The Top Ten Greatest Americans In Video Games | Game OverThinker

The Top Ten Greatest Americans In Video Games | Game OverThinker

Well hey! This episode is running on the Fourth of July
– Happy Birthday, America! Congratulations on… still existing. Technically. Sort of. In a manner of speaking… Anyway! Gaming may be an international medium, played
and made all over the world, occasionally dominated at competition by Korea or culture
by Japan; but there’s no denying that the United States has always been extremely well…
okay, extremely positively… okay, well… extremely “represented.” I’m The Game OverThinker and these are the
Top 10 Greatest Americans in Video Games! Is there anything more American than punchin’
Nazis? No. No, there is not. B.J. Blazkowicz has been taking it to the
Third Reich across several wars and timelines since the original Wolfenstein, and it clearly
runs in the family since (canonically) he’s supposedly the ancestor of the original DOOM
protagonist and we’ll be meeting his trigger-happy twin daughters in the next Wolfenstein spin-off. So maybe it’s “family” that’s more
American than punchin’ Nazis? “Die you Nazi bastards.” [laughs] …nope, still punchin’ Nazis. Alway punch Nazis. Dead or Alive is a series of Japanese tournament
fighting games about learning a surprisingly deep fighting engine in order to describe
said fighting engine in enough detail to convince your friends that you’re not just playing to
see the girls bounce around in their victory animations. True to form, Tina Armstrong always makes
sure to put the Stars and Stripes where she knows you’re lookin’ anyway, and her backstory
as the glory-seeking daughter of a legendary professional wrestler looking to score an
acting career by proving herself in a legit martial-arts tournament is all about Independence. Plus, in the Dead or Alive movie she was played
by North Carolina’s own Jamie Pressly; who’s so All-American she was in Can’t Hardly Wait,
Joe Dirt, My Name is Earl and The Jerry Springer Movie – that’s like being an Apple Pie with
a SAG card. In this onetime Japan-only cult-classic by From Software, the evil Vice President of
The United States “Richard Hawk” stages a military coup piloting a powerful mech suit. The only hope to stop him? Rightful President Michael Wilson a defendant of Woodrow Wilson – using his own mech suit! Which somehow… still sounds like a better way of deciding these things than the Electoral College? Okay, according to most Western-published Nintendo
media relating to the Super Mario Bros continuity prior to the late-1990s, Mario and Luigi have
the appearance and affect of mid-20th Century East Coast Italian-American stereotypes because
they’re originally plumbers from Brooklyn, New York. Then after Yoshi’s Island it was retconned
that they were babies in the Mushroom Kingdom and it’s now largely unclear what happened
in between that point, but “Brooklyn” hasn’t come up in awhile… and well, to f—- bad
– it’s my list and I’m still counting it and Mario totally wore the Stars and Stripes
in Nes Open Golf and they brought that outfit back for Odyssey, so he goes on the list. As the ultimate villain of Metal Gear Rising:
Revengeance, Senator Armstrong (no relation!) is not a good guy – and he doesn’t have
a good plan. But he does have one of the biggest and most
extreme plans in the Metal Gear canon, and even among Metal Gear franchise bad guys the
super on-the-nose symbology of a far-right military-industrialist politician beefing
himself up into a roided-out science hulk to beat down the hero is American as hell
in all the best of the worst ways. Yes, “The Bad Dudes” had names, and they
were Blade and Striker. Together, they saved the President of The
United States from an army of… like, several thousand ninjas pretty much on a dare? Especially since it seems like they didn’t
get any money or like a commission or cabinet post out of it – they pretty much just got
a burger. Either way, they were Patriots. …kinda feel like you wouldn’t necessarily
have two super-competent karate masters jumpin’ right up to do this job today, ya’ know? Like, I know we also don’t have nearly as
much of a “ninja problem” as we used to… but even still I feel like if it was breaking
news tomorrow that “The President has been kidnapped by Ninjas,” people would mostly
be like… “Yeah, alright. That’s okay. We’re okay, that’s fine. We’re fine. I mean, they’ll probably given him back
when they’re done doing whatever.” Ya’ know what’s American? Bein’ extra! We’re the nation of extra cheese, extra meat,
extra patties, extra buns, stuffed crust, super-size-it, yes-I-want-fries-with-that,
double-wide, Monster Truck living and that’s how we do it. Hell we got Fifty States and we’re really
only using like… seven of them, most of the time? I mean does anyone really need two whole Dakotas? I mean, hell like… I ain’t supposed to tell you this if you ain’t
from here – but one of the States in this circle (I can’t say which one) doesn’t even
have people in it. Like for real. Nobody lives there. It’s just a big-ass hangar for storing bulk-size
Chef Boyardee. Anyway, JAX… Jax is Extra. Only Black guy in Mortal Kombat II? Not enough – he’s gotta get robot arms. Robot arms not enough? He’s gotta pull somebody else’s arms off
for a fatality. Internet softboys not mad enough at Mortal
Kombat 11 because Scarlet has a hat or… whatever? He’s gonna go back in time and end slavary! Cause he’s extra – and that’s American. Depending on how you look at it, the Street
Fighter series’ international roster of outlandish fighters is either a collection
of often shockingly embarrassing ethnic caricatures, cultural stereotypes and racial-fetishism
that unavoidably highlights the retrograde views of foreigners, minorities and marginalized
groups still considered acceptable in much of Japanese entertainment media… or it’s
a diverse collection of identities and avatars allowing generations of gamers the chance
to find a character that speaks to th- no it’s… it’s actually just… the first one. It’s entirely the first one It’s kinda hard to argue that it’s
not the first one. Still! Street Fighter’s thinly-veiled hierarchy of
Noble Pure-Souled fighters from Japan and fighters not from Japan who’re either genetic
freaks of nature or pin-up girls meant that Colonel Guile was many a white, male American
gamer in the 90s first experience at seeing themselves caricatured in the same way (though
perhaps with a lot of the same historical baggage) as… well, some others. Sure “vain macho prick who hangs out combing
his hair on an army base like it’s a god damn gym parking lot” isn’t the sickest burn they
could have delivered, under the circumstances; but there was definitely no ignoring where
this guy was supposed to come from. At least not until Johnny Bravo did basically the same gag later on No, seriously same basic guy. Take a look. It’s possible to “miss” that the Japanese
designers of Street Fighter may not have necessarily intended Colonial Guile to be a wholly flattering caricature of an American serviceman. No More Heroes’s beamsaber-wielding, Anime-oggling,
assassin-for-hire, wrestler-mimicking fanboy antihero, on the other hand? There’s no mistaking Travis as anything but
Suda51’s dark dressing-down of American pop-culture and otaku/gamer culture in particular. And yet there’s also something (almost eventually) endearing about this slovenly, self-destructive douchebag of a man child that indicates Suda
is thinking a little bit more deeply on his subject than the flippant treatment suggests
– there’s a grim, resigned sincerity to Travis and the blighted city of Santa Destroy that indicates
an understanding of existence on the American fringes that goes beyond just parody. Travis Touchdown is the dark side of The American
Dream, but it’s a dream all the same. A consistent theme in Saints Row IV is that
it keeps trying to be funny and instead ends up really endearing, charming and even genuinely
“meaningful”… while also still being really funny. They let you customize your “The Boss” character
with an almost absurd level of freedom as a broad joke about the tabula-rasa nature
of game protagonists… and end up with a genuinely all-inclusive gender/race/sexuality
representative paradigm. They let you literally fuck anything that
moves to goof on Mass Effect’s romance options… and sorta for real out-woked Bioware in that regard. And in cranking the absurdity of the der-rigeur
videogame/action-movie “surrogate family” trope up to 11,000 it ends up creating a sense
of real camraderie you can’t help but legitimate invest in. So even though “The Boss” becoming “The
President” in Saints Row IV is making fun of exactly the kind of absurd video game story
arcs seen elsewhere on this very list; in the same way The Third Street Saints themselves
end up endeared to us, whatever persona you’ve placed onto your “The Boss” ultimately
comes to embody a genuinely profound modern realization of one of the most cherished American
mythic ideals: That anyone – in this case, even a character who started out a lowlife gang member, becamea psuedo-celebrity and then a mercenary and may very well be of fluid and or wholly-ambigious
race, gender, sexuality or what-have-you – can become President! And ya’ know… like so much about my country,
as imperfect and questionable in reality as that particular piece of our mythos is? It’s still a pretty nice idea. Happy birthday America. Please get your shit together.

