Persona 5 Royal Will Edit Some Controversial Dialogue

Persona 5 Royal Will Edit Some Controversial Dialogue

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Fans are eagerly awaiting the Western release of Persona 5 Royal, whose release date is
rapidly approaching, with it hitting western shores March 31st for PlayStation 4. Already released in Japan last October, Royal
is an updated release of Persona 5 that adds a wide array of new features, similar to Person
4 Golden and Persona 3 FES before it. As we get closer to release, more info has
been getting revealed by the Atlus staff in charge of the English localization and, in
some of the latest rounds of interviews, staff have revealed that there will be some changes
to controversial dialogue previously included when the game was released the first time
around. The two scenes specified as seeing changes
involve a pair of gay characters hitting on some of the male main characters in two separate
incidents throughout the game. One of the scenes occurs during a visit to
a red light district in Shinjuku. And then the other one happens later on when
visiting the beach. These scenes caused controversy amongst some
players for reasons such as their very stereotypical depictions, the fact that they are the most
prominent gay characters in Persona 5 and also due to them acting sexually aggressive
and towards minors. There’ll be link in the description below
if you want to go check the full scenes out. But, back to the new localization comments,
first we go to an interview with GameSpot where project lead and localization veteran
Yu Namba was asked a range of question pertaining to bringing the game to western shores. In the interview he was asked whether there
has been any script or voice acting changes for the new version, to which he says:
“Yes there are. There were some [lines] that were kind of
awkward, some of the things that, material-wise, we wanted to go over once more, and maybe
we could do a little bit different with localization this time around. So, we took this opportunity to get more into
the original content. So yes, on certain lines.” Then in the next question he expands and says
that none of this includes any new pronunciations for names, other than in instances where there
were occasional errors in their already decided upon pronunciations. And then it’s in a later question where
he discusses the previously mentioned changes, with GameSpot asking:
“There’s still content that doesn’t go over well for the audience. How much say do you have in whether or not
that content makes it in the game? Do you have autonomy in terms of recognizing
what won’t play well and what to do with it? How do you approach that?” And Yu responding:
“There were certain things in Persona 3, 4 and 5, especially now in 2020, where there
would be a lot of talk about the things in those games. As a localization manager, I really cannot
do too much about what has already made it into the game. But in Persona 5, there were a few NPCs that,
while we were doing the localization, our team members felt a little bit of awkwardness
about when working on it. And with Royal, we were determined to see
if we could do something about it at least localization-wise. On our end, it took a lot of effort consulting
not just the production department, but talking with our marketing, and how they would feel
about it if we changed how things were in Persona 5 to this new way–what would the
public reception be, what the company would think, whether it would be okay if we do make
the change. Ultimately for Royal, we did go with it and
I think we’re pretty happy with what it is. It’s not a significant change, but I think
there’s enough of a change that people who weren’t comfortable going through that part
in Persona 5 would feel better this time around.” Yu then explains which parts of the game he
is referring to and says: “I think the community had a very strong
response to that, and you saw that, and that was definitely altered for Royal.” And then in the next question, which asks
how they would be changed, he adds: “Unfortunately, those characters were portrayed
[as] more like predatory. In Royal–I don’t want to say we made it mild–but
we made it [as if they’re] being very strong enthusiasts for something they like doing. But it’s not like they’re on the hunt for
some young boys or anything.” This hasn’t been the only report of these
scenes being changed. In an interview recently with IGN, Atlus’
Communications Manager said that these scenes would be changed so that the men were no longer
shown in a, to quote, “negative light”. Furthermore, later in the article it is revealed
that Atlus’s localization team has what is called an “internal content review team”
and this is described as “very on the pulse about what’s right and what to do”. The Communications Manager then says Royal
was “a chance to make it right”. However, you may have noticed that we’ve
still not really been given that great detail about how exactly these two scenes have been
changed. Until the game is out we can’t do much more
than speculate about how the dialogue will be changed, but this is something that the
channel will definitely be taking a look at when the game releases, alongside comparing
the lines with the Japanese originals. It’s also worth pointing out that this news
has actually gone on to make headlines over in Japan on Japan’s 2 biggest gaming news
websites – these being Hachima as well as Oreteki. Also, one of the reoccurring themes with Oreteki
articles is that at the bottom will be some Unicode art with captions from the article’s
writer. Here there is Unicode art of somebody slumped
over, with some kind of drink, possibly alcoholic in nature, besides them. And the caption says that this is content
that’s often seen in Japan, but this is different in overseas countries and the world
is becoming troublesome. Then there’s Unicode art of the person head
up and arms crossed, with the caption contemplating what overseas people would think if they were
to be shown Crayon Shinchan. For those out of the loop, Crayon Shinchan
is a huge part of Japanese pop culture and consists of a long running TV show, manga,
numerous video games as well as feature films, with a new movie being released every year
ever since 1993. Within the franchise has been various instances
of LGBT and cross dressing themes with comedic intent, which is likely what the writer is
referring to. Another point to bring up is that Persona
5 The Animation, the weekly TV adaption of the game, also depicted the characters. The anime was simulcast in English and the
subtitles are accurate to what was said in Japanese. Also, here things get even more extreme, with
the 2 men being shown to tackle Ryuji to the ground and jumping on him. What do you think about the comments given
by the staff at Atlus? As always please let us know your thoughts
in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to stay updated on this as well as all other
info on regional differences in games. Until next time, thank you for watching.

