What Happens in Real Life But Not in Video Games?

What Happens in Real Life But Not in Video Games?

Who doesn’t love video games? Some play them for hours, others for days,
while others cannot even see their life without them. Every year, developers make games better. However, no matter how cool and realistic
graphics they have, there are a lot of differences between video games and real life. I counted at least 39. 1) Checkpoints
Failed the mission in the game, no problem – you have a checkpoint. Failed an exam or an interview in real life
– you have to put up with it. 2) Travel
In the game, you can go to another city, country, or planet in just a few seconds. In life: you fly on a plane for two hours
and then wait for your luggage. Boring. 3) Money
Need some cash? Take a walk through the woods, find gold coins,
they are scattered everywhere. Do you need money in reality? Count the days to your paycheck. 4) Medicine
Is your game character seriously injured? Drink the potion and everything is okay! Just caught a cold in real life – you have
to sit at home and drink medications for a whole week. 5) Sleep
To gain strength, you can sleep only an hour in game time and that’s all – you’re ready
for saving the world and space adventures. In reality, you sleep, say, 6 hours, and still
wake up in the morning tired and frustrated. 6) Clothing
You can choose any clothes of any color and style in a second. Out of the game, you’re spending half a day
to pick trousers to go with your new cap. 7) Police
At speed, you get away from the police chase, the cops will never catch you! In life: “Here’s a $100 fine for you. Don’t break the speed limit anymore.” “Okay, I won’t. Sorry.” 8) Save
You can go through your favorite mission again. Unfortunately, the best moments of life are
only stored in our memory. 9) Dialogues
You choose among several options of what to say to other characters, you may think, pause
before answering. In reality, your options are: “Um… Hello!”, “A boring question about the
weather”, “Run away as far as possible.” 10) Civilizations
You can build a city, a country, manage the economy, restore order in your civilization
in a day. In real world you can’t restore order in
your room. 11) To-do list
In video games, you check the task list and see what to do next. In life, you leave the university and ask
yourself: “Okay, what’s next?” 12) Transport
You drive a sports car, a huge robot, a spaceship. In life: you take an Uber to get home. 13) Food
In a game, you don’t need food and still you’re full of energy. In reality, you open the refrigerator at midnight
to get that last slice of pizza. 14) Level-up
Gain level 100 at a game: you’re cool, invincible, everyone loves you. Reach level 100 in life: you put on a false
jaw to crack that apricot. 15) Superpowers
You’re super strong, you can teleport, you’re super fast! In reality, you are superfast only if you’re
late for work. 16) Zombies
In a game you have fun fighting in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In life, Ride the subway . Sleepy as a zombie. 17) Monster hunter
Yes, you’re cool, you defeat hordes of monsters, mutants, vampires, but in life, you run around
the apartment yelling, “Help! There’s a cockroach in the bathroom!” 18) Building
In virtual reality, you can build a base for your tribe in a minute. In life, you spend half a day fixing a cupboard. 19) Implements
You move fast around the world with a bag in which there is a first-aid kit, a sword,
a flamethrower, potions, bricks, a gas mask, a tent. In reality: you’re tired because two bags
of groceries are really heavy. 20) Race
On your Lamborghini, you reach 186 mph, overtaking all the cars around… Wake up! You fell asleep while spending a third hour
in a traffic jam. 21) Level of difficulty
Can’t complete the mission? No problem – change the difficulty level! But in life, there’s only one level of difficulty… Hardcore! 22) Hairstyle
Want to change your hairstyle? Let’s see: afro, short haircut, dreadlocks,
whatever, just click the button. In a real salon, you wait for an hour and
if you don’t like it, wait a couple of months until your hair grows back. 23) Language
You switch to any language in the game; in reality, you spend a lot of money, time and
effort on this. 24) Professions
Wanna be a carpenter? A magician? Alchemist? Racer? Space cowboy? Okay, here’s your task and half an hour
of time. Congratulations, you’ve mastered a new profession! In life, you study for several years at university. 25) Hidden Object
“Hmm, let’s open the map and see where I can get the wings of the salamander. Oh, here they are, in another city! I’ll go get them.” In life, you turn your room upside down to
find the keys to the house. 26) Pause
Tired of playing? You can pause the game, drink tea, or sleep. When problems pile up on you for real, a pause
will only aggravate the situation. 27) Skip
You can skip a boring cutscene or an uninteresting dialogue. But in reality, you try not to fall asleep
in a boring lesson or meeting. 28) Fighter skills
Win a fight with the most dangerous villain of the 7 kingdoms. In life: “Hmm, I’d better go around this
dark lane.” 29) Final boss
You boldly and confidently defeat the most terrible boss and save the world. In reality, it’s scary to ask the boss for
a pay raise. 30) Story twists
In a game with an interesting plot, an event happened that you did not expect. You admire this and thank the developers for
the cool story. In life, just a thought of something going
wrong annoys you. 31) Weather
You run around in the middle of a snowy apocalypse, or you sink into the mouth of a volcano – it
doesn’t matter, I’m fine in a shirt and shorts. For real, you are trembling from cold because
you forgot to close the window at night. 32) Cooking
Take the powder from the horn of the minotaur, the scales of the mermaid, the feather of
the sphinx and the fang of a vampire. Mix it all in one pile and get a potion that
makes you invisible. In a real kitchen, a turkey burned because
you forgot to set the timer. 33) Body
You are immediately born into excellent physical shape and a beautiful body. In life, you spend years of training in the
gym so that six-pack appears on your tummy. But don’t think that games are more interesting
and cooler than real life. On many accounts, games lose a lot. 34) Graphics
If your computer or console is not powerful enough, the game will lag. With the real world, this will never happen
and it has the best graphics. 35) Princess
In a video game, you go through the dungeons, jump over cliffs with lava, fight monsters,
defeat the dragon and only then get the princess. In real life, becoming a hero for your princess
is much easier. Or is it?.. 36) Loading
You have to wait for loading between areas. In life, everything is already loaded and
you only wait in lines! Which is just about forever. Whatever. 37) Friends
Your friends in a game always need something from you: “Hey, help us get the gold!” “Hey, help us kick that sea monster’s
butt!” “Hey, help save the village from the robbers!” Fortunately, things get cooler in life: “Hey,
how about a little party?” 38) Other characters
You meet a gray-haired wise wizard in a hat in a game world. All you hear from him is a couple of phrases
like, “I need more sphinx feathers to make the potion.” In real life, you sit in a taxi and the driver
can tell you enough stories for a full-blown book. 39) Game Over
You can quickly go through the game, but life goes on. And it is much more interesting! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

