100 Comments on “Top 10 Shocking Moments In Videogames”

  1. The White Phosphorous scene…I had to stop playing the game for a little while and reflect on my life choices after that scene.

  2. I think fatalities from the original Mortal Kombat should have made the list. Nothing was that gory at the time of its release. Now it is very common.

  3. 7.12 — watchmojo, I love you guys, but showing all this blood and guts and then removing a simple F-Bomb is….well, that's just plain silly now, isn't it? XD

  4. I know mafia 3 came out after this video was posted but the scene where Lincoln is betrayed by Sal marcano seriously took my breath away

  5. I didn't see Mass Effect's plot twist that, at the end, all of your decisions throughout the game don't mean diddily squat. That, IMO, is the biggest plot twist of all time… lol

  6. I understand that there would be spoilers in this video, but did you have to put the EXACT FREAKING EPISODE of The Walking Dead?

  7. That moment when Reznov was alive in Mason's mind
    "I swear that's how Steiner died. Reznov killed him right in front of me"

  8. Can i just add …. Tale of two brothers …… Or lavitz's death in legend of the dragoon …. Or how about never alone
    …….. Theres so many

  9. Unfortunetly, much like the twist in Episode V, the plot-twist about Revan lost much of its shock-value, because of how many people treasure it. It's literally impossible to play this game blind without spoilers just like watching Episode V without THAT spoiler. Instead, I experienced this shock value at the plot twist in Spec Ops: The Line


  11. Wait, what about Soap's death from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? Or Roach and Ghost's death from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

  12. Man, that spec ops part actually made me think whether I want to continue playing or not 😕 I had a mix feeling between "WTH" and "Oh God, no…."!!!!

  13. Hannah Washington is The Makkapitew in Until Dawn and she's out for bloody vengeance on Blackwood Mountain, the Mountain of Evil!

  14. Raiden did become cool once he was converted into a Cyborg Ninja, He took on a Redesigned Metal Gear RAY by himself, yet I wish to fight as the Legendary Solid Snake again. I won’t let him hang up his Bandana after Guns of the Patriots. He’ll still fight on in Garry’s Mod we just need to develop all his weaponry as well as a CGI Pilot-able Metal Gears Too. MGS is Kojima’s Masterpiece that’s here to stay. Survive was a disaster but the series’s shall not die. Solid Snake is my hero I won’t let age acceleration kill him. There must be a way to reverse his aging to his youthful self that saved Shadow Moses.

  15. I know it's not as popular or as well-known as these other examples, but at least one of these lists needs to have Crow's death in Dreamfall:Chapters on it. That's the only time in my long gaming history that I've ever felt like someone punched me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me while I was playing a game. Just brutal.

  16. “There are other shocking moments in the series like when the nuke went off”
    Ghost and roach: am I a joke to you?

  17. Hey WatchMojo were you high while making this? Because the most shocking moment ever in COD HISTORY was ghost and roach's death. That made people cry while "No Russian" may have made headlines it wasn't shocking

  18. Spec Ops: The Line was advertised as a realistic depiction of war. Gamers wanted a realistic war game, they got one.

  19. Calling it right now. Aeriths death will be on this list, and probably number one.
    Damn. Kefka is laughing at me right now.

  20. guys please just stop with this spec ops shit. you stupid dumbfucks are overrating it and it's just so goddamn annoying that it makes me fucking hate the game.

  21. Shepherd's betrayal in MW2, Henry and Sam's death in TLOU, Aunt May's death in Spider-Man, the entire train sequence in Uncharted 2. And Joker's death was CRAZY. And No Russian.

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