100 Comments on “Persona 5 Royal Will Edit Some Controversial Dialogue”

  1. I heard about these changes a while ago and it’s safe to say I don’t like where the Persona localization team is going, with this and Tokyo Mirrage Sessions being censored in 2020.

  2. sorry guys but i see that most people commenting here are straigt i feel.
    – if you are a teen and gay … and MAYBE not out… you really don't want to see that being gay is hunting younger boys/men.
    – if you are older (like me) and open you definitly don't wanna see AGAIN that older gays are drag queens, are totally feminin and just want to fuck younger boys
    I DONT have any problems with over the top gay characters in games (i like my wrestler in Shadow Hearts 2) if it fits the game (Shadow Hearts 2 is just a game which doesn't take itself serious) but for a serious series like Persona which even HAD some great gay characters it's just wtf.
    I know for you it's ok since it doesn't affect you but what would you think if PE6 will have a typical Black Face character with a bone in his hair acting like the old "N" word stereotype? Would you find THAT ok??
    Or if PE6 has a Jewish character with a long nose and greedy as hell and depicted like the Nazis did potrait them. Is this ok since it's art?
    Once again: I'm not complaining about satirical depiction (fuck i'm a German Gaymer so i can see both Lederhosen/Krauts jokes combined with gay) but THAT is not good

  3. It's only controversial if you're a special snowflake who gets triggered by the smallest of details, and then the same people have the courage to act smug when people who are actually fans of the games are pissed they made these dumb changes for "western sensibilities". Can we cancel woke culture already?

  4. I really hope they don't censor P5S when that comes over to the states.
    At this point it's unclear if these soy-golems will even allow Ann's cleavage to exist.
    Royal isn't even worth buying if you've played the original anyway.

  5. Just go the Modern Warfare 2 route, make those parts skippable for the perpetually triggered.

    They're actually a very good representation of the Japanese 'Okama' stereotype, which western denial or not, does infact exist.

    The 'internal content review team' should all be instantly let go and shouldn't exist. Editorialising games for foreign audiences absolutely should not be a thing, for every inch that one team takes, another takes a mile. It's a bad route to go down and literally robs the audience of a faithful representation of Japanese culture. You can't just editorialise reality out of existence.

  6. Why is it that bad characters aren't allowed to be bad anymore? No one thinks those two gay characters were representatives of all gay men. Just like no one thinks all men act like Kamoshida. Like the censor will not alter anyone's decision on buying or not buying the game but it was really a pointless censor.

  7. This is the game where a gym teacher sexually abuses his students, a young girl tries to comit suicide, people are extorted and abused to all hell, the main character can date his teacher and doctor (and is a test subject for that doctor) and all other kinds of insane things like fighting a giant green dick enemy, and this is what people got offended about? What the actual fuck. I get that it's a shitty joke but there's no way it'smeant to be taken even remotely seriously.

  8. Oh, good. I would have a hard time explaining to my wife why I’m playing a game with predators hitting on minors. Looking forward to this game.

    (Bracing for the influx of comments telling me why I’m wrong and censorship is objectively the most evil thing on Earth.)