100 Comments on “What Happens in Real Life But Not in Video Games?”

  1. #34 is WRONG! it isint always the best graphics for everyone in life…bright side, you forgot that lots of people have eye problems! (Which also includes me but i could still se things clearly…i only have the problem with my right eye! My left one has really good vision. I'll have to close my left eye to see things BLURY)

  2. Correction: I drive a sports car in real life too. Actually in one of my video games which is Forza, one of the cars I own is the exact replica of my car in real life. Color and all.

  3. ‘Videogames you can build a city or a country manage the economy within a day and have order over it’

    ‘In reality you can’t even have order in your own room’

    lol that had me laughing 😂

  4. Isn’t GTA the same things as real life? unless you have mods in GTA 5 that can simulate like a real life situation!

  5. You missed an obvious thing:lives
    Game: Die as much as you can
    Life: You only have 1 life

    I can't believe that you forgot about that.

  6. You shall not sleep now there are monsters nearby
    You can only sleep at night or during rain and thunderstorms
    Bed is too far away

    sighs loudly

  7. Speed limit: 80km/h
    Me: driving 81km/h
    Police man: Sorry, sir. You passed the driving speed limit! Punishment: 200$
    Me: Everything sucks

  8. I count 40, last is Respawn,
    In a game world, you died screen appears , and you respawned in a second. but in life, you died, and you can't respawn, you already died in life, no respawn


  10. Bonus: Day and night cycles

    In video games day and night cycles are 60 times faster so you can have fun and not sit at the game for a day. They last 24 minutes but in normal life its 24 hours

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