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  1. Yes always punch Nazi's. As in actual members of the now none existent 3rd Reich. But don't assault people who you claim to be Nazi's just because they say things you don't like on the internet. Yes maybe they are garbage people but they are still people and are protected by the law and have human rights. Assaulting people in the real world should not be encouraged and it should not be praised when it happens regardless of who the victim is.

  2. Bob. I love you. But fuck you, I know I'm as mad at the rural US as you are, but there are people that live here, and you can't just dismiss us as worthless.

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    Claire redfield
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    What’s the name of the inspiring music that played during the countdown? I’ve also heard it during Mr. Chipman’s “REALLY THAT GOOD” videos on his MovieBob channel.

  5. “Hell, we got 50 states and we’re really only using like seven of them.”

    I have been slayed (slain?)

  6. Also like to nominate Mike Haggar from the “Final Fight” series. A former pro-wrestler turned mayor (before we got Jesse Ventura) who goes out and beats the crap out of gang members in Metro City, (presumably) USA.

  7. Jesus Christ, Bob. You can't at least make the 4th of July video without raping it with "orange man bad" comments?

  8. I think nuking civilians is more American than punching Nazis, after all other countries were punching Nazis for years before the US decided to start doing it

  9. I can't stop staring at the NES power button ….it's not depressed, yet there's a light on.

    Why do you do this to me?

