Netizens Blame Cecilia Liu For Game Addiction In Online Fantasy Game

Netizens Blame Cecilia Liu For Game Addiction In Online Fantasy Game

Hey guys it’s Anton, quick update today.
Cecilia Liu from Scarlet Heart and the Sound of the Desert has been getting
flak recently from mainland Chinese commenters who have publicly criticized
her for being the spokesperson of some online fantasy video games. The critics
have denounced these games as causing the decline of Chinese youth and the
destruction of society. Heavy words. Now, online fantasy games are extremely
popular not only in China but throughout Asia and have led some high-profile
cases in the past such as that one guy who recently spent 1.4 million USD on
his character in Justice Online, a Chinese MMORPG, and accidentally let his friend
sell the account for $500. Yikes. Online computer games are a
lucrative business and often sponsor celebrity figures to endorse the
products. This is nothing new of course, much like how the fashion industry will
enlist popular actors or actresses to be their spokesperson. But writers in China
recently have been directly blasting Cecilia Liu for her appearance and
sponsorship in several online games. One prominent critic even gave her an
ultimatum: “I will give you three months, end all your game endorsements, otherwise just quit the entertainment business.” Wow. We know that C-netizens can be
vitriolic, much like the recent Yang Zi fiasco and which a leaked picture of
Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan was posted in which of the pair were kissing. For a
scene in the upcoming the Oath of Love, by the way. This sparked netizens to
throw insults at Yang Zi saying she was too ugly and that she was washed out and just trying to be popular again. I feel really bad for Chinese actors and
actresses because the level of toxicity from audiences can be pretty absurd. I
mean, Yang Zi was just literally doing her job and it was all part of a scene
for that drama. Now I understand why celebrities keep their relationships
private. Yang Zi Studio snapped back at the comments through an official statement
and possible legal action, but so far Cecilia Liu has been quiet on the
matter. Cecilia is not new to the Chinese entertainment business, of course, so
these kinds of comments I’m sure she is used to but I feel like sometimes it
reaches new levels of absurdity. Of course celebrities will accept sponsors. A lot of times this can be a significant portion of their income and
in the matter of online games being addicting, yes they can be, but I just
don’t see how her face being on the cover can cause players to be any more
hooked on the game. People, please. Can we exercise a little more common sense and
just a little more common courtesy online. Lately I have been feeling like
celebrities are getting scrutinized for everything such as donations for the
current health crisis. Celebrities donating too little or even too much can
get criticized. Come on you guys, I hope this is not the kind of internet future
we were heading towards. Anyhow that’s it for this video, today what do you think
of the Yang Zi Xiao Zhan controversy and do you think that Cecilia Liu is in the
wrong by accepting the endorsement from the computer game company. Let me know what you think down in the comment section below. Anyways for more drama news updates like this remember to subscribe to the
channel for more content in the future. As always my name is Anton, thank you so much for watching guys I will see you in the next episode. Bye guys!

33 Comments on “Netizens Blame Cecilia Liu For Game Addiction In Online Fantasy Game”

  1. wow! It's not her fault people are so easily addicted to stuff! and are lazy and playing games all the time! I'n my opinion, its the parents that has to stop buying cellphones for their kids, and expect them to not get addicted to stuff like online gaming. They are the ones making things like online gaming available for their kids not an actress! sheesh!

    Poor actress, people are so judgmental these days. It makes me loose faith in humanity.

  2. I agree games are addicting but its not the actors or actresses fault people are addicted to games because either there lazy or people dont know how to raise there kid right everytime something happens to kids the parents and others are quick to blame the gaming company or the actors think about this for a min who got up and got the game who purchased the game who lrt them pl AZ y the game all these questions you must snswer. My son is 18 hes not addicted to games i tell him hes got a limit he listens. Teach you kids and they woukd not be addicted to the games society always blames every thing and everyone but them self when it comes to bad things that happen to themself and others instead of thinking whos to blame

  3. Some people are just crazy and I think there’s a misconception amongst younger people that just because someone is famous, or in the public eye, they can say whatever they want about them. Then add that most of these people hide behind fake names and they probably feel untouchable. As for the claim that ANY famous person can make a game addictive is ridiculous. The game has to be good and that’s why it’s addictive not because of who’s on the package.

