20 Comments on “Preparations Underway For Thousands Of Fans, Friends To Honor Kobe Bryant At Staples Center Monday”

  1. I know they want people to stay away from Staples but we all know thats just not going to happen 🤣. People won’t be deterred by road blockages, they’ll just simply congregate as close to the the arena as possible.

  2. People be hiding kobe and gigi and the rest on board they haven't showed proof that they are dead were are the crime scene photo's at

  3. That is a Trap u fools. Coronavirus is here. That man and child is dead. U want to die with them. U fools are crazy… Cry for him at home people…

  4. At this point, what did he do for any of u? U got your own family and friends to worry about. Let his rich friends deal with that shit. Move on. Do not allow these bullshit actors to murder u. THE SIMPSON'S PREDICT HIS DEATH! THAT REPTILIAN WAS IN THE A CULT. HE IS NOT DEAD! But u will be. Avoid crowds at all cost… Fuck him, real talk. Use your heads for once dammit. COVID19 IS VERY CONTAGIOUS

  5. I signed up the day of and only got an email to be placed on a waiting list? Looks I won’t be getting tickets. Has anyone in LA where able to get tickets?

  6. Po to wymyślono duże miasta i internet by nie latać 65 km na wioskę by oszczędzić parę dolców w podejrzany sposób delikatnie mówiąc zarobionych. Szympans miałby wątpliwości czy to wszystko było mądre, dokładnie policzone, dobrowolne i legalne. Tym helikopterem to się ludzi ratuje, krowy zagania, a nie lata ludziom nad głowami.

  7. Without doubt the greatest player to ever play the game and since his passing we've learned he was so much more than that. Will be watching today. Tears will flow. RIP the 9.

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