The most powerful Warlock?! Destiny 2 Lore | Myelin Games

The most powerful Warlock?! Destiny 2 Lore | Myelin Games

“Osiris fought at the battle of Six Fronts,
it’s said he seemed to be everywhere at once that day.” Welcome back guardians. With Season of Dawn we have received plenty
of lore about Saint-14, BUT we also got a bunch of lore about Osiris, specifically during
the battle of Six fronts. This new lore explains an in-game quote from
Brother Vance, a quote that has always stayed me, “Osiris fought at the battle of Six Fronts,
it’s said he seemed to be everywhere at once that day.” Previously, we never knew if Brother Vance
was just exaggerating the abilities of Osiris, or if there was some truth to this statement. In addition, this new lore may also explain
Osiris’s glowing appearance when he met with the queen to warn her of Oryx. In my mind, this information about how Osiris
fought at Six fronts, places Osiris amongst the most powerful warlocks, I mean he probably
was already there, but I found this lore very interesting. The concept art at the beginning of this video
was by Ryan Gitter, link to his website is below. If you are new to my channel, I would recommend
watching my last video about the Speaker’s Mask, which we now understand its purpose. Link in the top right hand corner and in the
description. This is myelin games, and I hope you enjoy
this latest Destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
Ok, so I assume most people know that both Saint-14 and Osiris were at the battle of
Six fronts. They defended the City against the Fallen. Osiris was so impressive that Saint-14 wanted
to appoint him as Vanguard Commander. Have a listen to the Destiny 1 grimoire card,
it reads, You were a mighty warrior. I watched you at Six Fronts, and heeded the
call of Saint-14 to appoint you Vanguard Commander, even when the Concordat claimed to have records
proving you were a Golden Age experiment mis-incarnated as a human by an inept Ghost. Saint-14 assured me you were just a man without
much patience for obfuscation. Like I said at the beginning of this video,
Brother Vance also said that Osiris seemed to be everywhere at once at the Battle of
Six Fronts. So what was Osiris doing? Well, I think the first thing to discuss,
is that Osiris is very competent in activating his super energy. Just have a listen to what happens when Osiris
takes on a Warlord. The Lore entry, Moths to Flame Part II from
the lore book The Pigeon and the Phoenix reads, A painted Ghost whips in front of Osiris’s
face. “Warlord Reich demands you stand.” “You’re on my turf. Burning my wood. That’s stealing. That’s an arm.” “Given immortality, and all you can think
to do is grab at what’s around you. What a waste.” The Warlord laughs. The Ghost quickly laughs in step. “You’re a disgrace.” Osiris peers over his shoulder. “Leave. Rethink your path.” “It’s your arm or your life. Those are the rules.” “Make your decision.” Osiris leaves the words to hang around the
Warlord’s head. “I have half a dozen guns at my back.” The Warlord puts pitted iron to Osiris’s hood. “I have a spark.” Flame engulfs Osiris, erupting into wings
that cast back the shadows of the night. A white-hot blade extends from his hand. In one swift motion, Osiris cuts the Warlord
down into a sizzling heap and snatches his stunned Ghost from the air. His gaze shifts to the people to catch sight
of their backs as the lot retreat into the woods. Ruthless. By the way, Osiris goes on to lecture this
Warlords ghost so much so, that the Ghost doesn’t even revive the Warlord. Got em. Ok, so, Osiris is a pretty powerful Guardian
in itself, but it doesn’t stop there, lets now have a look at what actually happened
at the battle of Six Fronts. The lore entry, Thin, reads,
Osiris burns; a roaring visage against the sky-soot firmament. Compressing, endless night. Skeins of light twist and hum; charged sinew
stitch through his muscle and bone. Myriad shimmering-gold marionettes scramble
to reinforce gaps across the City’s defense at his behest. The East below him, breached by waves of frenetic
