100 Comments on “Why Teen Addicted To Video Games Says He Rages At Parents”

  1. I'm old school….he's needed a good whippin for a long time…..I'll be damned if he got another piece of electronics after breaking them and I would surely take away everything else…and if he doesn't want to bathe…fine but take your stinky but up to your room!!

  2. Take away all electronics, give him books, no sugar, no carbs. Exercise for at least an hour a day, go to school.

    There. Now you know. Ignore his blustering, reward good behavior. No need for Dr. Phil. Common sense.

  3. In another video it said he doesn’t go to school… now who’s fault is that? His parents. Maybe if he was around other people, he would learn some respect and empathy. If his parents taught him that he is not in charge from an early age, maybe he would have some respect. And even now, they can shut off his video games. He shouldn’t be breaking his mother’s nose if she shuts the system off. He should have been taught respect for others and himself.

  4. People need to stop playing games 4 just a little bit once awhile and do something else besides playing games every hours a day it’s not good for your health 🙁

  5. This kid is is going to be a fat virgin still screaming from the couch in 20 years if they don't do something now.

  6. He needs therapy to get him help mentally and verbally. “I don’t even wemember” how old are you kid? Are you 3, 4? You’re 14! 14 years don’t use Ws for Rs!

  7. It’s so simple…just turn off the WiFi and take away the devices. What is the worst he would do, assuming he is not a killer.

  8. Maybe if white people worried about race and minority's less they would be able to teach there kids proper respect and dissapline and maybe they wouldn't worry about there fat sprinkle addicted child verbal and physical abuse,I have never seen this happen in a black or Hispanic home.

  9. Nothing wrong with wanting to be a pro gamer. People have made millions that way. But it’s not okay to disrespect good parents and sit around mooching off your parents everyday. I like how the kid wants to change though.

  10. It's the mothers fault. .when the father tries to confront him or hit him, the mother would say ''leave him alone'' . .that's why everytime the kid have tantrums the father just hides and leave it all to the mom. .anyway its all her fault.

  11. Ughhhhh cringe worthy get him a bike and a haircut ! Have a nice family gathering in the backyard with an axe and a Mallot and start bashing all that brain wash device garbage !!!!aka family bonding / venting

  12. Not a farm more like a bootcamp or fat camp

    This boy has good gaming stuff I don't even have this

    Im poor and broke my mom would slapp me if I did this

  13. 😂😂😂 This garbage is comedy. All you have to do is extract him from his protective cave and leave him to manage interactions with less-insulated members of his peer group. Silly rabbits.

  14. I’m not sure if this kid is totally disturbed, or if his parents have done such a terrible job that he’s just A big blob of anger and profanity that seems to have the mental capacity of a four-year-old. I hope it’s the former, because what a shame if these people have just totally destroyed this human being.

  15. The way he acts his threats I wouldn’t blame em for hitting him for god sakes his mom is in a wheelchair he needs to be grateful he has her still on this earth

  16. Being on a screen all day is way to escape reality and live in a different world, seeing how his home life is, why wouldn’t he be on a screen 24/7? I have a younger brother who’s just like this, you can put him on meds and stuff and things might get a little better, but ultimately they gotta change the environment.

  17. Take away his game, turn off Wi-Fi, let him cook for himself, there are options to get rid of this nasty behavior. You are the parents, you're the ones who are in charge. He doesn't pay the bills, he doesn't contribute to the family.

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