Pete Dunne vs. Angel Garza: WWE NXT, Sept. 11, 2019

Pete Dunne vs. Angel Garza: WWE NXT, Sept. 11, 2019

[APPLAUSE]>>No we’ve seen this before.>>Nasty joint manipulation.>>Fingers are not
supposed to bend that way.>>The human anatomy is not
intended to bend this way. Shoulders down for a quick two count. Single leg takedown by Garza.>>Beautiful! Showing some great technique himself. He comes from a very prestigious,
wrestling family.>>Down there by Dunne.>>Garza began wrestling at the age of 15. It’s in his blood.>>Well,
Dunne started training at the age of 12.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Reversal on the Irish whip, Dunne climbs the turnbuckles,
lands on his feet. Step up and
securing by the cruiser weight.>>Garza’s staggered.>>Beautiful.>>Release German suplex by Dunne. [NOISE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>The bruiser weight poised, lying in wait.>>Garza’s dazed.>>Double stomp on the hands and
a kick to the side of Garza’s head. There’s a side press,
hooks a leg, and done. Looking to defeat Angel Garza.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Garza with plenty of fight left in him. As he is trying to mount a comeback
here but Dunne all over the Luchadore. The pump handle.>>Looking for it. Nice escape
>>Well scouted by Garza.>>The bitter end attempt. [SOUND]
>>Drop kick.>>Some nice quick offense by these
superstars late in this match up.>>It’s over.>>Not the hair Garza. Garza sees victory in his sights.>>Wow.
>>He may be not seeing it for much longer.>>A sudden power bomb by-
>>Dunne, the shoulders are down for two and a half

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  1. Ojala y a Angel Garza le den un buen personaje como a Andrade 100 almas y sea de los Mejores campeones Heel de NXT y tenga una buena rivalidad con Hijo del Fantasma (tambien hijo del fantasma estara en NXT)

  2. معقوله تشوف كلمت {الله} وماتحط
    لايـګګ وشتــــراااااڪ


  4. I know it might sound silly, but it feels like one of the reasons this match was booked was because the difference on looks from both guys.

  5. Great match between Dunne and garza, two great talents, make Garza a future star in NXT, Pete Dunne could probably be Adam Cole's next challenger for the NXT Title

  6. Quién diria que de hacer pendejadas con Chavana, a estar en NXT, venga en dejar en alto a México y sobre todo a Héctor Garza.

  7. Why is it that I feel like that people that come from NXT and that's in NXT hit for real more than the main roster but I can't be the only the women matches in NXT or more brutal than the one in the main roster

  8. Had Angel Garza been on the main roster and was made to face any well known superstar there, he wouldn't have got even one hit against the opponent.
    The Good thing about NXT is even the lesser known wrestlers are given a chance to fight and not just be punching bags.

  9. They left out where he rips his pants off. Those who are just watching the highlights on the YouTube video must be very confused by the sudden wardrobe change.

  10. Everyone keep sayin if pete dunn went to the main roster he wouldn't get a good push when he actually would pete dunn is one of those wrestlers you just cant unpush just like aleister black💯

  11. I hope Garza stick to that arrogant and charismatic gimmick I'm bored of those mexican/latino gimmicks, nationality shouldn't be a character.

  12. Garza and Pete Dunne will be immediately in the mix for the cruiserweight championship as soon as 205 live is canceled and the entire division is moved to NXT, which Triple H has confirmed it's happening. The matches are going to be absolutely awesome.
    Just imagining Garza VS Carrillo, Gulak vs Dunne, Gallagher VS Kushida…is mouth watering.

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