OTR Asia ARC system – Attitude, Respect, Commitment (Tennis Philosophy)

OTR Asia ARC system – Attitude, Respect, Commitment (Tennis Philosophy)

Our philosophy is very clear and simple
we strive to develop the person first the athlete second and then the tennis
player. And in according to do that is of course you start with technique, tactics,
awareness is very important. Let them make mistakes, and you go from there and
slowly you take them out of the comfort zone and let them be aware of what to do
and how to do it. Shot selection, shot production, all these little things.
Mistakes, fine. We learn from that and from there you take it step by step by
step. We’ve created what we call an Arc System. Stands for Attitude, Respect, and
Commitment. And we try to get our players as well as our coaches to follow this
system right from the start and we believe that if they do follow this
system, and we’re all in sync they’ll reach their potential. The way that then
a tennis match goes because it’s like super fast movement and then relax,
recovery. There’s no other sport like that, plus in tennis the match you can
take from 60 minutes to 5 hours, so there’s no time limit. So it’s
very hard to prepare for that. Tennis is such a dynamic sport where
there’s so many variables. I mean you have an umpire on the court, you have
different court surfaces, you have the environment, you know, wind, sun, and then
you have an opponent on the other side of the court who is trying to disrupt your
rhythm. So there are so many things that cannot be controlled once once you’re
out there playing a match. So with our system Attitude Respect and Commitment,
these are three areas that actually can be controlled, and we think that these
three ingredients are essential to developing people, to developing great
athletes and excellent tennis players. Commitment, Attitude, positive body
language. Like you know, I like to see when the player steps on the court you
can tell right away, man, he likes to be there, he wants to battle. You know, he
wants to fight, he wants to work. And that’s great you know, that’s what
every coach wants. It’s good for us if the kids are committed with what we are working on, any drill or something that we are working on. If
they’re committed, then we can get a good result and we have
less work to do on the court. Passion. That’s about it. You know, it’s a
very simple word, but it’s all about passion. Nothing beats passion. And that you
can see, you can work with the player, it’s so much easier for all the
coaches. But that’s the number one thing Passion. That’s it.

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  1. You guys seem to be just starting your Academy but with this type of structure. I an sure it wont be long before you all are leaders, worthy to emulate.

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