clamoring Fallen. The front had not broken, only moved. He focuses his projections there. A small fireteam holds the line. Osiris twists. Golden defiance moves to stanch the Fallen’s
momentum. One projection locks eyes with a Titan. She nods, and with fluid elegance, the projection
lifts her skyward. She brings down a tempest that rolls thunder
across the City walls and scatters the advancing force. Shaxx bellows in the distance. What the hell, Osiris summons projections,
and uses projections to defend the City! One of the projections even lifts a titan
into the air so she can basically rain down Titan fists upon the Fallen. We know that Osiris has projections, but I
always thought that was just an Infinite Forest thing, like, I didn’t think that Osiris
could just summon projections outside of the infinite forest, and that these projections
can actually fight and interact with the world. This is the explanation to why Brother Vance
says he appeared to be everywhere all at once. It seems like Osiris uses the light to create
these projections, however, it is not easy and very straining. Have a listen to the next scene, how Osiris’s
projections instantly reinforce different defensive positions. Multiple skeins snap. The sky stretches into starless night; an
oblivion crowds the borders of Osiris’s mind in suffocating omnipresence. The margins. Light thinly stretched. Under duress. Never enough. The West is bending. The transfer, instantaneous. Osiris weaves Inferno. Ether and flame engulfing each other into
ashen wake. He spots eight Lights climbing the ridge. Click. A lone Guardian crashes onto the ridgetop
horizon. Click. They will survive. Click. He turns, palm alig—
The North is bending. Nerves burn. The City’s golden hue falters. Only a moment of exhalation. The North fractures. Field guns rip into the Wall. He is there. Two Hunters hold. One snap-fires beams of sunlight from her
rifle, wreathed in flame. The second dances through challengers, her
blades Arc purity. None would pass them. His projections move to fill the gap. Bodies in the rubble. Evacuees from the Eastern breach caught in
the blast. Their deaths filled his mind through twenty
gilded eyes, capturing the scene in its totality. Osiris is not just controlling these projections,
but he is also seeing through the projections, as I just read, he witnessed the events of
Six Fronts through twenty gilded eyes. Now, it is also turns out that Osiris did
not just use projections for fighting, but it also used his projections to conduct meetings,
rather than physical attend meetings, he would just send a projection. Have a listen to the lore entry, Reunion,
where Saint-14 and Osiris are reunited, it reads,
“Hello Geppetto. Sagira visits Ikora.” Osiris sits on the gangway of the Gray Pigeon. He runs a ribbon through his fingers. “Hello Saint.” “Osiris? I wondered if this meeting would be with one
of your projections.” “I would not…” Osiris is about to say, he would never send
a projection to meet with Saint-14, he would always meet in person with Saint, almost like
it is rude to send a projection. That being said, it almost seems like Osiris
sent a projection to meet with the Queen. All the way back in Destiny 1, when House
of Wolves was released, the grimoire card Ghost Fragment: The Queen 2 spoke about Eris
and Osiris visiting the queen, and how Osiris was basically glowing, almost like looking
at a bright light. Have a listen, “Your Grace,” said the man before her at the
foot of the stairs. His voice was soft but strong. When he spoke the Hunter started to turn her
head toward him, then flinched as if someone had shone a bright light into her eyes. We never really knew why Osiris was so shiny
in this grimoire card, but maybe now we have an answer, he could have been a projection! And with that, that concludes this latest
Desitny 2 lore episode, if you would like to support the channel and cannot think of
a comment, leave the word, Projection, to represent Osiris’s powerful ability to create
light projections for meetings, and battles. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace.

