Ross-Dillon Player – My Focus

Ross-Dillon Player – My Focus

the past two years of my life have
defined Who I am and how it turned my weekend hobby into a lifestyle but there
is more to those two years that people don’t see and find hard to understand
it’s weird when you do something just to achieve your dreams and you keep on just
missing out on that team every year it shatters you
although these past two seasons have been successful I can say that I have
never been so close to giving up the sport that I love I believe that if it
wasn’t for my second passion I would have stuck cardboard my name is Russell and Blair this is my
story and this is how I found my focus karting has always been my passion ever
since a young age all I wanted to do was be a professional kite boarder after
training day in and day out I really started to lose my drive I reached the
point of Bernard always wanted to get into big air and strangely enough there
were never any bigger comps in South Africa I needed to get into the negative
challenge or the red booking of the air the two biggest competitions in the
world and so being turned on twice to get into those competitions was really
difficult for me finally seeing my mentor Luis Crafton nearly drowned
brought me close to giving up I needed something new something to push my
limits and just enjoy life in general something purely just to have fun with
and not be competitive just to enjoy myself every time I did the sport what led me back into the sport was was
thankfully motocross you get to the check and you end up
having so much fun with all your mates and that’s that’s definitely been a big
factor that’s that’s ooh my roots avoids being
out my dad threw me on a bike when I was four years old I think started writing and once you put your
leg over by few corners come take it back or Fergus a motocross was probably
the biggest role in my in me coming back into my team I needed another sport that
I’m gonna progress in and then I can see the progression and that’s what drives
me in whatever I do is if I’m progressing I’m having fun and I want to
push my limits that’s that’s what keeps me going and having fun ways with
karting I hit that point of no progression but now with with motocross
being a big role and coming back into it that made me motivated to get back into
hiding and country MacPhail they said head I can’t
suck out the teen and see I killed it may sacrifices always work in OC wedding with that new energy from motocross I
was ready to push my limits in kiteboarding and thanks to Stephen
Icarus day getting me on two short lines that is by far being the most fun I have
ever had in kite surfing going off a wave looping the car 2
meters under you not knowing whether it’s gonna come back or not
and either crashing really water riding in ways smooth is an awesome gamble I really like taking risks and pushing my
limits and that’s where I find out I love it when the southeast city peaks
at 40 knots and massive swells hit the shores this is where I pushed my limits
and mice this year I knew I had the potential to
be in the red book king of the air and so I trained even harder and once again
I put in a video waiting for my reply thought like forever and after about two
months I had dinner with Josh and Reuben offered an epic session at fit Suns and when we left I just got an email
saying that I’m in I couldn’t stop freaking out king of the air 2018 my biggest dream
just came true thank you I can’t tire start I’m super
happy to be in this band ever since I found out and they’re one up until now
it’s you know awesome experience and did my best and fortune make it to but so
Connor wait till next year to give it another shot as much as I belong to Kate on as strong
as my South African roots off the world is an amazing place and I love to
explore this year I started with northern
Germany temperatures below freezing and my first
time in snow I’ve discovered some amazing spots the water tres it takes over Oh kiting in icy waters and even my first
days on the snowboard what a blast I’ve got my focus back and I am even
stronger stay tuned for more action to come so whatever draws you back in life find
your focus and never give up I found mine but what is your focus yeah you you

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  1. Think yourself lucky you can just choose what ever extreme sport you wanna do. You expect people to feel sorry for you, your carrying on like a spoilt brat. Poor me sob sob sob.

  2. What are you all of 18 years old and you feel like you keep missing your goals and want to quit?! C’mon man you won’t make it to 30 with this attitude. Sick riding, but toughen up real quick and just generally forget about in life…. there is still a hell of tough road ahead of you

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