The Ideal Rower with Mahe Drysdale [NZL]

The Ideal Rower with Mahe Drysdale [NZL]

Rowing is very much about rhythm and
timing. And that goes from single scull right through to an eight That is the key because you’re trying to put as much power as you can through the stroke but then on the way forward you need that time to recover, relax and try to get as much of
your energy back before you do the next stroke Obviously at 34 strokes a minute that’s pretty hard. Imagine you’ve got let’s say eight people
in an eight. If out of those eight people one of them is moving out of time even if they change
direction a tenth of a second late, That doesn’t sound much but that doubles the weight of the boat for that split second So it’s actually critical that they are completely and technically blended and working in harmony and synchronicity about 60% of power comes from Alex and
so they’re real engine the body produces about 30 percent of the power once the
league’s nearing the end of a structure in the body comes on and and continue
their structure in the arms provide about 10 percent of the power you know
if you compare us to most athletes Alex would be as strong as as a white left a
lot of strength training during training a leg the perception publicly is that
it’s because I guess is that people that running on little boats in like what you
read in our sport is definitely legs legs and back the most important thing for me when we line up on the start line the
sex goddess physically very evenly-matched we’ve all done very
similar trying to tell the winner of that race comes down to host and
mentally office when you race it physically this is what it is off the start everybody feels fresh
anticipation full of adrenaline into the rice then the plane starts to
really kick and you feel like you’re not going to be able to continue for too
much longer very quickly you get this massive need
continue breathing hard and you get a real build-up black mussels which row
hard to pull it much system after about three minutes into the
rights you you can’t write your love and and then you you seem to find a little
bit of a second windows as as we call it the breathing hard trying to get the air MgO into your muscles muscles working but
essentially you’re fighting a losing battle does the further down the track
the worst is yet to get more painful you breathing hard and you just simply can’t
keep up with the physical out the third five hundred about rice that’s
probably the hottest spot is still a long way to go but that’s the place that I tried to attack
people it’s hurting people from us and in the last five hundred just about putting your body to the
limit if you do it properly you you finish the
lawn and and that’s the last truck you can take you have been credibly gotta get a lot
of oxygen a lot of muscle so you get after a race for instance it
can take days or even even a week to get full recovery because it
just to plead to physically so much

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  1. When we row on the Potomac as we go up the river we get a great view of the Washington monument in the background which is pretty sick.

  2. a weight lifter has strong legs "yes" but a rower does have stronger legs because of the cardio they put in to those legs.. that is a fact!

  3. As a rower watching these olympic rowers distills the most amazing sense of satisfaction. They're just so perfect!

  4. I've met him,I'm not kidding,I live in NZ and he came to my school and I literal got to hold one of his gold medals.

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