What If G-Man Was Real?

What If G-Man Was Real?

With Half life alyx on the horizon there has
been a surge of people jumping back into the half life universe to revisit one of the most
famous franchises in gaming history. And with the return to this masterpiece of
entertainment many people are trying to break down who the mystery man known as g-man is. On todays lifes biggest questions we are going
to deep dive into who this character is and answer the question what if G-man was real. Im your Host Che Durena and lets get into
it. As is tradition here and lifes biggest questions
we are going to start this list off by giving a break down of who G-man is. And there is no better way to start then to
fly back to the original half life game. At the begging of half life one you play Gordon
Freeman who is at his first day working at the Black Mesa research facility. This is a top security facility that works
on all sorts of experimental tech and interdimensional travel. A portal is opened up to a borderland dimension
known as zen and this causes a massive amount of aliens to spill out. With Gordon being the lose on the employee
totem pole it is up to him to clear out all the aliens, go to the zen boarder world, fight
through more hoards and eventually get to the alien leader known as the Nialthe. Who looks every gross and has a head full
of energy for some reason. After you kill off this big bad alien the
screen goes black and Gordon wakes up on some sort of elevator and there is an older man
in a suit talking to him. This is the first appearance of G man. Right off the bat this guy is creepier than
Stephen king novel and he informs you that this alien world you just ransacked is now
under control by the people G man works for. He teleports you to a few different locations
which already showcases his unknown level of power. And then he give you a job offer because your
the best alien killer in the business. The game actually gives you a choice on whether
or not to take this offer, if you accept you get put into a sleep state until Gman and
the enigmatic people he works for need you. Deny of the offer and he will send you to
a room filled with killer aliens that well, kill you. Now the strange part about this is that if
you replay the game you can see several scenes where gman is standing in the distance watching
you, so he has been following you this whole time. Throughout the squeals and expansions to this
series we see the gman make more and more appearances that give us some clues as to
who he might be but it is never revealed. But we do get to see some of his powers. He can teleport, use telekinesis, he can stop
time it seems like none of the laws of space and time apply to this god like character. Its also revealed later that the G man is
the one who gave the super powered crystal to the black mesa facility that opened up
the original portal to unleash the aliens. This isnt the only time he has done something
to drastically affect the future, so it its suggested that he might have the ability to
predict the future. However who he is and who his mysterious employers
are is never revealed, we can take the information we have and now try and answer the question,
what if G-man was real. Based on what we know we can determine that
if the G-Man was real interdimensional travel would be possible, not only that but he would
most likely use his powers to invade some level of government to make sure that we succeed
with it. The G man would change the course of history
for his own benefit. It wouldn’t take long before we saw a massive
outbreak of aliens flow out of some top secret base and start attacking earth. Now what happens after that would all come
down to what the gmans plan was. We might never know about this, it might stay
contained if the gman was looking for a Gordon Freeman type character. He would use the outbreak of aliens as a test
to find a hero he could lock away in space and time and use whenever he feels the need
to alter history to his benefit. This would be the best course of action, it
would keep the world safe and if the safety of the planet is in the best interest of the
gman then there shouldnt be too much to worry about. But there is also option two, what if Gman
and his mysterious employers what to use earth as a new boarder world, what if zen is no
longer comfortable for the Nialith race that is living there and Gman wants to use earth
as a new home world for these aliens that like to jump on your face and then eat your
head. Well we would start to see the end of the
world, it would be nice to think that we could possibly win this battle but I dont think
earth would stand a chance G-man is an all knowing, time manipulating,
interdimensional man of mystery. Not only that but his human appearance would
allow him to get into every level of government he needs to in order to see his plans go through. This wouldnt be a simple war of us vs the
aliens. G man would use his infiltration skills and
ability to see the future to make sure that everything he wanted to happen would flow
easily. But this might mean that one of you out there
would end up being Gordon Freeman. You would have to save earth and work face
to face with the gman. This isnt not the position I would want to
be in at all, and thankfully because I dont have a PhD I dont think this is something
I would ever need to worry about. I want to thank you all for tuning in to todays
Lifes biggest Question, I would love it if you could get into the comments and let me
know what you think would happen if Gman was real. Are you a believer that this would mean the
end of the world as we know it or do you think that Gman would be on our side. Until next time Ive been your host Che Durena
and Im here to answer all your questions.

100 Comments on “What If G-Man Was Real?”

  1. well, it would be bad if he was real
    I watched game theories video about G-man.
    Freeman destroys a bomb or something that would destroy some place but G-man in a expansion pack you see him building it again, that brings the Combine to earth in Half Life 2.
    In half life 2 when the Combine came he didn't call Freemen to come back until 20 years after the Combine came.
    So I think he is tryed to undo Gordan's actions and is trying to change the future after letting the Combine coming to Earth. So that would be maybe bad but very bad if he was REAL.

  2. if he was real then that means black mesa & everyone in the game is real… but the bad news is that the zombies will spread fast & turn city's into ravenholm all over again.

  3. i think G-man is a inter dimensional entity that takes a form of a Man with coat to remind the player who he was in the past life
    and what he did to experience these type's of unexpected scenario's in his life

  4. What if Star vs the Forces of Evil was Real?
    What if Israel becomes a world superpower?
    What if Marilyn Monroe had lived?

  5. G-Man probably at first conception merely stood for Government Man, but once half-life blew up and people started to obsesses over him… they probably quickly started down the rabbit hole lol

  6. Half life Alex is a little disappointing because it's vr … And we've waited years for another half life game and not everyone will have 400 or 1000 or more pound to pay for the vr let alone have a powerful enough pc to run it unless you can run it on a consol but eaither way it's going to be exspensive for us gamers

  7. Hey lifesbiggest questions I have some kind of request you guys made the most awesome what if videos so I have one certain video that you can make. Can you do a video of what would happen if laharl from disgaea 1 complete including the other disgaea characters from one to 5 was real. If you don’t know what disgaea is you can search it up on the internet I really appreciate it cause I think that could be an awesome what if

  8. Nice little what if. All I know if there's people or things like G-Man I don't want to meet them. Nothing good will come from that.

  9. Nitpick: it wasn’t gordon freeman’s first day at the research facility on that day, he had been working there for some time already, as shown by his employee of the month picture

  10. Your "first apppearance of G-Man" in HL1 is actually the last one. G-Man can be seen throughout the game constantly spying on your progress. Both in HalfLife1 and 2

  11. Does G-Men own the army that has Master Chief? He could have been one of the guys that accepted the G-Men offer. He was sleep until they needed him to kill aliens too.

  12. Life’s Biggest Questions, I love y’all’s work, but I got a question to ask you, what if the Yuuzhan Vong from Star Wars legends was real and what if they invaded Earth?

  13. Haven’t been on this channel for a while. I’m not sure why I’m surprised their “life’s biggest questions” are still nothing more than leaching off pop culture.

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