Rookie wide receiver DK Metcalf recaps experience of first Seahawks game

Rookie wide receiver DK Metcalf recaps experience of first Seahawks game

The offense started slow. It just felt like it took
some time to find the groove.>>[INAUDIBLE] games [LAUGH]. We all had [INAUDIBLE] to each other. [INAUDIBLE]
>>This is a team that is known to [INAUDIBLE] things
out in the fourth quarter. What did you learn about
the resiliency and what happens when there’s
only a few minutes left?>>[INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] It
speaks a lot about this team.>>And the environment,
how does it rate to anything else? To be scared.>>No I can’t I can’t compare no. [INAUDIBLE] Is very. Is very new. [MUSIC]>>And Brooklyn the season game but just when you dream for the tunnel,
And you came out on the field for the first time what did it feel
like have that combination of you?>>I mean it feels great I just thinking. Love the opportunity just to be here. And the fans were loud,
there’s a great atmosphere out there. So just happy, very, very happy.>>There’s a lot of running from
the offense today but when it was time for passing, you guys were ready for it. How important is to stay ready in an
offense that seem to do a lot of running?>>I mean, You never know anyone, when
goes historical, I was very good cuz you always have to stay ready, and
I believe our practice had to speak a lot about how we played on the [INAUDIBLE]
>>Chapter one of the [INAUDIBLE] story, what do you have planned for chapter
two and is this [INAUDIBLE] for you?>>No
>>Just take it one game at a time and next week I hope I get a couple
pancakes blocking for Chris Carson.>>Have you met Largent at all? Has he been around here? Did you know much about
him before you got here?>>No, sir, not at all. Everybody talks about how great of a
receiver he was, he never dropped anything so try to What kind of, is that what
prompted you to wear the jersey today?>>Yeah,
he’s the goal reciever in Seattle, so he’s trying to be like-
>>Did it seem like the stadium kind of shook a couple
times when you made catches? Could you feel it, could you feel
the energy and how excited they were?>>Yes.
[CROSSTALK] I mean,, the fans are behind us [INAUDIBLE] for
the first time.>>Thank you

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  1. Terribly disappointed by the terrible profanities I think I heard from this young rookie after his first game. Had a lot of hope for him, now not so sure.

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