Y’all ready let’s go let’s go. Hey my connectors welcome back to the channel If you’re new to the channel has subscribed on the family API like get filled It’s the place to be kinda have a love fun with your dirt KC. What’s up my connectors Welcome back to channels on back home So today we’re just having some snow proud meters they make it ain’t unknown them. Don’t worry about it So if you are new to the channel, if you could please hit just subscribe, but an angel notification bell So you’ll be notified when a new video is uploaded Don’t forget to share like and leave me a comment. I truly appreciate it So yeah, I just got some brown butter and it wasn’t browned on purpose. Okay, so brown butter. Um, I Have a little scarlet. Oh, I Need you and I got some cranberry juice and even put it in the arm from them Don’t worry about it baby. Okay, so let’s jump right in and get some crab legs Y’all ain’t untaek I am horrible. Well, happy Monday I Hope y’all had a great weekend. I had a excellent weekend So mmm need a little bit never gonna talk Like mmm Feel like we haven’t talked in a while. I bet y’all soon. We just taught yesterday that was pre-recorded Hmm Right, right We’ll put the butter at best so y’all can see you Can I didn’t put any garlic anything on him we got time come it’s our late Oh You’re just in case you’re having that brown butter before it’s just regular butter and You just let it cook till it gets brown but not like burnt mine might be a little too brown but it’s okay You’re still going Mmm-hmm No, you can just love meat out of him So, yeah, I got a confession but it but it’s not a bad confession it was for reason Thank you for watching all the videos this weekend, I put up the pre-recorded the the short video I put when I was getting on the road y’all so understanding and when I be thinking like I said well Yeah, when I think something is a catastrophe, I was like shocked. He ain’t bothering us. We just want to see the video afterwards So I told her she gonna have to post that ice cream video Um, get some ice The vanilla is the ball. I Know you don’t I said did a mukbang on Me say the vanilla in the strawberry is absolute best. But but if you come with the best one I tasted that stamp on it Oh this come on call the back Some Y’all know Lisa was him And you know uses, you know leashes jump in the video with me and do it do a video together videos But we were literally getting on the road My suitcase was by the front door So I said I was waiting on kid but We were actually going up to surprise my niece Jessica for her birthday So but I didn’t know if she was gonna watch the video There’s somebody won’t watch it and tell her So I just said I was going to our land. Um But yeah, it was her birthday we surprise her so I was in Atlanta this weekend But it turned out really really good She had a great time. Everybody had a good time Everybody had a really good time Jump some crazy people in my family you hit me But one thing about us we know how to have fun that Is the one thing Mmm, we know how to have fun So, yeah, that’s where I was going this weekend so I had those videos the one I do you’re right when we were walking out the door and I had to edit it in the hotel And then Oh And y’all taught me that the Popeyes video didn’t play all the way I’m sorry, I don’t know this because I um, I Uploaded it in the hotel or what but I apologize But I think y’all for watching it and you know commenting on what y’all DSC somebody said it stopped at ten minutes So I apologize But what I’m gonna do is um Just this week need for the legs two days because I’m headed I’m going down south So for the next To that, yeah two days. I might just have to record some videos to make sure I have something Well now I have to be rush, you know But tomorrow we can do them. Thank you video. It’s not gonna be anything big y’all What I want to eat y’all want just wanna everything snow crab crab dunnage crap slop storm you know, it’s gonna be a boy although Y’all gonna shell? My mistake Just tell me what you want below for the thank you a video Cuz it’s really for y’all You say I thank you I appreciate you All it So Yeah Y’all let me know which one half and I’ll have it tomorrow I’m get up early shoot the video Shoot another video so I can go on at home Get on the road How you know girl on left Yeah, why you’ll hear no noise in the bed me and kid. I don’t even know we used to be here by self Yeah, we used to being a pastor That ain’t normal She’s gonna came back with a little bro book. No, I’m just kidding joking. Oh But yeah So girl got in the car. She left with auntie ain’t that something but it leonhart be one Child it’s all y’all gonna cook some noodles with this and all that My bitch also I could tell me keyattr go near there. Okay tell you You can’t tell nothing Luka tell when I’m rushing knock I gonna be half doing the doggone crap, they barely in come out right and I’m brushing Baby so good. No. Nyeeehhh D every day this week Then when you know you come from by the time trying to find everything cuz you just threw it in the back Can’t find it. I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find this like, you know, I just put that stuff on the plate I’m gonna start over tomorrow when it’s time to end the month. Don’t go to caring on that Young so y’all let me know what you want. You name it. I will put it on the plate, okay Yeah as we go when I’m putting on my sweater I’m gonna snatch half my nail all the way off. I was like, I know