What If You Played Video Games for 1 Day Non-Stop

What If You Played Video Games for 1 Day Non-Stop

You know, I’m not a gamer myself, but there
was a time when I could sit all night long, playing some new and awesome game. And it’s then I wondered completely out
of the blue: what would happen if I played for 24 hours straight? You think I didn’t check it? Fat chance! What I did first was prepare in advance. I planned my game day for Saturday so that
I’d have no work to do, could sleep until well rested for the event, and would have
another day to recover after it. I bought a dozen Red Bulls (big ones, not
those tiny little cans) and made sure I had enough coffee at home to keep me going. Then I fixed my armchair so that it was a
bit less comfy than I’m used to — I believed it would help me not fall asleep too. Boy, was I wrong, but that’s getting ahead
of myself. I turned off my phone so that nobody could
call and distract me from playing, and put some easy-to-grab food on my desk next to
the monitor. Of course, I realized I would have to, um,
do some business from time to time, but I thought it wouldn’t be cheating to spare
a couple of minutes to visit the bathroom. The alternative was just too gross, you know. Having done that, I began my… let’s call
it an experiment, shall we? I chose an action RPG that I knew would take
me a lot more than 24 hours to complete. I considered playing some MMO because, you
know, it’s kind of eternal, but I’m just not into that stuff. So I opted for a single-player game. I launched it and off I went into the world
of might and magic. By the way, do you play RPGs? What’s your favorite class? Let me know down in the comments! Me? I’m a sucker for wizards. Feels good to rain fire and brimstone on your
foes. Well, what can I say? The first three hours flew by like one minute. When I looked at my watch, I had to catch
my eyebrows from slipping right off the top of my head. I remember thinking, “Hey, if that’s how
it’s gonna be, it’ll be the easiest experiment I’ve ever done on myself!” I didn’t feel hungry or thirsty, or tired,
for that matter, just nothing. But come to think of it, that wasn’t really
surprising, because it was just three hours, after all. After two more hours I finally started feeling
a bit of discomfort in my belly. No, not that kind of discomfort. I needed some grub and water, so I took a
couple of buns I’d prepared in advance and continued playing. By the way, I didn’t lose any interest in
the game whatsoever! I guess it’s because when you’re playing,
you’re inside that world, living that life, so you don’t give a hoot to what’s outside. Ah well, psychology is cool and all, but I’m
not here for that. After seven hours I remembered that I had
legs. Nature called, and I tried to stand up, but
almost failed. Sitting in the same position for such a long
time did the dirty on me, and first I had to twist and bend some life into my feet and
knees. When I stood up, though, another surprise
called: my back was aching. Remember I told you about the chair I rendered
a bit uncomfortable? Well, joke’s on me! I decided to make it as comfy as possible
instead — it wouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, so I guess it wasn’t
like I cheated or something. Anyway, after no more than 5 minutes I returned
to my game. Three more hours passed, I had another couple
of buns and my first energy drink of the evening. Gaming started to take its toll on me — apart
from leveling up my character real fast, I started feeling a bit tired. But I was determined to go on. After all, I only had 14 hours left. Two more hours in, and I popped open another
Red Bull. Not that I had to energize myself, but I just
needed a distraction. You see, I’d just completed a really awesome
chain of quests, and I really had to savor it for a bit. Was I tired? Nah, forget it! I was pumped up and ready to go playing the
whole night! I was also ready to go and fight the crime
in the streets with my magic sword, but that’s another story. Be careful with energy drinks, pal .
Another three hours, and that was fifteen in total. It was late at night already, but I didn’t
care. I was on a Quest! With a capital Q! I don’t really know what was happening to
me after all those hours of playing, but once again, care I did not. All that mattered was that I was going to
collect that legendary set of armor whatever it took. And after two more hours I finally got it! Woohoo! Now my character was virtually invincible,
and I could do whatever I wanted without saving the game every several minutes. I jumped up and down in my chair with joy
when the unexpected happened. It broke under me. Yeah, snapped just like that. 17 hours of non-stop playing, and all of it
only to get my armchair broken. I gathered myself from the floor, rubbed my
back, and remembered about my legs again. Ouch! I forgot that I hadn’t stood up for hours
and didn’t even stretch them every now and then, completely engrossed with my in-game
progress. I used the opportunity, though, and walked
to the bathroom. When I returned, I tried to fix the chair,
but couldn’t. So I took some wooden one from the kitchen
and set it before my PC, determined to finish the chapter before dawn. Oh, and there was also my experiment, right. I couldn’t leave it just like that. Three more hours and two more cans of energy
drink passed. I did finish the chapter just like I wanted
and, having lots of time ahead of me, went on to the next one. By the way, I completed more than half the
game by that time, which was an achievement in itself. My vision was just a tiny bit blurry because
my eyes were tired from all that staring into the screen, and my thoughts were increasingly
chaotic, but otherwise I felt absolutely fine. Remember that legendary set of armor? Scrapped it. It turned out to be awesome only before the
third chapter, and when that started, my gear became trash almost at once. Anyway, I had four last hours ahead, and I
realized I had to squeeze everything I could out of them. I started looking at my watch more often than
before, wondering how it could be that time suddenly moved so fast. Three hours to go… then two… then one. I was still somewhere mid-game, and I wasn’t
exhausted or anything. Or so I thought. When the last minute of my 24-hour marathon
ended, I saw that, ironically, I couldn’t just save and quit in the area I was at the
time. And I guess you know what I did then. Yep, I gave myself time to finish that zone. As soon as I was done, I thought, how about
going to the nearest town and selling my unwanted loot? After all, that’s just a few minutes, not
gonna hurt. So I came to the town, sold my wares, bought
some new gear and potions — the usual stuff. And then there was that NPC with a question
mark nearby. You know what that means, right? Of course I approached him! He told me there was a very promising quest
not far from where I was. How could I miss such an opportunity? Well, you see where it’s all going, don’t
you? I quit the game after another four hours. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until
I closed the game. I stood up and rubbed my eyes, and then I
started stretching as if my life depended on it. I just couldn’t stop myself! 28 hours of sitting, of which 11 were spent
in a wooden kitchen chair. Not a small feat, if you ask me! But I can proudly say that my quest — I
mean, my experiment, — was a total success. Not only did I spend 24 hours gaming, but
I even stretched that goal and came out victorious! I can’t say I had any serious trouble connected
with it. Yeah, my eyes were sore, as were my legs and
lower back, so I stretched like crazy and went on to do some exercise before going to
bed. But otherwise, it was pretty cool. I don’t know if I’m ever going to repeat
it, because I don’t have that much time on my hands, but I don’t regret it in the
least. After all, I managed to complete more than
two thirds of that game! But man, did I sleep like a log after that… Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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  2. Bright side:what would happen if you game for one day straight
    Me:boy I already play 24/7 each day on summer break winter break spring break and on the weekends

  3. I have no problem moving but I dont play 24 hours seven hours yeah I played from 7 to 10 30 tonight and I can still move and I'm fine… it's different if you prop up your legs

  4. This comes from the perspective of someone who ONLY did this for an experiment….rather than someone who does this daily.

    Therefore this is irrelevant

  5. really awesome video. I could not have myself to do that though. needs rest. needs to stretch. needs to take care of my 9 cats.

  6. BRIGHT SIDE: "What If You Played Video Games for 1 Day Non-Stop"

    twitch tv streamer by the way: I will stop you right there

  7. My friends dared me to watch fortnite videos for 12 hours and I actually did it. I went from 7pm to 7 am I was such a wreck afterward lol

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