Trevor Matich on BYUSN 9.9.19

Trevor Matich on BYUSN 9.9.19

is a winning Monday. Joining us now for Matich Monday is college football expert Trevor Matich. >>How about the win? I though T we were going to have a dirge of misery on this call. >>I’m calling it the rocky top revival featuring the Micah miracle. >>This validates all the hard work and they have momentum heading into two more tough games. It means everyone can enjoy football for at least a week. >>What was the play of the game for you? >>Well the Micah miracle you’re talking about. Things struggled and in the final minute BYU needs a play and Zach Wilson sees the busted coverage and by the way, it was good design because they sent Matt bushman vertical and I think that helped and Simon could break into the clear. You have to credit Zach for seeing it. That play would’ve been better if he scored but it turned out that the play is what enabled all that followed. >>BYU had a .4% chance of winning at the moment. What do you think? >>You go back to Mangum and the hail Mary, it’s up there with that because the thing that made it emotionally satisfying is that it wasn’t a fair fight the whole way but out of the depths of despair came flocks of seagulls to eat the locusts. Not that magnitude but it felt good ’cause there didn’t seem to be hope. >>When BYU ties the game with Jake Oldroyd who used his wedge, it felt like momentum turned and BYU scored twice in overtime. Did it take some execution? >>Everything took some execution. I think what Oldroyd did before the game is he greased the upright. It was that close. One of the things that dawned on me as the euphoria of the victory subsided how BYU got relatively stronger late in the fourth quarter. This is Tennessee so you have a different climate, you would think the volunteers would have the edge physically being more accustomed but when BYU got into thsoe critical moments, BYU was the one who rose up and became relatively stronger and the game-winning touchdown is a great example. It became a fight. It was no longer football and BYU pushed harder in the overtime. That is a testament not just T the desire of the players but to their prep and conditioning. If you haven thing in the tank, you can’t push like that. >>Trevor Matich with us. So many storylines emerging from this game. Carries the cougars to victory, people clamoring for him. Is this something you expect for the rest of the season? >>Absolutely.he had three catches which was even more interesting. BYU has got three guys lined up but the ball to the running backs is important. Ty’son Williams ran like an scc running back. He powered through and wasn’t afraid of contact, he relished slamming in and that attitude carries to everyone else and inspires everyone else. It’s not just that he got it, it’s the attitude. >>It’s great that ty’son was the one to do it, ’cause he’s done it before too. Who else are we talking about as MVPs from that game? >>I’d go to the defensive side. BYU made enough plays to keep it in range to get it to overtime and I think kanua is a name that’s mentioned a lot ’cause of the key plays, key plays. He had to execute and complete an open field tackle to keep the offense from getting yards on the catch and Isaiah Kaufusi did it, as expected. He had a phenomenal game and we talked about kyhiris and he had four total tackles but he isn’t supposed to make that. He made piles and finished plays and just had a dominating game. Those guys get lost in the flash of the offensive plays but it was a really gritty defensive performance. >>Trevor Matich on BYU sports nation. I thought Georgia state was rock bottom for Tennessee but maybe not. What did it do to the fan base? >>It took a jackhammer to rock bottom and sunk it deeper. They were talking about Georgia state as one of the worst losses in their history. Physically they seemed to be in control at BYU but the fact that they let BYU snatch the victory by being more physical, that was a really bad way for those fans to have to see it end. BYU’s a better team than Tennessee fans realize but as losses go, if Tennessee would’ve held on it would be a quality win but they want bama. Tennessee fans are in a bad way. >>Now BYU plays usc on national TV on Saturday. A game and a half of play where jt Daniels goes and a completion rate of 89%. What do you think of the cougars and trojans? >>This is a matchup they need to win old school because the advantage that usc has had has been their receivers. They have tall, fast guys. They’re all over the field and using that they maximize it by getting them all on the field at the same time. BYU has to be ready to not just keep up but keep it down. The front seven is not what it has been when they’ve been their best. I think that BYU’s going to need to run the ball between tackles a lot and the Trojan defense early and keep those receivers on the sideline because if it becomes a track meet, usc has the advantage.

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  1. I am a die hard tarheel and Ty'son orginally committed to us. It's so freaking awesome to see him play well. I am so glad BYU gave him a chance and I hope the fanbase understands Ty'son is a heck of a person and ambassador to the school. Go Ty'son, Go tarheels and Go BYU, God bless

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