you learn that thing hurt Mmm That hurt so bad So I had to run and get those fish cause I broke three You know how to get so long no matter what you do that. It’s gonna break Everyone running late cuz I told him to just take the whole set off and start over It ain’t what I had before but just say you like Whoo, let me tell you about this raggedy Let me tell you on one time we went me I don’t know why I thought about you earlier today and I started laughing Me and kid goes on their own date nights, right? I don’t know if you and your mate go on date night But we used to going date night like every month. It was every Friday. They ever said it either every other I can’t remember how it went. But anyway um You know I used to try to dress up and look you would you like high-heeled shoes on you know, you look sexy and stuff formal what album So this particular night, I think we was at st. Lous that – st. John town sternum. Yeah Who’s going to my favorite restaurant? Y’all know Cantina Laredo, right? So the weight was like an hour I can’t my little girl, all right Now are these heels right? I used to love. I used to love to wear heels. Y’all what y’all wear heels? like not some people don’t like I cannot wear flats like my rock here was like she does not like flat she has to have On heels, right? So y’all like that high field shoes I’m not light now But I went through a phase where I was like I was trying to be 60 I used to wear my high-heeled shoes or whatever just a bunch of me now Oh, well, I put on a flat tennis shoes in a hobby right now. I’m oh, okay. So anyway, I Had on my little heels I thought I was cute that night even setting long looks it sounds like a spoon The reason I thought about this till I saw this lady walk about day home so I win You know you parents first put on his shoes, you know, he’d be like, oh I’m good you know, you can’t you I can’t stand on them too long, but It’s gonna be bad So it was the weight was actually longer than I expected Sounds like bet you know what these shoes killing me these shoes hurt let’s walk now – uh What’s this though? So the Nordstrom Nordstrom inspired by uh Cantina Laredo so I was like, let’s walk down to Nordstrom and Just hire. Sue they weren’t like spikes or nothing like that But when I won’t let’s start leaning Well, I want this dolly do Sounds like oh no. All right. I can’t be in these Honey, bring any flip-flops or anything? So we had my time we watch the Oscars right now my feet is good My feet is leaning you ever see people walking in their shoes and leaning Something like Oh Bella for make sure every four five steps we gotta stop And let me you know adjust my foot in the shoe So we finally getting Austin’s right and It’s not far y’all. It’s literally like across the street Not street street, but like, you know real the road Finally getting Austin right? I Mean this lady, right? She said oh go ahead sexy mama like so now she bringing attention to me and I’m like no no no, no, no Oh, please ma’am. I’ll do that come walking flip it Now mind you I’m already alone. I think I mean Foreman, I’m already like not knee right? Well your knees kind of knocked with them And I’m kind of parent told a little bit. So I walk fleet need a little bit a young man to me Can’t think you fit that thing is a little lately. So when I won’t it looks like I’m Twisting, you know, like my hips. I’m okay having just how do you describe my walk? How do you describe my wall can’t think can’t kiss a my walking sexy, you know when I first met him or whatever but It looks like I’m trying like I’m twisting but I’m not trying you know, I can’t explain it but whatever So not my feet it’s bent over and I walk in like So the only thing I wanted to do was go in the stove get some slides and come right up This stairs lady, right? She time I Oh sookie sookie. Now, come on strut your stuff girl So not everybody in the stoners stop in turn right and looking at me come down the aisle Mind you this shoe is twisted. I Was falling bury The shoe is twisted I woke him fleet me he holding my hand like o me I don’t even know what to do. I was like That was like lady, please stop I’m just like wow, so she like oh girl. Give me them shoes. Dump some bass shoes. They’re not give some bad shoes And I would like look. Do you know my feet is hurt so bad. I’m trying to play it off. I’m smiling like, thank you Please give me home Sounds like one where your own Your slash, you know, you like comfortable. I Was like oh my god, I was like, are you really doing this to the embarrassed man? You really say these shoes all legged ain’t really dead. Nice Excuse me, but not all that Worried about it looking. Oh, yeah a midnight. Let me see you. Ah, here we go. God Maddy No, I was so straight. I Was right now I’m taking these out cuz They hurt my feet girl, you shouldn’t take them shoes off you look nice y’all look nice together Sure, I don’t know if I even wore parent heels after there I Was like it. Yeah It ain’t worth the pain It’s just not worth the pain and then Like when I look online? And I see people they buy like the really expensive, you know, I would buy expensive shoes at the time neither am I knob wet and you know, you would hear the reviews on the shoes, maybe like all of these hurt so bad, but you know the Christian Louboutins or something like that? but they paid good money for these shoes, but they heard I Was like ain’t no way in the world I’m shoes. Some of these shoes hurt, baby You can’t stand in heels, but I Think