100 Comments on “US women’s soccer player: I refuse to respect Trump”

  1. It's amazing people can't see how CNN only speaks to this soccer team because of the anti Trump rhetoric…..lol CNN uses them for there agenda…..if not CNN wouldn't even know there a final going on….. Nice job CNN pimping women for ur agenda

  2. Seriously why doesn’t the interview go like this “hey whatever your name is, you won the soccer championship woo hoo as if anyone cares and the women won the men didn’t and bla bla bla ok you have 3 full minutes to do what we both know you’re here for and talk smack about Donald Trump GO!”

  3. It's ok 3/4 of all living beings on earth refuse to respect women's soccer, women sports and diss both genders soccer teams of the USA (land of the football). btw 3/4 of ALL living, you hear the birds in the background? they are hating on you lil girl.

  4. Well, so she could not bear to share the stage with someone greater than herself. She is really full of it.

  5. If not like him, why do you want the attention on him. I guess for CNN using you as a puppet to slam him, so that way you can get your 💰

  6. It's understandable if you can't come to respect the president due to political differences. But respect the flag. Many blood was shed for your freedom you ignorant unappreciative women.

  7. I'd rather watch paint dry than women's sport LMAO. Probably the only reason I'd watch women's sport is if tits and arse are showing

  8. Now this is another reason why people don’t watch women’s soccer. I hope they lose every game from here on.

  9. Typical the whole group of women accomplish something and don’t know how to act they should just keep their mouth shut and do their job

  10. Ali Krieger is so eloquent and talented. I loved that she stated silence sides with the oppressor… as well as rounded focus back to her team winning, and accepting congress' invitation.
    Screw trump the invader of the white house, the American Hitler, and the predator of any diverse culture, minority, woman, religous view, sexual orientation or child.

  11. Nothing said about the bitches that dropped the flag then aim it at Trump that's mainstream media for you. Fuck the US Women soccer team and CNN!

  12. Well just realized my celebrity crush Alex Morgan is a braindead liberal who watches CNN and thinks Trump is against women and LGBT communities. Way to fuck up my day CNN, too bad Trump will fuck up your next 6 years🤣🤣

  13. Such great female role models. Success in one field means you can disrespect people in other fields. That is NOT how it works.
    You do not have to respect Donald Trump as a person…but you have to respect the OFFICE of the President. You have to respect the OFFICE of the White House.


    Trump was once criticized for called certain countries ****hole countries….but the female soccer team has done the same thing by their arrogant displays during their games…actions speak louder than words !

  14. Who gives a hoot about women pretending to play football when it's about LGBT and Politics ? I mean soccer ! That win was not for USA but for the queer agenda & fascist left !

  15. I don't think I'm going to watch the America hating wahmen's soccer anymore. Maybe CNN can host it to make up for the ratings it has bled away during the course of the Russia hoax.

  16. God, you suck CNN! Everything is not about Trump! Disgusting. Sorry to the team. Your accomplishments should have been the highlight.

  17. You guys at CNN and the women's soccer team, are TOXIC, in this situation trump did absolutely nothing, he said nothing at all and there hating on him, makes no sense, f*cking stupid.

  18. Fuck these stupid super whores.
    "like if we want to be invited like on, the view, cnn, msnbs, the ellen show, like we must be anti trump
    Like omg we love obuma.. Fuck both these stupid bitches….

  19. Wow, she actually looks like she may be in rehab for her alcohol problem.. so happy for this reporter maby with this new found sobriety she will report the truth but who knows..

  20. They are lost….and their equal pay. And what they think trumps stance on illegal immigration and he actually supports gay marriage. They just hate him and have no idea why.

  21. WHO CARES!!! You all just open your big mouths for attention! And I can’t believe I use to watch Fox News with that idiot Allison Cammarata, she is such a dumb ass liberal hack!

  22. They have no respect for Trump, but funny how most of the USA have no respect for this team of players. The women's US team should never have even got to the final. They cheated Spain for two penalties. No morals or decency in the entire set up. But what do you expect from that shower of sh*t.

  23. That's OK… no one respects whatever it is you just won… tidily winks, right?  That's why you aren't paid jack.

  24. FC Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team in a scrimmage and beat the "best team" 5-2 in 2017… 15 yr old boys can wreak a professional women's soccer team. Lol

  25. Lol respect? More like i have no respect for all the US women soccer player for disrespecting Thailand with their unsportsmanlike cerebration.

