SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES – TOKYO 2020 ¦ Sept 2019 Trailer

SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES – TOKYO 2020 ¦ Sept 2019 Trailer

Spiele das offizielle Videospiel der Olympischen Spiele 2020 in Tokio auf deinem Smartphone! SONIC BEI DEN OLYMPISCHEN SPIELEN: TOKYO 2020 Spielt im Tokio des Jahres 2020! Alle Figuren der Sonic-Serie in Tokio! Erlebe die Sehenswürdigkeiten Tokios, während du in herausfordernden Events antrittst! Kämpfe in allen Veranstaltungen um Gold! Inklusive neuer, olympischer Veranstaltungen in Tokio 2020 und den Olympia-Favoriten! Erstmals mit neuen, gimmick-haltigen EX-Events! Genieße die schnelle und spaßigen Events, die perfekt für Sonic geeignet sind! Online-Wettkämpfe zwischen Ländern und Regionen! Miss dich mit Spielern auf der ganzen Welt! Nimm Tokio 2020 selbst in die Hand! SONIC BEI DEN OLYMPISCHEN SPIELEN: TOKYO 2020 Herbst 2020 / Erscheint weltweit Erhältlich für Android & iOS

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  1. Oh, happy DAY, Cream hasn't been forgotten!! This gives me hope for her inclusion in the next Sonic game after they did her wrong in Team Sonic Racing. Seriously, that was stupid.

  2. I'm weirdly hyped for this. I understood years back why only Sonic was in the mobile version, but now that Nintendo actually makes mobile games now i'm surprised they didn't want Mario in this one

  3. i was kinda expecting this to be the first time sega was allowed to keep the Mario license for mobile, kinda wierd as that would have made this 100x more interesting

  4. Yeah because screw Mario.
    No but for real. Can we get an actual Sonic game that has majority of the cast playable??
    Tired of Sonic. And Sonic.
    Along with custom created Sonic.

  5. Waiting for a HD remake of Phantasy Star Online episode I
    I & II please. With online feature it would literally be Sega’s most popular game on any console. Don’t know why it’s not happening?

  6. SEGA, please don’t become mobile centric. We old school fans want console releases and for you to bring out a Saturn and Dreamcast mini. Please, thanks.

  7. Honestly i think this game has a better chance for profit as an official mobile game for the olympics. However, once the olympics are over i doubt that the playerbase is sustainable. Please SEGA give us a mobile game that will stay relevant for years, like A CHAO GARDEN MOBILE GAME

  8. 2020 tokyo NUClympics

    Are you going to the Tokyo Olympics to get leukemia and thyroid cancer?
    Fukushima near Tokyo is a radioactive contamination area no longer habitable. Still, the Japanese government is trying to hide the fact and provide Fukushima agricultural products to Olympic athletes or tourists.
    What a vicious crime against humanity?
    Your life doesn't come twice.
    Be careful and careful again for you, your precious family and friends.

  9. But can we talk about that Reach for the Stars remix tho

    it makes sense because it's from sonic colors and the Olympics is all about bringing out all the "Colors" of race…

    Or something.

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