Top 10 Scary FNAF Animatronics

Top 10 Scary FNAF Animatronics

Teachers are in school from when they’re
6 to when they retire. And you were complaining about highschool. Greetings gamers and welcome back to top 10
gaming, im your host connor munro and I’ve never been naked for 24 hours straight. Five Nights At Freddy’s is a cultural icon,
even though the first game was released in 2014. Since then, we’ve had a plethora of new
robots to scare our pants off while they devour our limbs, but which ones are the worst? That’s what we’re exploring with todays
list of the Top 10 Scary FNAF Animatronics. If you’re new here or haven’t yet- Now,
roll the intro. #10 Reaper Puppet (Final Nights 3)
While Reaper Puppet may not be cannon to the Five Nights series, he originates from a popular
fan made game series final nights. Reaper Puppet is one of the main antagonists
in final nights 3: nightmares awoken. Where he will climb over a railing to get
to your hospital room. He also returns in the final game of the series
Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined, where he looks even more gruesome. In the third game, he looks similar to the
puppet we all know and nightmarionnette combined. His legs are curled like Ursula’s tentacles,
and the arms are so thing they’re worse than mine. He has sharp fingers and appears in all honesty
sort of treelike, where his legs are the roots and his arms are branches. The way he climbs towards the door is just
creepy and you need to confront him to get him to leave. And in the fourth game he looks like the puppet
mixed with jeff the killer. Like nightmarionnette on some form of substance
that would be classified as illegal and might have a name similar to that of a famous soda
brand. #9 Toy Chica
Toy chica is a simple animatronic, but a scary one. Equipped with security functions that allow
it to scan everyone it sees, anyone in the love offender shuffle is luckily going to
stay far away from the pizzeria. But if you manage to get by, the actual design
of the thing will be enough to make you leave. Chica is a chicken, which means that they
have beaks. But TOY CHICA DOESN’T HAVE A BEAK! Sure it starts off having a beak, but by the
time it would help you the damn thing is gone, plus don’t even get me started on the fact
that the majority of pictures that pop up when you google toy chica are things kids
should not be seeing! GET YOUR CUPCAKE AWAY FROM THERE! First appearing in Five Nights 2, and later
Ultimate Custom Night, Toy Chica is just god awful without the beak. How would it fall off in the first place? #8 Ennard
Ennard is literally the insides of 5 different animatronics, basically just walking around
with his guts, and the guts of 4 other people visible to anyone who wants to see, or doesn’t
want to see. Plus there’s also the fact that to escape
from sister location, they scoop out your guts and replace them with themselves. Making you their flesh suit while also infusing
you with the Remnant metal so even after they’ve noped out, your rotting corpse can still walk
around and become the guard in Pizzeria simulator. Plus when he takes the mask off and is just
3 eyes, yeah 3 eyes with one hanging off his cheek, it’s too much I can’t, NO! I think the worst part is that he ends up
inserting himself into you like some weird kinky crap but then ejects himself to go find
a new fresh flesh suit. Hey that’s kinda like a tongue twister. Oh and the damn Nightmare version I saw when
I googled him, even if its just fanmade I cant anymore! This is worse than pennywise, he looks like
a clown with a stash of pillows under his floorboards with his victims in the attic. I cant. #7 Bidybab
The Bidybabs are a pair of tiny animatronics appearing in Sister Location, that could also
have up to seven members of their little bidy cult or whatever it is. The 2 we see are only active Night 2 during
their game. They’re small, baby like animatronics with
pale skin and oddly colored eyes. At the beginning of sister location you hide
under a desk while you hear the 2 talking about stuff you only listened too if you’re
matpat, then need to fight to keep the door closed as they try and push trough. The fact that you can see their eyes poke
through while you are fighting for your life only makes this worse. This is by far one of if not the most intense
moment of the series. Plus it’s the purest form of nightmare fuel,
especially if you’re a parent, to watch these things peel their face off to reveal
their animatronic interiors. It just, feels wrong. #6 Music Man
This guy is always smiling, and not like the good kind of smiling that gives you the rep
of always being happy, but literally showing all your teeth with your mouth on a rectangle
smile. This animatronic is one of the purchasable
products in Pizzeria Simulator. He can be found in the *Rare Finds Auction*
section of the catalog, and can also be unlocked by fishinghim out of the ballpit tower minigame. He made a return in Ultimate Custom Night
as one of the selectable characters, activating this character will cause him to spawn behind
you. He’s sound sensitive, meaning if you make
noise, he will crash his cymbals together, the more noise you make, the faster the crashing,
until eventually he just jumpscares you. Music man can be activated by phantom mangle
and mangle’s gargles, phone guys calls, the monitor, and the fan. Ahh, the fan. This guys is basically a musical spider, and
