Save Lost Video Games! Help Unseen64 on Patreon

Save Lost Video Games! Help Unseen64 on Patreon

Unseen64 Presents Hi I’m the Unseen64 Artificial Intelligence Nice to see you! I’m here Because we need your Help to save Lost Video Games Unseen64 Is an archive for Canceled and unseen Games Created in 2001 By a group of Italian Friends. Then, We were Young and with a lot of free Time. The first Unseen64 Website Was simple and Hosted by A free Web Provider. Today we Gathered more Than 3000 unseen Video Games and Loads More Wait to be Added to our archive. Many of These lost Games Would be Forgotten if We don’t save Them on Unseen64. In 2016 We Also published A Huge Book Featuring Hundreds of Canceled Games and Every Month We unveil new Unreleased games in our Website and in a Series of Video Articles Unfortunately We are Not Young anymore We have Families Full-Time jobs Bills to Pay and other real life Commitments. We Face Some Difficulties to Keep up with it all Considering All the Time and costs needed to run Such an online museum of Games We’ll never Play Today unseen 64 Needs A dedicated Server to Stay online We invest dozens of Hours Every Week to Keep up with Researches, Fix technical issues, Contact Developers, Write Articles and Edit Videos We’re Struggling to Keep up with all of This Work and that’s Where you Step in Big Gaming Networks Such As Polygon Or Kotaku Have the Power and the Money to Pay a team to Work Full Time on Their Websites. We don’t Have Their resources but We think We have Something Better: We have YOU, a Community of Gamers that know Why it’s important to remember Lost Games. Together on Patreon We Can Raise enough Donations to Pay the Unseen64 Server, to Make Multiple Backups and to Keep Searching for Lost Games every day, Publishing Articles and Videos. If We don’t do this thousand of Games will be forgotten Because no one Else Cares remember them. Please Consider Pledging on Patreon to Keep Unseen64 online and to remember These Lost Games Starting From $1 a Month (the cost of 1 Cup of coffee) you Can, Make the Difference. Patrons who Donate $5 Can also download our Full-Color Book in PDF and Even More Rewards are Available to thank you for your help You Can Always Cancel your pledge at any Point if You’re low, on Cash or have a change of Heart Thanks A lot for your support Without Donations on Patreon We would not be able to Keep the Unseen64 Project alive. Check the Video Description for more Details

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  1. Hey Unseen64, please answer me. Have you keep the trailer of the BLACK 2 video game that was cancelled ? because I want to see what BLACK 2 looks like before the sequel of BLACK had been cancelled.

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