One of Kurt Cobain’s Final Interviews – Incl. Extremely Rare Footage

One of Kurt Cobain’s Final Interviews – Incl. Extremely Rare Footage

Kurt Cobain Final Interview So… I do a book show in March. Where, we talk to… You do what? A book show…
Oh!. Talk to different people about favorite books. That you’ve read and… How it’s inspired you or what you’ve learned from it, or something like that. So you do have a book that… that comes back to you every once and a while? Yeah, well… I’ve read “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind. About 10 times in my life, and… I can’t stop reading it. It’s like, something that’s just stationary in my pocket all the time. It just doesn’t leave me and uh, every time I’m bored, like, when I’m on an airplane or something I read it over and over again. ‘Cause I’m a hypochondriac and it just affects me. Makes me want to cut my nose off. What’s the book about? It’s about this… perfume apprentice and in… in France. At the turn of the century, and he…
he… he is just disgusted basically with all humans and he just can’t get away from humans. So he goes on this trek. This… walk of death where he just he… he goes into the rural areas where there’s, you know, woods all over the place into small villages and he only travels by night. And… he… just, every time he smells human like a fire from a far off way, you know he’ll… he’ll just get really disgusted and hide. He just tries to stay away from people. I can relate to that. Do you ever use what you read in any of your songs? As a matter of fact, I used that very story in “Scentless Apprentice” Yeah. So… That’s really one of the, first times that I’ve ever used a, an actual story… you know, as a book. You know, as an example of a song. Yeah, I’ve always tried to stay away from that But now that I’m running out of ideas, more and more I … I tend to do that. Is it hard when, uh… you spend your whole life…. doing the first few albums And then suddenly everybody needs your attention. you have to give interviews, you have to travel around and suddenly… Is it hard to come up with ideas? hmm… you know the old saying that you can’t buy hapiness you think that’s true? well… yeah,
you can’t buy hapiness I mean, that made me happy
for a little while but I mean, I was just probably almost as just happy with, you know I don’t know, I used to… I look back on going to second hand stores
and stuff like that and finding a little treasure like that and that actually meant more to me
because it was it was more of a stab in the dark
in a way, you know cause you didn’t know if you were going to be able to afford it and you don’t know what you’re really looking for and when you find it,
it’s more special to you rather than… you know having a thousand dollars
and going into a store like that and just buying the hole store.. you know it’s not as special

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  1. Duh duh duhduh duh duuuh. I love the ending of heart shaped box it remind me a so much of how he was here so quick and then gone. Loved the drug and nights as much as I. RIP as we all say.

  2. He was depressed here what his saying God did no one catch what was going on with him Jesus God listen he wanted something he couldn't have he wanted help money ha he couldn't get well

  3. It's weird how artists who die young almost always achieve icon status. Truthfully, Cobain was a fine artist, but he was nothing as great as the media has built him up to be. And the same goes for Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and the entire lot of young sad sacks who are praised as being nearly immortal by the idiot media that writes at writing.

  4. Sadly a lot of people can't understand or don't know but Kurt suffered from Bipolar Disorder, his family had a history of suicides due to mental illness and he was in a very high level of suicide risk, suffering with such disorder, it is absolutely necessary to be clean of drugs and alcohol because the mixture of substances and mental illness is absolutely destructive and we all know where it led, Courtney Love was an addict just like him, both addicts, his overall environment was absolutely terrible.

  5. What a beautiful man physically and mentally, very humble , down to earth, charming but maybe too sensitive for this world, truly talented people are always very humble and self aware, no ego ,shame about the the drugs because they bring you down and distort reality and if your already a sensitive person it can be your downfall.

  6. interesting what their next album would've sounded like if kurt hadn't died; he literally said their last album, in this case in utero, was the closing chapter for grunge

  7. he was so genuine. he listened to her struggle a little while trying to ask him questions, but he gave her genuine answers as if it was a conversation. i would've love to talk to him

  8. The good die young. It least that is the saying, Cobain was a icon and would have hated the current generation, look how real this guy was. He actually would take a moment to think about what he is going to say next it's like everyone in today's world is blurting out the first thing that comes to mind to avoid being akward and all types of other BS. THE PHONES AND THE INTERNET TEARS US APART FROM A SOCIAL ASPECT. SAD!

