100 Comments on “Mom Says She Has To Bribe 14-Year-Old Son To Put Down Video Games To Take A Shower”

  1. why is everyone in this comment section holding this kid accountable as if he were an adult? I've seen people tell them to physically abuse this child to correct him, & to throw this 14 YR OLD out on the streets for his behavior. that is child abuse. his parents are the cause of his behavior, we should be holding them accountable, not the child that is a result of his parents maltreatment.

  2. dang, my heart goes out to her on a number of fronts but when she said she doesn't sleep…it's the absolute worst!

  3. This episode made me sick. This child needs help. Dr Phil was gracious enough to send him to a wilderness therapy program and his parents pulled him out after 9 days because he was cold 🙄

    This kid is going to end up murdering someone and it all could have been prevented if his parents had backbones.

  4. This is nuts!
    I can’t believe people actually live this way….
    That kid would hate my house, adults live and run the house over here haha

  5. So bang the phone and break it don’t replace it. Turn off the internet and don’t turn it back on? What’s so hard?

  6. How has he not been taken away? He's not in school or in an organized home schooling program. I understand he's disgusting, but he's also being naglected by his parents.

  7. I only got one Answer the kid has to Drop the game console and stop playing video games every hours a day take a shower and do something else for once in your life stop playing games every hour boy

  8. when i was 18 (39 yrs ago) my mom tried to bribe me with an allowance so i would stop stealing money from everyone…i still stole money but i got more for doing it…

    bribing your child to try to stop them from destructive behaviour only reinforces the behaviour…

  9. I felt very badly for this family . At the end of the show it said, the teen was taken out of boot camp after 9 weeks . Did he complete his stay and did it work ?

  10. His parents need to smash or remove all his electronics and video games and tell him these are privileges not necessities and if he doesn't want to listen he doesn't have privileges. If he wants to freak out and threaten call the police and have them help deal with it show the kid who is boss.

  11. Lol I would love to see one of mine try this. The cords to the game console would be gone. They dont come back until chores are done and if I have to ask more than twice, the cords are gone til tomorrow. Next step would be the wifi password bring changed. Then the game console would go. Then the phone. I legally have to feed and shelter the kids. I have to provide them with a long list of stuff. Xbox and cell phone are not on the list the courts care about.

  12. Literally this kid would not last a day in my house. All electronics gone as soon as he decided to talk to me the wrong way. His poor mom.

  13. I’ll tell you how to fix the problem. Turn off the wifi, get rid of the xbox, get rid of his phone, and if he does or tries anything violent call the cops and give him the scare of his life.

  14. Ok so… TAKE THE GAME CONSOLE AND THROW IT IN THE TRASH! In my house, Wi-Fi is turned off when chores aren't done. Still wanna argue? Consoles and phones are taken away. Geez.

  15. She can give me money and I'll do work like take out the trash clean the house

    I have to do all that stuff and my choirs and homework

    And im poor

    And this kid has money she has to bribe her child my mom would slapp me if I did this

  16. get the belt. this is what happens when people aren't allowed to properly discipline their children without snowflakes crying abuse.

  17. He got 4 more years to go before he’s an adult, I hope they can turn this kids life around before it’s too late. Once he’s 18 he’s going to feel more entitled to do what he wants, but at that point the parents will have the right to kick him out. I doubt they would kick him out though because they’ll feel too bad to do it.

  18. Take all of his electronics away, it’s very simple. Reward good behaviour and punish bad behaviour. The parents are completely at fault here. ‘Children and animals, they do what works!’

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