Safer and Better Looking Athletic Field

Safer and Better Looking Athletic Field

My name’s Aaron Graber, and today we’re on-site
at a local high school using the Ventrac Aera-Vator. The concept of aera-vating differs from normal
aeration because you’re not just penetrating the ground. Once the tines break the surface, they vibrate
sideways to fracture the ground around it. This allows for better airflow to the root
system of the grass. It’s also important to note that you don’t
have to pick up any cores when you’re done. Since schools are always having events with
plenty of foot traffic in localized areas, there’s always a problem of the grass getting
beaten down and compacted. When you area-vate a playing surface, you
actually soften the ground below so it ends up being safer for kids to play on. On the Ventrac Aera-Vator, you also have the
option to add a seedbox on top so you can overseed all in one pass. It makes a lot of sense to have a piece like
this in a Ventrac fleet. Especially in a school system where you have
a lot of different sports fields to maintain. As always, one of the greatest advantages
of using an attachment on a Ventrac, is that when you’re done, you can switch attachments
and transition to a different job on the campus. Such as slope mowing, edging, or even finishing
out a baseball field with the groomer.

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  1. The AERA-vator will be our 9th attachment and hopefully this year if our business does well! I'm looking forward to aerating and seeding as I've had many people ask if we do that.

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