if I wanted to deal with that I’d watch charlotte’s web. If you’ve seen other videos you’ll know
I hate spiders and this is honestly terrible. And he’s behind you and you can’t see
him. #5 Nightmare Mangle
nightmare mangle is the really screwed up version of Mangle, who first appears in the
Halloween update for Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. Sure, original mangle is scary, with a jaw
that can unhinge and the one who caused the bite of 87’ but nightmare mangle takes this
to a whole new level of terror. Removing what can only be described as it’s
flesh, you see the horrifying internal endoskeleton of the animatronic. Throw on a few extra arms, legs and even heads,
and you’ll be spooking me for days. In number 4 this replaces nightmare foxy in
the closet, so make sure you keep checking that otherwise you’ll be screwed, but it
also makes an appearance in Ultimate Custom Night, since they literally all do. In UCN nightmare mangle comes down the right
hall, but you can prevent it from entering the office by buying the Funtime Foxy plushie
from the prize corner. If you don’t though it’s one of the scariest
jumpscares in the game, but mostly because of the extra head. #4 Scrap Baby
Sometime between the events of the 5th and 6th game, Baby ends up getting kicked out
of the Ennard clan. There is a conversation in the source code
of Scott Cawthon’s 2 websites to back this up, where baby is getting voted off the island. After this, Baby somehow finds a way to rebuild
her shell and finds her way to the back alley of Pizzeria Simulator trying to get inside,
and failing until you bring her in. Scrap baby is terrifying, being horribly disfigured
and knocked down, the player has to salvage the animatronic since that’s the whole point
of the game, but when she attacks oh my god its terrifying and very intense. In UCN she has a very interesting gameplay
mechanic, where she is sitting next to the desk slumped over, there is a panel next to
her that allows you to shock het at the cost of 1% of power. This wont make a difference unless she has
moved, if she has, shocking her will cause her to leave and never return, but if you
don’t notice she will jumpscare you the next time you bring up your monitor. #3 Jack O’ Chica
This is the scariest version of Chica, sure there is a Jack O’ Bonnie, but the chica
is just the worst. It’s a nightmare version of chica, but the
fiery eyes and the stomach. Oh my god. In Ultimate Custom Night this version has
some damn creepy lines. After getting killed by Jack O’ Chica, you
can hear things like *The fire within me burns eternal, and now yours shall as well.* and
*I am a burning reminder of yourmisdeeds* Which is totally fun you know? But they also replace Chica’s cupcake with
a jack o lantern! Come on! The cupcake was the best part! This is for sure the scariest thing about
the animatronic; forget the torn flesh, glowing cracks, eyes and rows of theeth. Okay maybe its not. While Jack o Chica may not be cannon, its
something I cannot unsee. Especially when the Jack o’ lantern has
its own jump scare. #2 Nightmarionnette
Also making its first appearance in The Halloween update for Five Nights 4, Nightmarionnette
also known as Nightmarionne, or Nightmare Puppet, this character is the horrific version
of the puppet. He uses the same behavior as nightmare in
his game. Nightmarionnette is the skinniest of all animatronics,
his hands are long and are just 3 fingers, he has an exposed ribcage that petrudes from
his back, and his legs are long and look like they are made of symbiote from a spider man
comic. In UCN he appears inside the office in random
areas, and you must avoid putting your mouse over top of it to make it go away, otherwise
he will materialize and he will jumpscare you once solid. He also makes an appearance in Help Wanted,
where he will appear in the second night terrors level. Which is fair enough because after seeing
him I will never be the same. The lack of color makes him even more terrifying
and I don’t know if I can sleep tonight. #1 Nightmare
Nightmare is almost identical to nightmare fredbear, with the same model but with a black
body and yellow top hat and bow tie. In five nights 4 he will appear in night 7,
replacing every other animatronic. Which is honestly intimidating as hell, he
doesn’t need support to come kill you, he’ll do that all on his own. He’s a lone world, doesn’t need a pack
to be confident in his abilities, and he’s everywhere but also nowhere. The only way you can tell which direction
he’s coming from is by listening to the footsteps present in game. In Ultimate Custom Night, he’s invisible
until he reaches your door, where only the eyes are visible. You need to listen for laughter and look out
for eyes in order to know when he’s coming. Which is crazy and sadistic, he enjoyes tprturing
his victims before death, and this is evident by his action in UCN but also the way he speaks
when he kills you. Essentially talking down to you and talking
as if he’s gloating that he killed you. Which is rude af. There we have it friends the Top 10 Scary
FNAF Animatronics, which ones are the scariest to you and are there any you feel I left out? I avoided springtrap because he’s William
afton in a suit not a full animatronic so there’s no need for the angry comments. Let me know someone other than Afton below,
and on your way down-