  10. You know you’re kind of a weeb when your top 10 americans is half filled with japanese games.

  11. In our actual real life history sheltering and funding nazis was certainly more american than punching them.

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    Well… Lately, it's become more American to whine about nazis getting milkshakes thrown at them so…

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  16. I really don’t get what Americans are proud of these days, your politicians are corrupt, your police regularly murder unarmed people, your military hasn’t been the “good guys” in a war since WW2, the super rich are taking everything and leaving nothing for the 99%, your courts have one justice for the rich and another for the poor, your president is a moron with dementia, do I need to go on?

  17. I never get why Americans claim apple pie to be American. They were consumed all across Europe even before the discovery of America.

  18. Sorry, Yahtzee, I came here for the silly for a change but this layer on layer of desperate political jabs.. The channel's gone back again to not being worth being subscribed to, for me. Bob, I miss your talk being about the games and movies, not the image you got of the communities around'em

  19. Maybe a good place to start getting our shit together is to stop acting like inciting violence against groups of people they don’t agree with is a good thing. It’s almost like violence begets more violence, seriously has anyone passed history class??

  20. Pretty sure it's more British to punch Nazi's. You guys didn't get of your ass until halfway through, why do it always pretend you're the ultimate enemy of the European Nazi's…?

  21. Two Dakotas may seem excessive, but the real question is: Do we really need California, too? I mean, I guess the homeless masses need a place to shit and it does kinda seem appropriate, since California is sort of the sewer of the US. All the worthless shit no one wants ends up there, so…I guess we really do need California.

  22. Anyone miss the days when you could watch a silly top ten about video games without some partisan hack vomiting their political opinions all over it?

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  24. Top 10 Americans in videogames – #1 will shock you

    No seriously, I was shocked to see a modern Sandbox Game Character lead a Bob List.
    Diggin' it though.

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  26. f u bob there are people in the heartland The smallest population in that circle Beside for Canada Has nearly 1,000,000 fucking people in it f u

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  28. Always love to see your content pop up Bob, been a fan for a years and I'm damn glad you get to do this

  29. I'll admit, I did not see #1 coming. I approve, but there's another The Boss that could have made it onto that list, just saying.

  30. Don't try to retcon your wish to see all republicans be killed (oh right, " be Thanos'd " into a simple joke about nobody living in a low-population state. You wished their death. I don't understand why you are still employed here, or anywhere.

  31. The video should be retitled to the most american video game character caricatures according to japanese developers.

  32. Where’s Gordon Freeman? Don’t tell me a world class physicist with a penchant for destroying everything in front of him isn’t USA as fuck

  33. I feel like Travis Touchdown should have been switched out for Juliet Starling. She's a blonde haired, blue-eyed cheerleader, with letterman jacket wearing boyfriend, a dad who looks like Elvis, and a lot of her alternate costumes invoke 50s and 60s Americana. Other than that, this was pretty good.

  34. You forgot "Big Boss". "The Boss" was British and you could make an argument that Solid and Liquid Snakes don't have a nationality since they where created in a lab from mothers that where also not American. But Naked "The Boss" Snake was born in U.S. in the 60's and joined the army out of an idealization for his nation and mentor only to be trapped in the political games of the powerful and unseen, destine to fight war after war after war……………………..Happy Birthday America!

  35. Good to see Bob is keeping it classy and arguing against proper discussion and convincement and in favour of Antifa esque terrorism to further radicalize already plenty radical political minorities.

  36. Tax evasion and saying fuck you to taxes in general is way more american than punching some stupid socialists that ended up winning the war anyway.

  37. I’m honestly shocked. That was the most patriotic I’ve seen Bob in awhile and he held back on the President jokes. I didn’t think he was still capable of restraint on that front.

  38. you saying "always punch nazis" in a way like you don't expect to being punched for being amerinazi?
    seems you thought was not well though at that moment

  39. Stereotypes aren't racist (Except the ones that are). The way everyone in USA feels about guile is the way people in other countries view their stereotyped character. The only people who get offended by things so benine as this are those who have no connection to "their culture" and are insecure about it.

  40. Tina Armstrong is my favorite DOA character and not just because of her huge cans.

    Mostly because of her huge cans but not exclusively because of them.

  41. Pretty ballsy not putting Duke Nukem on this list. But you got my man Jax on there so I won't break your balls too hard. Still…dude…?

  42. And that's a patriot, lords and ladies. Someone who loves his country for it's it ideals and always wishes it to grow closer to them. Compare this to a nationalist who believes those ideals are already realized but who will betray the reality of the actual nation for his own benefit. The patriot wants to make the ideal a reality, the nationalist doesn't care about reality because his nation is within him.

  43. I think I get the gist of the Street Fighter point, however much I want to reflexively find exception to it, but I for my part would still love an episode putting the Bob lens on that series.

  44. 5:01 For the record, foreign fans, its Wyoming. If you asked 100,000 Americans if they knew anyone from Wyoming, they'd all draw a blank. If you try to drive through what we claim are its borders, you just end up in Utah or Colorado, depending on the direction you were heading and phase of the moon that evening. It's basically America's Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis mixed together, only waaaay shittier…

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