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  1. I knew I was missing some lore about the projections but couldn’t find it! Then Sloth reminded me that the projections are mentioned in the narrative previews for Season of Dawn. Sorry, I have not included that information! Regardless, hope you enjoy the video and have a great holiday season. Matt

  2. Perhaps he will meet with people directly, face to face if he trusts and truly respects them..

    Though, saying that.. It feels like a slight to Ikora, as she was a student? of Osiris, if I remember correctly.

  3. Gonna watch this a little later, but wanted to stop in to say I miss your live streams. Hope you're well. Enjoy the holidays.

  4. At the beginning of CoO our ghost says that Osiris is the most powerful guardian who ever lived, this may just be exaggeration to get us hyped for the DLC though

  5. Myelin "We don't know why Osiris was seemingly glowing…."
    Me "Whaddya mean bro?! Permanent radiance is cannon and I won't have it any other way!"

  6. Honestly, I can see Bungie doing 2 things with Solar Warlocks.

    I can see a “Path of the Phoenix” which is essentially Self-Res. Or, a “Path of the Exiled” which follows in Osiris’ sort of footsteps of becoming his own sort of thing. Because let’s face it, Osiris is a badass and probably could make an alternate form of solar usage. Just like I could see Toland finding a way to change Void usage.

  7. We all know that we are the Powerfullst Gurdians… even Saint -14 things we are Awesome…. And it seemed Osirs was a little bit jelly that we saved saint-14 so easly 😛

  8. osiris said he searched for saint with 100k projections…….he can do that on the battle field???!?!?!?!!!!! Osiris is Naruto Confirmed

  9. Protections

    It's so dope how Osiris respects St-14 so much that he would never send a projection to meet with his comrade. Happy holidays Melon Games😂 hope 2020 brings even more success to your channel, you and your family!

  10. I mostly play as a hunter, but if a warlock could have an ability to create reflections for a short time.. that’d be awesome as hell.

  11. Ever since Curse of Osiris I've always wondered what it would be like to play as a warlock with Osiris's abilities.
    With his echoes I'd assume it would be a super similar to how Psychosis (Decoy Clones) in Black Ops 3 would work.
    But in a game where magic and explosions go off every second with crowd controlling abilities, i have no clue how effective it would be.
    Perhaps if the decoy could capture zones or if the ability energy to generate it was given back if it was killed instead of you.
    But again, such an ability or super seems very niche and doesn't fit into the meta of a game like destiny
    Its only really badass in the lore and cutscenes where characters can switch elements and class trees on the spot and use supers with little to no cooldown.

  12. I thought you might compare some of the other powerful Warlocks. I think in the lore the only other ones that could be considered are Fellwinter and Ikora. But the fact Fellwinter is dead may take him out of that argument but his lore pieces are awesome!

  13. Hay man, love your videos, I have a question, do you know how the sundial works at all because I don't understand how we can n9w travel through time and actually change events instead of just being in a simulation of the infinite forest that doesn't effect the outside world, I've seen people saying "but it only affects mercury" yes but that does not explain how we are actually changing events now outside of mercury, like bringing saint home is going to change events than if we hadn't brought him home effecting the world beyond mercury therefore it's not just tied to mercury, if it was a simulation from the infinite forest he wouldn't be able to leave showing we didn't just go to a simulation but actually went to the past, not to mention the drifter line about "if the vex could time travel they would've won already" which is correct, do you any thoughts on any of this as I've been trying to think of an explanation for a couple of weeks now and really can't other than it just being a stunt to be able to justify a "save a hero" storyline but this is not good enough for me as destiny always has a lore explanation behind everything even the little horde modes we get, so the sundial getting no explanation and just being in it to pull off a stunt which shouldnt be possible in that universe is terribly unsatisfying

  14. We always thought that Osiris was just in a perpetual state of Radiance as they hinted in the first game. The golden glow of his projections are reminiscent of our lost super, so it's definitely a wild theory to think that all of that perpetual glow was misleading in the lore to think he never left his super. lol

  15. We're just gonna act like the hunter at 6:50 wasnt using golden gun as a rifle instead of a pistol…bungie come on lemme have a golden sniper

  16. Why didn't you mention in the battle he didn't see the traveler? Now all those that just watch your video, go into discussions without knowing during that fight, him floating over the city…as an ALL SEEING EYE, not able to see the traveler.

    Oh well, ignorance I guess. Think back to the prophecies, someone robed as if God will have to die, and an all seeing eye spouting lies…its all playing out and it's purpose was/is an eternal loop of existence.

  17. even in curse of osiris in year one, i kinda already assumed Osrisis ability to make solar copies of himself was also how he fought on every fron of Six Fronts, and even more so now in Season of Dawn how he is able to really multiply those copies.

  18. I wish Bungie would redo the warlock class it’s ridiculous at times to be so powerful and be limited to just shooting guns

  19. I just figured Osiris had mastered some kind of Dr Manhattan time travel trick where he either splits him self into multiple versions or each version/projection is from a different moment in time like something he stumbled apon while monitoring/studying the Vex? But it makes sense that this projection power would be something attributed to the light & the Traveller & that the most intelligent warlock in all of Destiny would figure it out,lol.

  20. Us. The answer is us. No other guardian has done all that we have done. All others that have attempted what we have done have died, been stuck in “purgatory”, lost their light, became a inferior form or just failed and gave up. We have come out victorious EVERY time. We are the most powerful

  21. With so many clones, Osiris will surely be Hokage one day. I thought his Echoes were only possible because of the Infinite Forest, too, but now it seems that the Forest enhances his power; it doesn't grant it.

  22. I wonder if mis incarnation is something that actually happens, like dying your first death as human but your ghost brings you back as awoken or was the concordat just trying to discredit Osiris

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