  4. And also about the stars of the oath of love give me a break it just cause those scenes people are upset get us to it it not like normal people will marry these actors and donation is donation simple as that people give the actors a break you act like she was and agreed upon how much see was giving if she gave alot its because she had a prosperous year and wanted to give lots i am sure any actor that did not have a great year would give less and vis versa

  5. Hahahahhahaha these guys 😂 who make this comment? I need to send elephant poop to his house. I'm shocked of this person's stupidity. I mean you want her to quit? Who the hell are you 😂 omg

  6. Am I the only person who thinks being an Asian celebrity is suicidal? There are people who still refuse to accept that these celebrities are HUMANS with emotions like they are, and attacking them on social media, etc…can lead to depression and even drive em to commit suicide.
    I wanted to say "they are ignorant" but realised they STUPID and JOBLESS people who don't know what to use their time for!

  7. They are so stupid! Just step away from the computer!!
    They are so hard on their actors and actress! Hey they are only flicking actors and actresses not friggin role models! They need to look for their role models elsewhere!

  8. For some ppl its easier to put the blame on others than their own kids…. Otherwise it would mean its their own fault too, cuz their teaching aint enough. They would never admit to it.

  9. Don't fans and netz have better things to do than to be mean to celebrities who have not done but do their job as actors and celebrities? Ceceilia Liu is too good of an actress to deserve this kind of hate. Yang Zi doesn't deserve to be criticized for her looks. totally besides the point but these netz should learn to self reflect on their own actions and addictions.

  10. Man I thought Knetz were bad China Netz are on a whole other level lol. Amazing blaming an actress for your gaming addiction makes 0 sense lmao

  11. Totally ridiculous! When you point a finger at someone, always remember that three of your fingers are pointing at yourself. Netizens should self reflect ! Haters will be haters and I think either sue them for libel or just ignore their attention seeking nonsense.

  12. Thought this only happens in web novels but it sad that is the reality. Seriously, these people are humans with emotions.

  13. People just want to blame someone for their own problems. They are addicted because of themselves and should seek help for their own addiction problems.

  14. People blame her for their own stupidity if you can't control your own addiction whose fault was it bad influence cause from parents who don't know how to disciplines your kids you spoiled buying them games , man wasting my time put a comment shit like this

  15. Wth has the courage to call Yang Zi "too ungly" must be blind and nuts. Come on, she is gorgeous and talented. If Xiao Zhan ends up falling for her I wouldn't be surprised. Even if in my dreams Xiao Zhan is "my soulmate and the most perfect guy" (as for 2020😅) I would never mistake my imagination and dreaming thoughts as reality. I think, real fans should support their idols in every decision they make for their lives. We fans should be happy for their happiness. Celebrities are also people entitled to have feelings for who ever they want, to go wherever they wanna go, to dress whatever they feel like. Thinking that only because you call yourself a fan you have the rights to decide for your idol it's stupid.

  16. Parents need to do more parenting, addicts need to get help. Stop with the hate and blame, it helps no one at the end of the day. And for goodness sakes leave the actors alone. They were hired to do their jobs, which is to act! Dont crucify them for it!.. Show some respect please.

  17. People are always looking for someone to blame instead of dealing with their issues. Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess!

  18. Being a fan of Xiao Zhan I didn't know about the photos! Why are fans becoming so toxic? It's all part of the hype to get ppl interested in the drama. Some fans really need to calm down

  19. How bout commenters we stop calling people lazy in 2020 medically there is no such thing as lazy , just poor time management or over use of a good or bad thing . Let's stop blaming people in 2020 but also stop enabling. Let's mind or own business this year . God bless

  20. People just need to chill .. leave the stars alone. These people are usually uneducated, unhappy boondocks, selfish, jealous bunch.

  21. I agree people can be just to cruel I think it is great it seams like there are to many bad things said about Idols I hope she and every other Idol who sponsor games keep it up don't let haters stop you

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