  9. I refuse to believe any Persona 5 player found the gay guys controversial. More like liberal media and click baiters over analyzing things, too woke too joke and sarcasm ruining society faster than Coronavirus.

  10. Meh. Wasn't getting this game in the first place. It's sixty dollars for (maybe) ten bucks worth of content. One new waifu-bait OC, with no substantive changes for pre-existing characters (for example, Sae). The gay NPCs annoyed me because they weren't funny. It was one lame punchline that reminded me of shitty 90s humor. However, I wouldn't want them changed, because even a game I love like p5 has warts, and I'd rather they display them honestly.

  11. "B-B-But I like the gay stereotypes that show up briefly in this 100 hour long game!! How dare the SJWs censor my game and take them away!"
    You guys sound like clowns.

  12. Devs should just ignore the whining about the writing, and just make the game the way they want to make it. Censorship, on any level, should be made illegal and unethical.

  13. Well, I cancelled my pre-order; I'll wait until it's half off before thinking about buying it; the original is good enough for me. It's content like this that made me like Persona 5, it went back to outrageous humor from the PSOne and bits of PS2, which is rare in games these days.

  14. As a bi man with a male preference, this shit needs to stop. Our culture is getting more and more ok with censorship every day. People in and outside of the LGBT community need to realize that flamers are a real thing that exist. I was a Theatre minor in college and I hung around the Theatre & Art department often. There were a LOT of LGBT people in that field, some of them people that I liked being around and became friends with, others annoying, others creepy. The LGBT community are not all super nice people who always respect their boundaries. The idea that we can't ever portray ANY gay characters who are not super likable is absurd.

    And for christ's sake, it's not like Ryuji is a child either. He's 16. 16 is legal & socially acceptable literally everywhere except the United States. Yes, it is very creepy for an older man to hit on someone 20 years younger regardless if they're legal, but that's the whole point. Up until this point you've had zero issue with sexualizing 14yos in anime and now you think this is a good thing? Stop acting like you are the end-all be-all authority on sexual morality. THEY'RE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

  15. Anime subtitling companies know they can't create a reputation of censoring cause its a lot easier for someone to release a fansub of anime than a game. If Talks Japan made it so modders could put in their own dialogue. AtlusUSA would have no choice, but to stay faithful.

  16. I dont play persona. Its just not my cup of tea. But I would never, in a million years, want the game changed to appeal more to my politics! The arrogance and selfish toddler mentality these freaks possess has them changing games they never liked to begin with.

    Sadly, it's just a case of targeting anything that men enjoy. They already attacked the fraternities, the lads mags, the pickup artists, sports, comics, movies and any activity that men enjoy.

  17. This is why Atlus needs to purge their western branches purge SJWs. I honestly think this was a coordinated effort within and without Atlas to censor Japanese games.

  18. At this point I'd gladly make the trade off of occasionally missing a joke, not understanding certain lines of dialogue as they were originally meant, and all of the other things localization is supposed to aid with if it means we could avoid having our games needlessly censored time and time again. Hell, even when it's not censorship they can still fuck up a translation and turn it into whatever godless meme-spewing shit they want to (Neptunia, anyone?). I would gladly take the most broken, unintelligible piece of writing if it was a direct translation that made zero sense in English in place of what localization teams do today. All they seem to do is hurt more than help.

  19. ehh if it doesn't change the story in any way, I really don't care, but if it does begin to change the story thats when problems occur, thats my philosophy on any censorship in artistic material.

  20. You know, instead of the usual bitching about resetera spiel (which, while not wrong, gets tiring fast) I wanna ask, if they have to start removing uncomfortable unnecessary scenes from the game to pander to a subset of fans, why not do it for them all, i.e. why not pander to other communities as well? I was way more bothered by how Ryuji was treated by the girls after the 7th palace than by that Shinjuku/beach scenes, and have seen plenty of others agree with me, and yet Atlus doesn't seem to give a shit because hAhA, tHiS iNnoCeNT gUy iS BEiNg bEatEn Up, HoW fUnNy. If you wanna try to be politically correct, then at least try to do so universally, rather than just listening to those people. That honestly bothers me more than them changing the Shinjuku/beach scenes at all, which I'm not particularly going to miss anyways.

