TVJ Midday News: Triple Threat | PNP Votes Tommorrow – September 6 2019

TVJ Midday News: Triple Threat | PNP Votes Tommorrow – September 6 2019

good afternoon I’m Milton Walker with
the midday news special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom
guns gangs and Dawn’s a triple threat which the government says must be dealt
with if Jamaica is to see a reduction in the murder rate Prime Minister Andrew
Holness spoke of the issue as he announced a new state of emergency for
Clarendon and some Catherine yesterday the details in this report the security
forces have repeatedly attributed Jamaica’s high murder rate main it again
war but Prime Minister Andrew Holness says in addition to killing each other
and whoever may get in the way gangsters are also constantly recruiting
new members from communities mr. Honus explained that gangs present
themselves as protectors of the community and as legitimate business
operators providing help for families in need
but he’s warning parents not to be fooled or criminals that’s what they are
and they prey upon the communities they prey upon your children they literally
recruit them you may not see it as recruitment but they’re done in your
community and I’m certain you know who they are they see your son going to
school those now proper shoes doesn’t have lunch money and all of a sudden
they are providing them with lunch money on clothes and bringing them to places
it’s understood that the recruiting extends to investing heavily in some
young people with the expectation that they will work for the gang in the
future some other criminal enterprises are so sophisticated that they look for
the brightest peer school fee and encourage them to join law enforcement
to become lawyers that is the level of thinking that some of the criminals are
doing know they want to know the bright ones because they want them to help them
with cyber crimes the government isn’t sitting down idly are not paying
attention to these things he says in developing intelligence capabilities
the security forces would be better able to address this threat from gangs in the
interim he says the SOS have created the space for better policing in addition it
has given greater capacity to regular law enforcement to do regular law
enforcement so they are doing more community policing and I want you to
take a look if you get a chance at what is happening in Salt Spring they are
doing their search and recovery of firearms they are doing public order
operations on the streets of Montego Bay so it is not a substitute it helps for
Shane masters TVJ News the government is again defending the use of states of
emergency SOS as a crime-fighting measure yesterday Prime Minister Andrew
Holness announced a new state of public emergency for the parishes of Clarendon
and st. Catherine but with mounting questions about its effectiveness and
seemingly replacing regular policing such as patrols and curfews mr. Holness
saw government bring some clarity and whites menu so frequently it’s not using
the state of public emergency as a substitute for regular policing what the
state of emergency does is to provide a respite in the number of crimes in
particular murders that are taking place it helps to expand the the number of law
enforcement personnel that we have on the ground it helps to restrict the free
movement of the criminal enterprise in a major-general Anthony Anderson also
defended the use of SOS stating that it works along with other police measures
he says the SOE has also helped police to charge and convict a number of
persons for various crimes we had 22 convictions in the high courts down in
st. James so everything’s happening at the same
time the state of emergency is not a substitute for other police work is
being done on top of all of the other police work that
being done tomorrow is decision day for the near 3-thousand delegates of the
People’s National Party the PMP in combat dr. Peter Phillips has been
challenged for the post by present a present by central Manchester Member of
Parliament Peter bunting the campaign has been dogged by accusations and
allegations of vote buying and stolen ideas dr. Philips who spoke at a press
briefing on Wednesday insists the party is heading in the right direction under
his stewardship they started the campaign on the basis of a poll the
truth is if we were to use a poll to determine the successor to me then I
would say the present Challenger would not be in the top tier of the person
still be selected however the biggest takeaway from this
contest based upon the Bill Johnson polls is that the People’s National
Party throughout the length and breadth of Jamaica has begun to attract the
support of the Jamaican people in larger and larger numbers TVJ will have live an
extensive coverage of the delegate sport on Saturday starting at 10:00 a.m. the
rise united campaign is fighting back following allegations it’s been buying
votes ahead of tomorrow’s People’s National Party presidential election TV
chase Giovanni Denis reports the rise United camp which supports Peter bunting
is now claiming that it’s the one PNP camp supporting current president dr.
Peter Phillips which has been engaged in the practice it says it has received
credible reports of delegates receiving offers of money from the one PNP
campaign but has chosen to address the matter internally in the meantime rise
United team is accusing one P of seeking to use dawns to influence
the delegates in a statement to the media yesterday resonated condemned the
move saying the PNP has long turned its face against that type of politics
meanwhile political commentator dr. Paul Ashley says vote-buying is a permanent
feature of Jamaican politics and both sides of every electoral contest engage
in the practice dr. Ashley says candidates have always found a way to