49 Comments on “Top 10 Scary FNAF Animatronics”

  1. Bidybabs to me aren't scary as hell to me there just anooying I cant get past the under the desk level its so hard the Bidybabs are to strong

  2. Can we all agree that nightmarionne is the product of slender man and jack skellington? I can see why he turned out so creepy…

  3. Scrap Baby should be number 2 at least since she seems to be able to turn off the cassette player without noticeable movement up until she actually looks at you after you sign the paper 😰 Don't even want to imagine what she could do to you without you being fully aware until it's too late if she wanted to kill you on night one

  4. Ok so heres my list (only games)

    10. The Puppet/Marionette when the fnaf 2 teaser of the puppet came out i was pretty scared also the fact that she is smiling and crying at the same time doesn't make it better.

    9. Phantom Foxy simply just because of his mechanic and even worse in the mobile port not the remastered one you couldn't even see his feet under the maintenance panel which made it even more scary.

    8. Paperpals when i first encountered Paperplate buddy in the office i was pretty terrified just the way he stares at you and in fnaf 3 it didn't even get better cause now Paperplate Freddy and Bonnie appear in your office and stare at you and even worse they never get explained in the story after that.

    7. Crumpled Freddy Suit aka Phantom Shadow Freddy his first and last appearance was in fnaf 3 where he could appear in your office at random and is starring at you i always fell uncomfortable when looking at him.

    6. Withered Golden Freddy i know his jumscare is pretty lame in fnaf 2 and ucn but his design and the fact that he can turn into a giant head makes him to a spooky boi.

    5. Literally all the Nightmares except Nightmarionne they have sharp teeth big claws and most importantly they are Nightmares.

    4. Nightmarionne if you looked at one of the Halloween teasers and brightened the image up you know what i mean.

    3. Yenndo he always scared me just the way he looks and stares at you make me uncomfortable and the fact that he drains your oxygen makes it even worse.

    2. RWQ and Shadow Freddy imagine your in the void and the only thing you see are two glowing faces coming at you.

    1. Springtrap hes a walking dead zombie corpse who can talk in over a 30 year old suit i don't think i need to explain more.

  5. None from one? They just have the purity and straight up scariness to them. Also, I don't find the nightmare animatronics to be scary (besides nightmare himself), their just too exaggerated. Lastly, did you really put up toy chica because of images on google? The animatronic itself isn't very scary.

  6. So are we just going to start each video with a random fact?
    You remind me of my friend Julian
    He also goes by Susan, Touchstone, Banana Man, and Fruitcup.
    That's all you need to know to get a sense of what he's like

  7. Mangle in mobile your only chance is catching it in the vent or hall and once it's in it stays almost mocking you before a random jumpscare

  8. I swear, if jacko chica is not canon, then y she in so many games. The list: fnaf4 Halloween dlc, UCN, And fnaf vr scott u need to change this

  9. Mine 10:spring trap 9:nightmare 8:scrap baby 7:music man 6:nightmare fredbears 5:blacktime Freddy 4:phantom puppet 3:ennard 2:grim foxy 1:the twisted ones

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