  21. I saw some one say on twitter that if they removed a outfit then they wouldn't buy but it's just a few lines so they will. Lol

  22. Atlus: change the dialogue in a scene where two adults kidnapped Ryuji, a teenager, with the intent of having sex with him against his will

    Comments: I'm not buying this game and/or canceling my pre-order now

    What the fuck

  23. Wow Atlus while you bending the knees and getting pegged to these SJW/PC trash.

    First it was Kasumi's design, then Catherine, Now back again on P5R.

    Do I really want to pick up this game? I really don't want to support this bullshit.

    Is there a way to get it import?

  24. This is bullshit. "Negative light", "make things right"? You dont get to decide that because your staff is sensitive. The creators of the game do and it was put in the game because they wanted it in. Who is the community? As someone who wants the closest Japanese experience possible, I'm clearly not in it so who are they listening to? The interviewer failed to ask that question.

    We just had Judge Eyes (Judgment) last year create 2 separate English translations. 1 translation based on the Japanese audio and the other based on the English audio. An ambitious and creative idea that gives us an option. Why couldnt they just make an uncensored and censored translation? Instead, they force their mentality upon us by not giving us a choice. Now I cant buy P5R and experience Kasumi's perfection firsthand and will have to keep my original P5 copy. I'll have to watch the news content on YouTube. The Western part of the world is shit.

  25. GameSpot, IGN hacks are portraying as if entire playerbase of Persona 5 had issues with the gay characters, when in reality it was just some snowflakes at ResetEra and on Twitter, who are not the game's target audience, theyre just clout chasing social justice warriors.
    Screw Royal, screw Atlus western censorship department.

  26. Not sure if you've played the game, but they're definitely not "the most prominent gay characters" in the game, if you take "gay" as an umbrella for LGBT. Lala isn't super important, but she's an actual named character with quite a bit of dialogue, and definitely positive representation. I agree with you though, my point just makes the controversy even stupider.

  27. The irony that no one bitched and moaned when females characters got sexually harassed by heterosexual males. While everyone loses their minds when a male character get sexually harassed by a homosexual character.

  28. I will never understand why people who dont even play games complain about this stuff, why companies bother listening to them

  29. Real Japanese culture and society once again take a back seat so that 10 people can feel like they accomplished something by telling Sega/Altus to remove aggressive gay dialogue from a video game.

  30. No matter what that something is film video game portrait someone well will complain about it I hope that atlas realises that. Let's start censoring someone's art.
    I hope persona 5 Royal sales take a hit

  31. Another sad day another sad entry. I wish i had a strong enough opinion to flip others view points, but to be reasonable yes I get it there is aggressive gay stereotyping in the game, I can care less unless this is taken to attack a particular group. In this case it really is not meant to take any offense if anything if given any amount of time to actually analyze the scene it is meant to show other view points and how it can be taken from an outside view. While sure it looks like it is making fun, but in this instance its merely educational entertainment. Discomfort can be had sure, but hell we live in uncomfortable times where its just looked down upon to have a negative or positive opinion based on who you are around. I stand where I can live with the scene removed, but honestly if it has really become this much of an issue where censorship causes such friction. I'd rather Developers or some party just take the time to enable/disable content based on a screen choice at the start of a game because we can't just have a screen and understand content within this game may cause discomfort viewer discretion is to be advised and still have folks complain. Anyway enough ranting.

    TL;DR I don't care about the removed content. I care about the fact how stupid and prevalent this is becoming in the everyday.

  32. i stand with the commentators the world needs to grow the hell up and stop getting offended by everything!
    i didn't yet play P5 and now for sure i'm not playing this one either .. i want completed original products regardless the content
    i don't want an after vomit!

  33. so a couple of aggressively flamboyant gay guys is problematic and awkward, but the entire Kamoshida arc where implied rape and attempted suicide happens is apparently fine and not awkward?

  34. I'm gay and I found this a little offensive the first time I played it. Does that mean I hated the game? No! It was one of the best gaming experiences I've had in the last few years. It wasn't a deal breaker at all.

    Instead of changing the dialogue for a localization, I would prefer if they take the time to offer gay romance options for their next game though.

