Ole Miss Football: Flashback Friday – vs. Arkansas (1990)

Ole Miss Football: Flashback Friday – vs. Arkansas (1990)

Second down and 11 at the 26. Luke back to throw, he’s looking. He’s firing long in the end zone. He’s got a man there it is caught, touchdown Vincent Brownlee. Good snap. There’s the punt, end over end. Brownlee is going to take it at the 11. Heads to the far side, the 15, 20. Has a crack to the 25, 30, 35, 40. He may go to the 45, to the 40, the 30, the 20, the 10. Bye-bye baby. Vincent Brownlee with the touchdown. First and goal from the five. Ten seconds, 9 seconds. Grovey takes the snap. Option to the nearside. Makes the pitch to Dickerson. He’s hit at the two, and hit at the one, and stopped. He didn’t get in. Two seconds, one second, it’s over. Oh my goodness it’s over. What a tremendous hit at the one-yard line as Dickerson was diving towards the end zone. God wanted Mitchel hit him at the one, he stayed inbounds. And I thought Dickerson was going in on a second effort.

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  1. Watched it on TBS in the lobby if Howry Falkner dorm. Luke's first game as starting qb. Not a good game but got the win and went on a tear the rest of the season almost getting us the SEC Championship.

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