Scary Movie 4 (1/10) Movie CLIP – Let the Game Begin (2006) HD

Scary Movie 4 (1/10) Movie CLIP – Let the Game Begin (2006) HD

hello gentlemen you don’t know me but I know you you both play games with other people for a living but today you play a game for your lives right now you are both breathing in a deadly nerve gas you have 120 seconds to reach the antidote or you die oh my god let the game begin [Music] hit the metal arm with something there [Music] damnit sorry Shakeel I’m not angry at you but we are one minute away from death to shut out the no voice on your success just make the damn basket for you hurt my feelings your feelings to handle with your feelings everybody with their feelings I’m obese my kids are pretty help me pull yourself together you’re a brilliant doctor it’s not exactly what I just tell people to get real I’m not even a psychologist I’m an electrician failed to shaq failed you [Music] this will never work of course he wants us to cut through our feet you go first yeah you’re probably not man enough I guess your mama was right never lose your carrot now baby oh my god we’re saved what’s wrong wrong foot mother [Music]

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  1. So Jigsaw Killer kidnapped Dr. Phil for fooling everyone that he's a doctor and kidnapped Shaq for filming in Kazaam?

  2. 0:46 dr phil gets hit
    0:54 im not angry at you but we are one minute away from death
    1:07 dr phil gets hit again
    1:13 just make the d#mn basket
    1:15 shaq throws the toilet

    1:17 what the hell was that for?
    1:19 your hurting my feelings
    1:44 i just tell people to get real
    1:47 I'm not even a psychologist
    2:22 bullsh##
    2:31 Shaq smiles
    2:47 wrong foot
    2:52 mother###
    All of it made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂

  3. @1:00
    Shaquille, I'm not angry at you but we are….1 minute away from death.
    1 minute passes by
    @2:00 Shaquille makes the shot.
    @2:10 – 30 seconds left!
    @2:40 Dr Phill cuts off wrong foot and they're both still alive

    Seems in comedies time isn't correctly official lol

  4. I didn't know who either of these people were when i was a kid. Now that i do, this scene is so much funnier

  5. Shaq: “You hurt my feelings.”

    Dr.Phil: “Your feelings?! To HELL with your feelings! Everybody with their feelings! ‘My kids obese,’ ‘my kids a brat’, help me, help me’ – Just shut up!” 😂😂😂😂

  6. You know, I would be very much convinced if this movie gets another middle aged bald guy with a mustache and call that guy Dr. Phil.

    I wouldn't have any problems with that.

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