  35. Here's the thing: If they had changed it without saying anything, it probably would have been a while before anyone noticed the difference (depending on how big a change it is). The reason why they pointed it out is because they want virtue signaling brownie points from the Games Journalism Elites for being so "Progressive" and "Inclusive".

    Unfortunately, this damaged their reputation with their core audience who do not care about whatever virtue points they have accumulated with people who don't play their games. To their core audience, changing ANYTHING from the original Japanese release is a sin worthy of boycott.

    Sadly, Persona 5 Royal probably won't be hurt by this. The franchise has become too big to fail, and thus our impact on sales is negligible at best.

  36. This is a tricky one. I'm fully against changing content between versions of a game, but I can also understand how this is harmful. There's the argument that "the people offended aren't even playing it," but that's missing the point. The people that do play it will use this as confirmation bias that gay people are sexual predators, which is entirely not true. Anyone with any sense should realize that this is an exaggeration and shouldn't be taken lightly, but it's unfortunate that a lot of people, gamers especially, are really that dumb. And the treatment of gay people in Japan is kinda all the proof you need that this style of humor is bad for that community.

  37. That scene made me uncomfortable and it propagates negative stereotypes, I'm okay with this change. I hope one day Japanese culture gets less rapey with their media.

  38. It's like the racist feather in Smash Ultimate. Progs have a tantrum over a 3-minute scene and then when they get their way, they project their sensitivity at the ones angry about the change and initial complaints, calling them the real snowflakes.

    Progressives always project.

  39. I for one actually am glad they are changing the dialogue at bit. As I actually found them quite unfunny and cringe-inducing. They were the one part of the game that I just couldn't like at all. And what made them worse that P5 had exceptionally positive trans representation in the form of Lala Escargot. And while I complained to my friends on a discord server – who also didn't like these guy btw – I didn't really complain beyond a note I made on the customer survey that I found them unfunny due to the jokes going too far.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against campy and/or gay characters used for humor – these two guys WERE gag characters after all. But imho, the jokes went a bit too far in P5. If they had turned down the lust in their flirting and just had the pair try to take Ryuji to a gay bar – instead of trying to molest him – I would have thought the whole thing absolutely hysterical.

  40. I am a gay and honestly i hate censorship in games and media. I want the full experience and if that means you get 2 characters that may seem offensive to Americans i am fine with it. I am also American. Like people have said Persona 5 has done some crazy shit and the only time people complain is over a gay couple that is actually funny to some Japanese people. We gays need to grow a better back bone if this is what is Suppose to "Offend us".

  41. the correct thing is shutting up and embracing the other countries´ culture

    first camp gays
    then fangs on girls
    pointy things on mechas
    lolis & shotas
    the japanese age of consent
    groping on trains
    enjo kosais
    gals with exaggerated tanned skin

    Japan should demand to USA to treat drugs just like the country does

  42. Guess I’m in the minority here but I’m LGBT and played the original P5 and I’m glad they removed this. It was an annoying moment that added nothing, and I hate gay stereotypes. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  43. I'm gay guy. I played Persona 5. I wasn't bothered the two adult males attacking Ryuji. I was more upset about Joker not being able to date Yusuke or Ryuji. So my playthrough Joker stayed single.

  44. Go woke go broke, good job Atlus you won't get what you want and appealing to ResetEra and Twitter who are known to NOT support what they claim to. Another company added to "cuck list" I guess, too bad I really liked SMT and P titles.

  45. This does happen in Shinjuku especially in Kabukicho which the characters are in. Removing it also harms the game and also promotes a careless attitude to the actions of Touts as if they are harmless which they are not. The localization team has really done a disservice to the game, the fans and perceived that Shinjuku is a real safe place which is not even to tourist.

  46. Persona 5 is filled to the brim with questionable subject matter; why not censor the whole damn game? Why cherry pick like this? I notice that Atlus USA never makes any changes that would affect anyone's waifus.

    Just have a disclaimer that the views in the game aren't shared by Atlus USA or their employees. Their job is to bring the game over and release it in English, not be the PC police. I wish now I'd screencapped an Atlus USA employee promising to never censor a game when the forums were still around and people were worried about Rule of Rose.

  47. This a game from Japan set in Japan so you can't say it's offensive, what's offensive is censoring Japanese culture, that's how they portray the characters then that's how it should stay. Also never listen to reset era.

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