Weird Science (1/12) Movie CLIP – Check Us Out! (1985) HD

Weird Science (1/12) Movie CLIP – Check Us Out! (1985) HD

You know it, Gary. Look at her. Do you know what I’d like to do? Shower with them. Then we hit the city, baby, dead on, for a little drinks, a little nightlife, dancing… Dancing. We throw a huge party,
I mean huge party…
Everybody’s invited,
women everywhere. All these girls,
they’re all there. Naked bodies everywhere. Gary. They’ll know my name. What? Nobody likes us.
Nobody. Why are you messing
with the fantasy? We know about the reality. Don’t ruin the fantasy, okay? And then, we’re a hit, man. We’re popular.
We’re revered. Man, we’re studs. When the smoke clears, right… those two dames fall amazingly, completely, and totally in love
with us, Wyatt. Check it out. Yo! Check us out! Look, we’re sorry about…

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  1. I don't know what the physical limitations are for the intensity and duration of human laughter but whatever they are I was definitely pushing those boundaries after first viewing this scene. The look of helpless terror on their faces when they realized what just happened…. beyond priceless.

  2. 0:07 – 0:10 I don't blame Wyatt for squeezing the brunette's rear end when he took her home. The way it looked then, I'd want a shot at her too!

    1:33 – 1:36 The busty blonde isn't bad here either!

  3. that was real mean tony stark! gee i had no idea he was the bully in this film, but he's still awesome xD …thanks for the upload on the clips! 🙂

  4. Barack check me out.  I have on a teddy that only covers the nipples and the cunt.  what do you think?    

  5. LOLOL. 1:06  Back in the day … its hard to believe  They were suppose to be the "CooL' Guys………..

  6. This movie is awesome! It has racism, sexism and overconsumption amongst other things. They do not make movies like this anymore, it's a shame !

  7. and then BANG!! we hit the city baby, I laughed so hard because i thought he meant they were gonna bang

  8. You cut out the best part, where Gary covers Wyatt's mouth, drags him away in stunned silence, and the beat for Weird Science kicks in for the opening credits.

  9. This scene sets the tone for the whole movie. Start out with a LOL moment and just keep them coming for the remainder of the movie.

  10. 1:05 Tony Stark in his teenage years. He was was so impressed by the "weird science" and the missile they created later, that he started to make weapons for the US Army and then he invented the Iron Man suit. This movie is actually part of the MCU.

  11. It need's porn in order to be great film's You ! And the site's to get them all X rated comedy action HD , and the great Spanish ascent and English both sound's woold be great , contact me if you have something oh and with no blooper's or un cut seen's

  12. OK, I got one. Animate this in the style of 'How it should have ended'. Gary is Thanos, Wyatt is Ronan the Accuser. Deb and Hilly are Pepper and Natasha. Max and Ian are Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Play this out as is but with those characters instead and call it, 'The REAL reason Thanos snapped his fingers'. Annnnnnd GO! Well what are you waiting for? Animate it! I wanna see it!

  13. The rejects of the girls makes some people dream ( on this case with computer girls and later on 1987 the movie mannequin

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