TIMO BOLL – The Spin of Life Part 1: Know Your Roots

TIMO BOLL – The Spin of Life Part 1: Know Your Roots

He is an outstanding personality in German sports. So, let’s have a look into this gem here: the good old training hall of Höchst where it all started. Yeah, it’s kind of like my own living room. Since there are usually other sports here in the afternoon, I often have to set up and take down the equipment. There’s still sweat here on the table from the last session. I have been doing that since I was 8, moving these things. My colleagues in Düsseldorf, the youngsters, they can’t do it. They usually have three pure table tennis halls where everything is set up. And yes, those guys are quite spoiled. Of course, there are days when you are in your routine, when you don’t even think about the Olympics… when you simply concentrate on the next competition and have completely different worries. But there are also moments when you drift off a bit and imagine the whole thing and dream about it. But in some ways, I’m a realist and I try to prepare myself in the best possible way. There’s my training partner. The Invincible. Though he makes mistakes, too. It’s not like that. He’s not a Kuka robot. Luckily, they renovated the toilets at some point but other than that… the floor is actually still the same as it was back then. You can see that, all shiny and polished. But apart from that everything has remained the same. That’s just as fine. It still has a really nice gym charm. A bit like the basement. It’s the basement, but bigger. It’s hard to believe there was once a ping-pong table in this small room. There are still some videos of how I started to play there quite ambitiously. I honestly don’t know why my father bought a ping-pong table. It was more like a party room down here. Maybe he wanted to play with his buddies from time to time, but then I took over. I was just a sports enthusiast and I probably had an enormous urge to move around to let off some energy. So we came down here almost every day and played for a quarter of an hour when I was 3 or 4. And I just enjoyed it so much that I stayed with it. At least I never felt any pressure from my father forcing me down here, like, ‘Here, you’re training now’. But I think it always came from me a little bit and he did it very playfully, so that I always enjoyed it. And little by little there were some certificates, some medals. It’s almost uncomfortable for me to record the interview here now. I don’t really want to brag about it now. This used to be the hall where Timo Boll spent 60% of his time. In the mornings we always trained in Höchst and in the afternoons or during courses we always trained here in Frankfurt and this is the hall where he spent the first 20 years of his life as a table tennis player. I remember when I was invited to my first training workshop back in Frankfurt the first training camp away from home. I think it was the first time I slept somewhere away from home. And that’s when I had a few problems. I felt scared, even though there were three or four of us in the room. But I remember it very well. I ran out into the corridor crying and Helmut comforted me. So somehow, Helmut has almost become a father figure to me. Even though I actually never wanted to be one. I’m not his dad or his mum. I was his coach and I was also very critical of him. As a coach, you have to be critical. You can’t say ‘everything you do is top notch’ like your parents or family do but I was very critical of him. Of course, if you have mutual trust, I assume that he also happily trusted in me and I had a lot of trust in him. It’s normal that we talk about things that have nothing to do with table tennis. When he was 14, we had to come up with something. He didn’t want to go to boarding school. He was simply too valuable for that. That would have been beyond my reach… Then the idea was born that the training group TTV Gönnern would completely move to Höchst

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  2. Also Leute, beim besten Willen. Die Videoqualität in 2020 geht einfach nicht. Die anderen Videos sehen doch auch gut aus.

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