Trump plans e-cigarette ban to combat teen vaping

Trump plans e-cigarette ban to combat teen vaping

Vaping has become a very
big business as I understand it. A giant business in a very
short period of time. But we can’t allow people to get sick
and we can’t have our youth be so affected and I’m hearing it
and that’s how the first lady got involved. She’s got a son, together, that is
a beautiful young man and she’s feels very, very
strongly about it. She’s seen it, we’re both reading it.
A lot of people are reading it. But people are dying with vaping,
so we’re looking at it very closely. If nothing else, this is a conference
that’s going to let people know about it because people are going to
watch what we’re saying and parents are going to be
a lot tougher with respect to their children.

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  1. No he's just referring to "her son" because he's speaking about her and her situation…..proving journalists aren't journalists because they don't even know about speech, speaking.
    You can't write if you don't know how to speak first.

  2. Fu©kin media did not understand, how he talk this is the way how he talk he said clearly that first lady has a son so by default he has a son.

  3. he's talking about MELANIA so naturally he's referring to her perspective not his. I don't know why you people have to bring your evil to every single speech Our President has. It's sickening at this point, it's just wicked. Humans can fumble over their words, especially when their brains function at a higher rate than mosts. A person who is always thinking doesn't stay in the moment for too long, they are already thinking about the next thing.

  4. "Trump seems to forget he has a son with Melania" <- THAT'S YOUR HEADLINE? Not "President Trump addresses the growing danger of vaping and how it targets our children" ??? NO? couldn't possibly actually put aside your hatred for just a moment to think about the children you all pretend to care about. I am so done. Downgrading this hateful video and then I'm out.

  5. Usually never comment on/back up Trump, but in this instance I think his terrible phraseology got the better of him. I think maybe he was trying to connect with moms.. and tried to use Melania as an example. Hence "she's got a son", then the stammer, and then realizing he didn't give foresight first, and threw in "together" as if to go ahead and use both as an example.

  6. I am really not a fan of Trump, but even I have to say this nit-picking of every word he says is getting ridiculous. . .If we had video going back 200 years we could very likely find moments when even our greatest presidents said a word or phrase that someone could try to create a controversy over. It really is getting absurd. . .I don't care if a president has a half-second pause that someone thinks is of great importance and must be analyzed. My favorite president was JFK. . .He was one of the most well-spoken presidents ever, and would put most of our recent ones (especially Trump) to shame in his ability to think on his feet and speak intelligently. . .BUT, if cameras and microphones were on him as much as they are today's presidents I'm quite sure you could find moments where he misspoke, paused, or changed the wording of something he said. This kind of nit-picking is just childish. It's like listening to a room of 1st graders laughing at the teacher because she stumbled over a word for a moment. . .If Trump is voted out in 2020 I hope the next president won't be nit-picked like this. . .

  7. Yes. Trump is much too tough to have a son. Tough man. Tough man. Grrrr. Deal maker. Tough deal maker, is that it? Ok Trump, you’re a tough deal maker with no time silly things like parenthood. Got it. Who wants that image anyway. RIP Randy Savage. A role model for all of us.

  8. Maybe you can also start by telling your children to stop doing drugs and feeding the drug demand instead of scapegoating the suppliers that support your demand

  9. Damn tobacco industry got to him. Tobacco flavored vape juice only, so kids can get used to the flavor before trying a real cigarette. Yeah right, vapes are killing your kids, but only in America, no place else… Just be more like the kids of the 90's and smoke cigarettes because vape juice in America is far more dangerous than cigarettes. Just when things can't get any more stupid the president has the great idea to bring back American tobacco.

  10. Omfg, how on Earth did Barron get access to a vape pen! No wonder you never see him anymore, he's in the White House basement blowing HUGE vape clouds. I don't blame Trump for literally fogetting that Barron is his son, I'd shun that vaping embarrassment too

  11. ох уж эти старпёры, им бы вечно всё запрещать
    старушью и старичью этому навроде трампа, вообще, надо голоса избирательного лишать, ибо нечего маразматикам жизнь другим молодым своими абсурдами портить
    избирательный ценз с 14 до 65-69 лет

  12. What about teen smoking in general… ban smoking cigarettes to! Almost 100× the number dies from that each year

  13. Again we are seeing an outline of a future policy and people are leaping to conclusions …. The Trump haters seem to think underage vaping is fine by the sounds of things or what ?

  14. Lol glorious fk ups by Trump..also he must have his hand in tobacco n firearms no?
    Vape to tobacco is like sola panels or wind turbines to nuke & fossil fuel industry no?
    Or fibre optics to 5G..
    Lol No ??

  15. Sick, affected. Who's been affected by vaping?
    I vape. Never had any bad effects of any kind. Never known anyone to be dying from it.
    Popcorn lung is associated with one chemical which very cheap and unregulated liquids contain and you'd need to cape an insane amount for a long time to be affected.
    Trump is a BS merchant.
    Government pay a scientist to show BS information… which you will be seeing in the Press media no doubt.

  16. Is Baron, Paedophile trump son or not, paedophile trump never says my son nor do we ever see paedophile trump interact with Baron.

  17. Meanwhile Drumph rips up climate protections and promotes fossil fuels. You don't want people to get sick & die? Try promoting the health of the entire environment.

  18. She's got a son 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 DUMB DUMB HE IS YOUR SON TOO – or there's something we don't know 😂🤣😅🤣😅😂😅😂😂?!?!

  19. Screw you trump. More people have died from cigarettes then vaping. Get your facts right. It's the black market thc carts that are making people sick. I've vaped since 09 and I dont get sick anymore like I did when I smoked cancer sticks. But those are fine

  20. Democrats: “Trump is going to kill us all”

    Trump tries to save lives by stopping a harmful practice.

    Democrats: “Reeeeeeeeeeee”

    He can’t win. 😂

  21. He didn't say he was going to ban it in what he said here, he just said they were concerned with people dying and were going to look into it, he may be able to make Vaping safer, perhaps the wrong chemicals are being used and there are safer ones, what a bad president……………………….

  22. So now he's going to ban it where the EPA should have never even had it released to the public! It's kind of like shutting the Barn Door after the horse already got out!

  23. This is what happpens when you don't your extortion money, I mean political donations. The NRA pays there's promptly but they have to. Vaping industry have themselves to blame 🤭

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