  26. I have the right to disrespect anyone who disrespects the USA and President Trump. Fuck all you leftist/liberal/demoRAT commie traitors. I'll say it to your faces on the streets too.

  27. Women are fools, they think they can actually compete with real men? I'm not talking about the pussy SIMP Soyboys that hover around them. Women are fucking WEAK! The only thing they have that's big is their mouths.

  28. This is why woman are paid less cant even get million views in over a month if it was a man it would b at well over 3 no one cares what this ugly bitch says

  29. I hate the U.S. Women's soccer team because of the BITCH leader which hates! … America. Maybe she should move to China!

  30. obama double the worst financial problem that your grandkids are going to have to pay out their butt ….that warrants no respect either.

  31. CNN is just a propaganda machine!! They shouldn't be allowed on T.V brainwashing fools!! Fuck this pile of lies bullshit fake journalism.

  32. People who don't want to represent USA and show respect for our flag and show some pride should not be chosen for any olympic team. Throw them out! Ungrateful people.

  33. Who cares,
    Whoever doesn’t respect president of your country, that’s the problem,
    You said President who doesn’t respect what?
    President respect anything,
    Don’t be brainwashed by CNN or don’t brainwashing anybody,

  34. I love president Trump and his tough policies and his unfiltered speaking and I am from Sri Lanka. I have no respect for this liberal girl for bringing politics into sports.

  35. I would buy tickets to watch them get smoked by a mediocre high school boys team. 😂😂. Go back to being irrelevant for another 4 years.

  36. CNN and MSNBC= not valid. Foreigners (soccer or not) …= who cares? People, except for the Vanderbilts (see Anderson Cooper a Vanderbilt) and other rich families dont really care and the GAY ones are the ones who will be all dead (thrown off roof tops) if the Muslim population continues to rise. Saudi Arabia Royalty r Sabatean Frankists..that means Israel and the House of Saud might actually be secret Allies. So we cannot assume that ALL Islamic growth in the New World is bad for "Jews". But more Palestinians in the USA (which I dont want even though I like GAZA) is bad for American Jews. More Muslims in gneral are bad for Gays and Satanists. I was young once and my best friend had money and he was from Pakistan (not Hindu) I HAVE NEVER had any issue with not drinking alcohol or swearing and I never insulted Mohammed and quite frankily, I got along pretty well with the Islam I encountered. But the crazy things is that the NATIVE Americans (like Lakota) do not need more foriegners here…and the people who have been here (family has been here) for ages do not want Islam or Sabatean Frankists here and I have to believe a Jesuit like Jerry Brown (see CA) is the issue and his family and California Pelosi and the Rothschild backed USA Elite are the "folks" who have taken down the NATION. It started perhaps with the fact they thought there were too many people on the planet in the 1950's and so the Gay Agenda started along with more endless wars. And to kill off and cull the heard, they came up with AIDS and disease and there will never be a cure for cancer..and then there is the bad medicine (Rockefeller Medicine) along with abortions and down right murder of kids (many just disappear) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood alone, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. The god of this world is not any god you would want to know for ever and ever. And if you love your life, you will lose it. But if you stop this service to self and think of others once in a while you will have your place at home. For inmy Father's House are many mansions..and He is not really a Father nor a Mother..but the GOD who would have little or nothing to do with this planet. Oil and water do not mix. The Contrast is here..otherwise you would never know yourself. The opposite of ALL good..is here..and you cannot (and would not) stay for ever-this is the only great thing, mortal! U have no idea..

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  38. Women work their entire life just to lose to u15 boys.
    Can’t even beat u15 boys and they demand equal pay to men.
    Also no one watches them, they say mean earn too much and their salary should be given to women.

  39. Who cares Trump still gonna be your daddy for 4 more years he’ll get the House back and another conservative Supreme Court Justice it’s all gravy baby !! LQBTQRSTUV are the most disrespectful people on earth and counterproductive to life itself it’s an abomination and everyone knows it even YOU!! 👏

  40. Hey Guess what Ali, there are millions of us in the real world that have ZERO RESPECT for you!! You too Aylisn Camerota!

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