offer inducements to voters both sides spend money ah another point it has more
money to spend and that is clear but I don’t understand that they don’t call it
vote 9 they call it hospitaiity the co-pilot camaraderie they call it about
enabling needs of the people everything both sides do it that’s all the
politicians take care of the voters and available and I’m saying that if they
say it is 10,000 that way dr. Ashley knows that millions of dollars are
poured into these campaigns and there is no record of how the money is spent in
the meantime dr. Ashley says he sure the Jamaica Labour Party will use some of
the allegations being made in the PNP internal election against the party in
the next general election and people to the way names antu until you that is
that is the that is the sole major he has recorded everything and we throw it
back on them and they should have known that I mean you don’t you know a
brilliant daughter Giovanni Denis TVJ News we take a break
now on midday news but stay with us more stories after these messages welcome back continuing the news the
Bahamas one man is dead and another hospitalized following a shooting
incident in Rose Heights and James last night according to residents the
deceased was murdered in cold blood allegedly by the police the details in
this report bloodstains and bullet holes evidence of another crime scene in the
tourist capital the shooting claimed the life of 21 year old vic valdez sterling
also known as pepper and left another hospitalized in rose heights and james
it’s understood that a few minutes after 7:00 Vic and a friend were sitting down
at this area when they were approached by a team of police the G pause I looked
about upon my name is uh Frank erm Parker my name is a browser
I’m jump or Jairam jump oh I see you’re going job you’re going to time me after
my be a going shot isn’t it get the bonus you for going even stop serious
more than three time they fire damn big gun about where we are balanced with
justice of the system when Eric and I said look you them and then any family
you clue them alone figure they go see our idea below for murder
a policeman I’ll elbow girl in everything gone but according to
eyewitnesses shooting at the victims was not enough
for the lawmen we didn’t get paranoid and on or fiddle the police them turn to
each other I said oh they’re gonna what are they going I want you gone because
you’re going to complain Bundy you them our net when they couldn’t because I
innocent you them so we get mad I’ll be a battle for justice our murder
annasophia butter for justice a murder I’m shocked chemistry oh god shut him up
by inoperable it’ll send people to a kadhai style limited Vic died on the
spot while his friend sustained injuries and was rushed to hospital for treatment
Vic’s mother Margot Scarlett says her son was not a criminal and did not
deserve to be murdered you could get one time I am my family port with him in
girlfriend the appearance lucky move that minnow in valina
we don’t know I’ve known God men and wives not needed police you need to
arrest him then why did I go shooting operator so that I write a murder a
murder imprints more TVJ news some form of flight Jamaica employees have still
not receive their severance payments James Thomas told TVJ news that he’s
among more than 100 former employees were yet to be given their redundancy
package this despite what she says is an agreement from the new owners of the
airline that outstanding monies would have been paid weeks ago to date we have
gotten nothing into accounts though we have received or adonus the letters with
all of the figures and a breakdown as to what we should have received mr. Thomson
says the failure by the new owners to pay outstanding sums is hurting him in
many ways I cannot emphasize enough the diary that I’m facing I mean every
entity has been calling every entity bailiff has visited okay back to school
is very very sketchy my children they are lacking in certain basic school
amenities you know from the three that I have to send back you know uniforms you
know they wouldn’t have had adequate amount of uniforms read books for those
who are going to high school what I’ve only gotten the rental books you know it
is a challenge to even purchase hardcover books in sports 2015 world
champion Daniel Williams will look to claim a wildcard entry for the idol if
world championships on Friday when she competes in the final of the Diamond
League in Brussels Belgium she heads the list of a Jamaican set to be an action
for diamond trophies Williams who is the world leader with clash with world
record holder Kendra Harrison in the women’s 100 meter hurdles two-time
Olympic champion Shelley and Fraser price would be Jamaica’s lone
representative in the women’s 100 meters for his surprise will face Great
Britain’s Dena Asha Smith Murray Josette Allu of the Ivory Coast in Dutch woman
Daphne shivers among others Natalia Google will start in the women’s 200 800
meters with hopes of claiming our first diamond trophy but will face a strong
feel headed by American Jay Wilson Commonwealth champion and national
record holder Frederick takers will take on men’s discus throw Dacus has a
season’s best of seven point seven point seven eight meters while world leader
Daniel stall of Sweden has thrown 70 1.86
Akeem Bloomfield is set to contest the men’s 400 meters and will have the
company of fellow Jamaican Nathan Allen when a levy will go into men’s 110 meter
hurdles genève Russell will race in the women’s
400 meter hurdles which is a non Diamond League event and that’s the midday news
I’m Milton Walker join us at 7:00 for primetime news on behalf of the new
sports and production teams

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    Thank you TVJ 🇯🇲👍🏾

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