One Comment on “Nick Saban talks National Signing Day 2020”

  1. "Alabama is known to have a top 5 recruiting class year after year." It's a lot easier to win when you have the best talent like Alabama does, but much harder to win when your talent is comparable to the other teams you're playing. Nick Saban is an excellent college football coach, and will no doubt go down in history as one of the greatest COLLEGE football coaches of all time. However, he can't be considered one of the greatest ALL TIME football coaches until he wins a Super Bowl. Nick failed miserably when he was a head coach in the NFL and had to win with the same talent that every other team has. Just as Spurrier failed in the NFL after winning all those games at Florida with superior talent, Saban failed. When Spurrier left the Redskins humiliated, he said he never realized how fast and strong the players in the NFL were. Saban learned the same thing.

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