Nick Mira Plays Beat Saber In VR & Talks Process In The Studio | Game Break

Nick Mira Plays Beat Saber In VR & Talks Process In The Studio | Game Break

My name’s Nick Mira. I’m a music producer slash musician. I think everybody in the producer community
has always been a fan of video games growing up. And the way that we tie in the two worlds
is kind of crazy because both of them are an escape from reality. With music you’re just listening to a whole
different world. All the sounds that you’re hearing are in
your room and you’re wherever. With video games, obviously stuff that’s not
real, it’s going to happen, so it’s like you’re living in this fantasy world. Ooh, I killed that! Ooh! Producing is a new video game like kids they
asked for FL Studio for Christmas and all these softwares and DAWs. Kids like both nowadays. It’s like more accessible than it used to
be because back in the days you’d have to go to the studio, have a crazy budget, get
all this gear. And now you can just do it on your laptop. It is game changing. Sometimes I’ll have video games on while I’m
like making beats and it’ll be really fun because there’d be people in the party, they’re
just listening to me do whatever and then I’m over here on my desk just like making
beats and making loops. Listening to their reactions like, “Oh that’s
a crazy beat,” or something and I’m just over there cooking up. Gaming is something that can really unite
people together. Not just producing, it’s like a common thing
that a bunch of people really like. So they all sit down together and game. At the Internet Money House we used to have
everybody just hop on Smash at anytime of the day and just play each other. Just play 2K or Madden and it’s a thing that
everybody can relate to. It’s common for everybody. It’s just a thing to bond over is video games. It’s just fun. When you’re in the studio for a long amount
of time and you’re just working so hard, it can get a little tiring, so it’s good to just
step in another other room like play video games. You can play a racing game, fishing game like
chop up, Beat Saber. It doesn’t matter. Like you can just go into the other room and
take a whole break and step aside from what you were doing. Ooh. I’m getting my high score right here. Oh nah. Beat Saber was cool because it kind of reminded
me of other games I played growing up. You know with instruments and you match to
the song, you have all these blocks coming at you different directions telling you to
like chop left and right. And if you know rhythm and like you know when
the thing is going to hit, you know that as soon as the blocks can be here, you know the
snare is going to hit or the kicks going to hit here. And you can catch the sort of bounces and rhythms
with that. So yeah, I’d never played with the Oculus
Quest before. It feels like you’re inside the world that
you’re playing. So it’s definitely a really interactive, and
you have more say in what goes on because it’s your own little world that you can control. I don’t know. You’re just like controlling your own reality. So sometimes I’ll play a video game and I’ll
hear certain, you know, themes and music that can happen in the menu or just like beginnings
of missions and stuff, and I’ll want to sample it for a video game and I just know that,
you know, Japanese games they have crazy synths and crazy melodies that go on in the background,
and all those forest fantasy type of games, they have crazy melodies and harps and all
that. So it’s, you know, fun to draw inspiration
and even sample from.

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  1. Hi there I just wanted to know if there is anyone who could let me know if it’s possible to become a music producer/beat maker or stuff like that without any knowledge about it, meaning to start from the bottom I guess, especially because I have never gone to a musical school but I am definitely a fan of this job and I kinda could find myself doing it so in order to not waste my time I thought it would be nice if I asked different people bout their thoughts on that.

    Please let me know, I’m actually curious. And I would really appreciate it if someone respond to this 🙌

  2. Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also looking into this matter in a different perspective and without condemning of one’s views and trying to make it objectified, and by considering everyone’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say

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