  9. 21:51 when he says “and stuff like that” it sounds exactly like sliver “with mashed potatoes and stuff like that”

  10. Kurt looks almost identical to a young man i grew up with..He struggled with depression & committed suicide when we were was a tragedy..He was a kind broken soul.

  11. The quality is breath taking. Honestly I love the noises in the back aswell. You can hear planes, seagull and the waves. This honestly cured my depression for a while

  12. It's a shame of utter proportions that this guy is dead. You can see so much in this amazing interview what a good hearted guy Kurt was, so sensitive and vulnerable in a way. His voice and giggly laugh just adds to that as well as the clothing. I see so many good things about him here. I wish I could have had a talk with him or had a connection of any sort. What could have been…

  13. VERY FEW "likes" or " literally" in this interview.
    So sad how the English language has deteriorated to the point where it's unintelligible and gets nowhere.
    I really enjoyed listening to this, takes me back. His laugh is so authentic and the humor is laying just beneath the pain.

  14. He seems like a really chill dude that's would've had a conversation with anyone who at least respected him as a person. R.i.p and respect my dude

  15. Man what a douchebag! Me, me, me and how much he hates people. Reminds of the moody kid in high school who would have the shit beat out him except everyone thought he was too big of a pussy. Really people, don't be so beta.

  16. I hate that she keeps asking why is he so happy and makes him dwell in it. Wtf does that supposed to mean does he have to be depressed and down?

  17. If this guy wore suites, had a "fabulous" hair stylist, and had a fake smile and laugh… so many people would have completely different views on him. Society really seems to indirectly push people to go (full retard) sociopathic and narcissistic.

  18. Man I miss this guy! Why did it have to end? Such a real person with great sensibilities! He had so many gifts and so much to give! The world is a poorer place without him ☹️

  19. His head seems to be in a stable place here, content and focused. Happy with a new child, his marriage, his band, and the future and direction he was heading artistically. Such a shame.

  20. I've never understood the Myth of Kurt. He was an incredibly bland character whose ideas and articulation were … just plain fucking boring. He was a boring fucker with no ideas who simply could not live up to the 'genius' status of all those middle-class white twats who idiolised him.

  21. Man oh man.. i still rememeber the shock of hearing about his murder on the radio.. man sad day.. such a beautiful man.. such a tragic ending.. too good for this world.. will we ever have anyone like this again.. only time will tell.. i saw them live in vancouver bc.. at a festival the only time they were in Van.. i think he must have spat on me on the floor.. or i guess sprayed on me.. miss ya Kurt my bro.. take care.. peace.,..

  22. kurt, jeff buckley, mac miller…so on and so forth…people who open their heart without compromising get snuffed out in some form or fashion…

    education is the key, but so few access it…we sacrifice our artist for greed…beware of myans

  23. He doesnt seem like a man who would kill himself. It takes A LOT to point a gun at your head and pull the trigger. Especially when you are in love with your baby. When will the truth be revealed? When will the truth be enforced? Miss you friend.

  24. He said he was running out of ideas but in todays time there is plenty of subject matter to write on haha. I would love to hear him today . rip Kurt Cobain

  25. Drugs ruin you. If I would of known what cocaine would have done to me plus what they use to cut it i would have stayed far away from it some people can use it an bounce right back an then there's the one's that can't I keep getting told I'm completely different after I stopped using coke

  26. Gosh – he's such a nice dude.. This a beautiful interview.. The lady doing the interview did a great job as Kurt is very relaxed.

  27. Kurt angel Cobain…I'm here to smoke one cigarette with you once again..I learnt to play guitar from you..i learnt my self from you..i know that your fans will read this comment maybe..but I know that you read and lead my soul everyday..thanks for all kurt..see you soon brother..miss you..

  28. "Ohhh….i cant handle the pressure anymore…i dont know what to do… biz is not what i thought it was ohhhhh so now i have to kill myself……" dumb white boy.

  29. When will we FINALLY get a Kurt Cobain movie? Jake Weary from Animal Kingdom and Wyatt Russell from Lodge 49 and Overlord would both play an amazing Kurt Cobain, especially Jake Weary because he sings already apparently. Charlie Hunnam too. But idk if he’d take that role plus his age. Either way we need it, I hope they cast some local crack head as Courtney Fuck Face!

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