in the north,
Pennsylvania College of Technology offers bachelor, associate and certificate majors
in more than 100 career fields. Small classes, exceptional labs and equipment, and faculty
with work experience contribute to strong graduate placement rates. A full-college life
includes campus housing, athletics, student clubs and organizations. Penn College is a
special-mission affiliate of Penn State, committed to applied technology education and is located
in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the city known around the world as the home of Little League
Baseball. (Music Fades)

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  1. @See Mihail You should totally try out, would you be able to describe your background a little bit about soccer, and why you would like to try out. 

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