Short Track Speed Skating Stories to Watch | Olympic Winter Games

Short Track Speed Skating Stories to Watch | Olympic Winter Games

PyeongChang 2018.
Stories To Watch. Short Track Speed Skating. Short track speed skating
debuted as a medal sport at the Olympics
in 1992, but its origins date back to the 1920s, when
so-called pack-style skating, with its chaos, collisions
and unpredictability, made it a fan favourite
on ovals, and in the tiny confines
of arenas. In PyeongChang,
there will be four races for both men and women
in short track speed skating. Three individual races – 500 metres, 1,000 metres,
and the 1,500m. The relay for men
is 5,000 metres, 45 laps. And for women the relay
is 3,000 metres, or 27 laps around the rink. In PyeongChang, events will
take place at the Gangneung Ice Arena, which will also be the venue
for figure skating. The arena will hold two rinks, one for training
and one for competition. Seating capacity in the arena
will be 12,000. Most short track athletes
are fleet of foot. One gold medallist used that
skill to win the TV programme Dancing With The Stars. Do you know whom? The answer later. (SJINKIE KNEGT – NETHERLANDS) Sjinkie Knegt has been leading
the Dutch push into short track speed skating. Always a force
in long track races, the Netherlands had never won
an Olympic short track medal before Sjinkie took bronze
in 2014. The next year,
he won both European and world overall titles
as well, then captured
three more golds at the World Championships
in 2017. When Sjinkie was first asked to
try short track speed skating while attending a camp for long
track skaters at the age of ten he didn’t know what it was. He switched to short track
speed skating after one lesson. Sjinkie also has a degree
in mechanical engineering. (OLYMPIC MEDALS) Which countries lead
the all-time medal table? In fourth, the United States
with four. Canada slipped into third place
after the last Games, thanks to China, in second,
with nine golds, and host nation Republic
of Korea with 21 golds. (ELISE CHRISTIE –
GREAT BRITAIN) Elise Christie. With 12 career
medals at World Championships, Elise Christie is looking for
her first Olympic medal after disappointment in Sochi, where she was disqualified
in two of her races. Elise was born in Scotland, but has been living in the
short track hub of Nottingham since she was 15
in order to train full-time. Elise’s mother, Angela,
often attends her races, but heads for the hallway
when her daughter skates, because she’s too nervous
to watch. Elise likes to change her hair
colour and has dyed her hair half
a dozen different colours before competitions. One colour
she says she won’t use until she wins a race
at the Games is gold. (SHIM SUK-HEE & CHOI MIN-JEONG
– REPUBLIC OF KOREA) The Republic of Korea has won
26 Winter Olympic gold medals, all in ice events, none on the snow. 21 of those have
come in short track. Shim Suk-hee won three medals
at her Olympics debut in Sochi. Shim hails from Gangneung, where the short-track events
will take place. She changed the last four
digits of her mobile number to 2-0-1-8. And Choi Min-jeong is a two-time
overall world champion. At 175 centimetres, Shim is more fluid and durable, Choi more dynamic
and explosive. (DID YOU KNOW?) If laid out end to end, a short track oval
would be one metre longer than the summer Olympic event
the 110-metre hurdles. (JR CELSKI – USA) JR Celski has won
three Olympic medals, but is looking for
his first gold in PyeongChang. JR is the son of a Polish
father and a Filipino mother. His initials
stand for John Robert. Early in his career, Celski recovered from
a competition injury to his leg that required 60 stitches. Both JR and his father, Bob, won national inline skating
championships for their age groups. JR was also a National
Merit Scholar as a teenager. He missed
the minimum age requirement for the 2006 Olympics
by 17 days. (SANDOR LIU SHAOLIN – HUNGARY) Sandor Liu Shaolin was born
to a Chinese father and Hungarian mother
in Budapest. His younger brother
was his team-mate at the World Championships
in 2016. Both brothers began their
sports careers in swimming, but looked
for alternative ideas when they kept catching colds
at the pool. The two brothers trained
in China for a year, but failed to produce
good results until they returned to Hungary. Sandor is in a relationship
with British skater Elise Christie. (CHARLES HAMELIN – CANADA) Charles Hamelin comes from
Canada’s first family of short track speed skaters. His younger brother, Francois, was a team-mate
at three Olympic Games. Their father, Yves, is the team’s national
programme director. Charles has won four Olympic
medals, including three golds, to go with 35
World Championship medals. Charles and his girlfriend,
Marianne St-Gelais, were both named
in Hello Canada’s 50 Most
Beautiful Canadians list before their first Olympics
in 2010. The answer to
our earlier question? The Olympic gold medallist
who also earned victory on Dancing With The Stars was Apolo Anton Ohno. Short track’s calendar in Korea starts with
the men’s 1,500 metre final, then the women’s 500. Four days later,
the women’s 1,500 metre, and the men’s 1,000. The final days of the games
hold the remaining events, including the relays. The Olympic Winter Games
in PyeongChang are set to begin February 9th. Fill your knowledge tank by watching other episodes
on Olympic Channel.

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