Video Game Tester Jobs at Home: Get Paid To Play Video Games

Video Game Tester Jobs at Home: Get Paid To Play Video Games

hey this is brett from videogamingjobs4u blogspot com I m here at work in my little home office testing games that an early start today If you want to find out how and where you can become a video game tester click the link in the description below the video it s about eight thirty in the morning I m gonna work on my game for oil today and then let me go outside one of the last night s days of the year up here in Minnesota but I just wanted to say check out this video if you want to be a video game tester go to the website in the description I guarantee you it s not a scam I m doing it and I m telling you what it s the it s the coolest job on earth I work when I want pretty much if I want you know if I want to take a day off any no problem I can get up at two in the morning sit here in my undies make money it s my schedule as long as I get the assignment done it s all cool tell you what check it out you just can t beat it he just can t be it I don t have to bust my hump anymore I don t even have to leave my house if I don t feel like it thanks for watching check out the check out the rest of the video it s pretty cool revenge is like a ghost he takes over every man that touches it stirs cannot be quenched until the last man standing has fallen to aid in any way Zack I have kept Makarov in check but no longer the world s men of action Mac Rob s reaches spreading this can only end one way you may be able to destroy me but the Beast you become video game tester

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  1. I am from Minnesota also, looking into becoming a tester myself since I play so much anyways.

    Figured I should atleast do something that gets me some pocket money while doing what I like to.

    Hoping this works out, its awesome your also from Minnesota. 😀

  2. Minnesota is a great place to be a game tester in the winter. LOL. You can make it work. The main requirement is a passion for gaming!

  3. Ain't that the truth lol, and I even noticed your from Ely!!

    So close to me, I am from Eveleth, thanks for the encouragement dude I am gonna check the site out.

  4. I also live in Minnesota and i think id like to do this too. all i ever really want to do is play games anyway

  5. @killurmom1 The video game testing world is one of the most competitive industries out there. One of the best ways for young gamers to get game testing experience is to sign up for a beta test that doesn't pay. Companies like Blizzard and Microsoft have open betas for new software, and while they don't pay anything, they can be put on a resume for future job applications. You can keep the games you test, usually.
    When the game hits the market-you are a master player.

  6. are there any links you can give me? I dont need pay but I cant find ANY companies offering jobs im 15.. and can test for Xbox 360 games

  7. @xuxsoadman All I know is that some companies want testers of all ages. Some games are targeted for different age groups.

  8. @Valen630 I won't say getting paid to test games is an easy thing to do. It is very competitive.
    Many dream of getting paid to test games. Few know what it takes to get hired.
    Once again, the purpose of this membership is to prepare you to succeed in the application process.

  9. i dont really good at speaking english o.O
    will that b ok? i mean like at communication with others ppl uknow
    cant talk that much, will they still need somekind of a guy like me?

  10. any company that wants to charge you to become a tester is a con you do need to know how to use Microsoft Office, Jira, Confluence, Test Track Pro and a lot more also documenting test logs error reports and so on all fall's in to the job role IT prac will cover most of it the other problem you have now is most beta testing is done publicly so they don't need to pay out to in cash they pay the public testers bonus's for the game when it is released making sure they make money from day1

  11. hey I am 18 years old and im in college. I really want to pursue a job that has something to do with gaming. whether it be creating games, testing games, or having anything to do with the process id love to do it. I dont have any idea how to start off ill check that site out and keep researching but is there any way you could give me some personal advice?

  12. Hello, i am very interested in becoming a game tester. I have looked on google for a while, and i understand that it is a BIG dream to become a game tester, but i was wondering where do i start? Do i need a degree? Is there anyway to get a hold of companies who are in need of testers besides having to buy a subscription? Please respond.
    Thanks, Matt

  13. @imcloud9 Dude, this is a membership to get you in. You gotta have skills for sure.
    You need to be serious and capable.

    Do you realize how many "Wanna Be's" these companies have to sort through?
    How many kids that think they can test games just because they f*ck around all day?

    This is for people that can get their sh*t together long enough to qualify and get hired, then pull out the bong if that's your trip.

  14. @kpoopktoo Matt, if you are serious about this – sign up. If you do not think it will help you- get a refund. You have 60 days for a no questions asked refund. Iron clad. I will show you exactly how to get your refund if you like (just message me) Only 2 people out of 103 has refunded according to my data.

    That should tell you something.

    Good luck.

  15. @codygraham1992 Cody,
    Stick to your dreams. You can make this work if you want. My best advice is to take action and if sh*t don't work out…BOOM- On to the next one.

    Nothing can stop me from dreams. And that goes for each of us. I ain't no champion at games but I AM a champion at getting done what needs to be done.

    Just by taking the time to state your purpose you have illuminated a trail for your mind to follow. Stick to it.

  16. @peet441 You are totally right on about that. Playing games is different from testing games.
    Testing games can be a pain in the ass. You have to debug. You have to repeat the same thing over and over. You have to find glitches and document the exact instance.

    You gotta love games to do this. I've wanted to destroy my computer, yet, most of the time, I love this.

  17. @Valen630 Yeah…That is the way business works. If it was free and easy, and we all could get paid for testing games, the testers would outnumber the players. You do the math.

    This goes for you and anyone who is serious about becoming a game tester. Use that mouse in your hand and that browser window you are staring at and look around. Type search terms and questions into Google. Look around before calling bullshit on me. What you see is what you get.

  18. Hey man, I was looking into Testing and playing games. I am very serious about playing games and i love it. I will sit there and play the game for hours and hours. Its like when i get a new game I cant put it down until I have completed or "beaten" the game. Now, The only bad thing is I am only 14 so i have a while to go. I was wondering if you had any tips for what i should do and if I should sign up for your site. I will get the assignment done and i wont give up. I stick to what i have to do.

  19. I am a little perplexed on one thing. If you're paid by the hour, how exactly do they know for sure how long you've been playing?

  20. @Aazman1 I doubt it, but you need information. When you know Who to contact and how to contact them, anything is possible. The more you learn, the more you earn. Start learning.
    Best of Luck!

  21. @MrCarter1017 This is more than just a book – You get updated game tester job openings in the membership area. You also get training that shows you how to correctly submit applications for available game tester job openings.

  22. @darvon63

    No company that I've ever worked with will hire anyone under 18. What you mean by "tricky"? hiding your age?

  23. Anything that involves me paying them isnt a job its a scam . I want a job as a tester but im not buying a bunch of crap . I know how to play video games been doing it my whole life this is my dream job . So if your a real gamer how about helping out your fellow gamers here and telling us where we can GET the JOB . Not a book .

  24. Have you read the offer? This is about HOW and WHERE to apply for Video game testing jobs. You will have access to CURRENT game testing opportunities, updated frequently. If this was a scam, I would have nothing to do with it.

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