I’m a good two hours after that. Mm-hmm. Give me those. Let me sit on up. I Hate my shoes hurt my feet Yeah, when you get to the table you kick them off a month you y’all kick your shoes off on the table I Kicked my shoe low. Okay that stays Restless. They hurtin anybody got time for that shoe Man, yeah That dog only embarrass me so big go ahead girl strut your stuff and I’m walking like did my feet twist. Yeah Oh my god. Oh Jeez don’t take them shoes out. Let it please I’m finna 30 shoes is probably in the garbage Near one time I put it when I first started wearing heels I put lotion on the bottom of my feet. Oh my god, I Was slipping a slide nighttime shoes so bad. It was ridiculous but yeah, I Don’t know why I thought I thought about that cuz I saw this girl And when I was passing by her she was struggling to walk in the shoes. I’m like Oh, baby. I know. I know that feeling Yeah, we all wish you were going here it must be out alone walking She kept like stopping and leaning against the wall trying to adjust the shoe Don’t you be at once you hate when you’ve been I bought a bad pass shootin and then they’d hurt so bad You can’t win them all People selling their shoes not Oh No, what’s that offer up and uh, they did on designer shoes Poshmark, I think couldn’t get rid of them to let me shoes hurt I’m gonna pay them two three thousand off of the shoes. Now. You can’t win them Mm-hmm And you looking all uncomfortable trying to walk from the table and to the table shy please uh Huh? I Miss you. Look I’m up River it dot. Hey good Sure, yeah carlesha bet oh This is just the UM backyard which on in the headshot which I want tomorrow for the thank you video I’m gonna have some something to drink from somewhere Scarlett O or Something I don’t know But nothing big nothing being a fancy y’all they ordered know Ellen was something like that I’m just saying. Thank you Show you that I appreciate you. But yeah, so let me know what you want I’m going I’ll throw this video. If you don’t give you tonight, you probably get it tomorrow, and then probably a double upload but Cuz it’s already really really late So much love peace and blessings to each and every one of you and until the next video continue making connections with endless possibilities I love y’all bang, ow Welcome to the after party All right Notification I was looking in my phone Missy’s corners doing the beloved life seven-day low-carb challenge. I Can do that guys, did he use no crabs every day I Saw again, no potatoes. No koi no nothing So shout out the Missy’s corner, I Want you right next one No carb challenge. What is it low carbon no car Am so shout out huh, man shouts bubble I think is the Scarlet of elicit new Yahoo. Ever. Look at your phone. Like when your phone ring? Is this somebody in your contact list where you’d be like? Wonderin I was like, I wonder if I’m one of those I’m the person calling and somebody on the other end I can know what does she whoo You know what? No. I said it was my son Khalil Wait when I call Kiana, I don’t think I get that but when I called my son Khalil I piggyback on Lord what night? Cuz I do it to him. I’d be like Oh Lord what then went wrong Dad down Or somebody that you can’t never get off the phone You know, but nobody like that it I don’t know my mom you still talking the phone. She said, all right, baby Who did it? Did it be like 10 minutes later. She better okay sugar? And there’s your bailout, all right girl, i’ma talk to you later. Oh my god, I’d be like Chad. Yeah. There you go You so rude like no I’m not but you don’t say all right, baby, okay sugar Like fit lab time you still on the phone My dad my brother I had a friend like that too She would not hang up. Wait, wait, wait lemonade. Let me tell you this right here Anything let me tell you this right here. I’ll be like good gracious But yeah Hmm shoes y’all want some um, I started putting News up. Yeah. I just didn’t feel like cooking Mm-hmm. But yeah, we don’t have some food tomorrow So too much wouldn’t you Whoo, I gotta unpack my bag and pack my bag again I gotta make the videos It’s a blessing. I ain’t complaining. I’m not complaining. I look at Miss. It’s all good. It’s all good Then I couldn’t open the wine Then the man couldn’t get the regular fingernails off him fingers. Oh It’s okay It’s Monday It’s Monday It’s my favorite day It’s my favorite day. It’s my day. It’s the fun day. It’s the favorite day. We get it. Hey I’m feeling that scar little not. All right, y’all let me let y’all go now I wanna talk Now I wanna talk boom is butter good All right, let me go y’all Cuz I would literally sit here and talk to y’all all night Maybe I thought about em high-heeled shoes and I saw that girl walking on like baby. I have bidding them. I’m done them. I Don’t think I put them heels on ever again, I wonder if they still up there And some people walk so good in heels like they be strutting sexy Not in them right there, baby. I look it’s so fleetly it just was ridiculous. I Know so fleet did enough shoe bad But yeah, I say po girl I hope she ain’t got a walk fall But not make sure I take a second pair of shoes with me Anybody’s gonna be impressive you in a club Ok, I’m sorry Nina Alright Joe All right Let me the jungle y’all might get this tonight or you might get it in the morning If you get it in the morning, that means we’re gonna have two videos. Okay, I Love y’all Have a good night Have a good night. I love you. Bye y’all


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