Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 Announced for Switch & SEGA Genesis Mini Info! | Switch News

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 Announced for Switch & SEGA Genesis Mini Info! | Switch News

Yo what’s up everyone we are back with
another video got some awesome information for you guys so let’s go
ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with the big announcement
of this weekend and that is Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
has been officially announced for the Nintendo switch so during a stage show
at the Sega Fez today or recently it was announced that Mario & Sonic at the
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is in development this will be the first entry
in the Mario & Sonic series since 2016 so it’s been a while and it’ll also be
the first title in the franchise to hit the Nintendo switch now Mario & Sonic at
the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games launches winter 2019 and arcade version is also
being planned for 2020 and of course you guys have seen some official screenshots
there wasn’t a lot of information or footage shown because that’s what Sega
likes to do like do these little teases with announcements or not give good
enough trailers or videos but hey is what it is and there’s been some fun to
be had around the Mario & Sonic at the Olympics games and all that stuff before
I’ve played the games before I’ve never been like super hardcore into them but
I’ve always had just a little bit of fun with some of them and I know I played
the one back like on the Wii back in the day those were like huge sellers like on
the Wii and I think it was on the 3ds as well or the D S or something like that
but either way those were huge sellers on the Wii and I know like the Wii U
game did not do well at all because the Wii U didn’t do well and the game itself
I don’t think it was that great not sure if those online play either but I would
hope if I had some hopes for this right here I would hope that they would add
some online play into this one here just because I think it’d be fun to be able
to play these type of Olympic games or whatever the case is with your friends
with your friends and everything so I’m hoping that there is some online play
added into this one here and the screenshots although not the best
quality they don’t look too bad at all to be honest like it’s looking like it’s
going to be rendered and it looks like it’s going to have
good enough graphics when it comes to it I just want to see how many games they
have total I’ll probably check it out at some point just because it’d be the
first one for the Nintendo switch but I’m not a huge minigame fan but this is
the Olympic Games back in the day I used to be into tracked and filled myself
quite a bit so I used to play a little bit games on the Super Nintendo when I
have the money to rent them on my parents would give me the money to go
rent the game me my brother we would rent Olympic games so I mean I am
interested in seeing what they have to offer at least just with like the games
and everything like that so we’ll see how much events that they have in there
and how well the game actually ends up because it’s coming out at the end of
this year it’s coming out yeah 2019 which is 2019 so we’ll be getting it
this year so what do you guys think about Mario and Sonic at the Olympic
Games Tokyo 2020 announced with a Nintendo switch and what do you think
about Mario at least at this point right here in this picture of beating Sonic in
a footrace give me your thoughts on this in the comments section below all right
I’m moving on to the next topic here marry skelter to another RPG coming over
to Nintendo’s switch ported from the PlayStation 4 so here’s the official
announcement on this guy so marry sculpture 2 is officially coming to
Nintendo switch compile heart announced at Dengeki game fast 2019 the 3d dungeon
RPG first launched with the PlayStation 4
back in June 2018 in Japan the Nintendo Swiss version will include touchscreen
and HD Bumble support for their details were not announced at all which is
always unfortunate when you have these cool announcements new RPGs whatever the
case is and then they just don’t give us any more announcements outside of that
especially because it’s not a brand new game it’s a part of the game so you
would think that they probably want to give us some more information but no
they don’t want to give us more information and we’ll see if this one
gets localized it seems like it still hasn’t been yet so I’m not sure if
there’s going to be any word on the localization for the West but I’ve been
watching the gameplay you guys are seeing it here seems like a cool RPG I
know compile heart they haven’t really traditionally done a lot of stuff on
Nintendo systems a lot of their stuff really only
two PlayStation four or Playstation systems like Vita before in the past or
ps3 but it looks like they’re kind of branching out just a little bit and
adding in Nintendo a bit more and Mary skelter is actually a pretty cool RPG
from what I’ve seen I haven’t played it at all I have not played the first one
I’m just looking at some of the gameplay and it’s a dungeon calling RPG obviously
it’s not like the highest budget or anything like that but for what it is it
seems like it’s a nice addition to the Nintendo switch lineup and it seems like
people do like the franchise when it comes to it because there’s a second one
so obviously people did at least buy the first one enough so we can get a sequel
here so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the localization if there
is one and kind of what goes down with there what other features or what they
do add there will be more information probably revealed at some other time
what do you guys think about this marry skelter to coming over to the pentose
switch because excited for potentially getting this one on the system and you
put the ps4 version of the game let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright and moving on to the next topic here Sega Genesis mini
slash the Mega Drive mini launches on September 19th and it includes a
whopping forty titles so the second Genesis mini slash Mega Drive Mini
depending on where you live will launch worldwide on September 19th the Sega has
announced it will cost six thousand nine hundred and eighty yen that’s
approximately $70 for the standard version and eight thousand nine hundred
and eighty yen approximately $90 for the two controller version so there’s two
different ones there so one controller in a two controller won the mini console
will include 40 different titles which will differ for North America Europe and
Japan these are the first ten titles confirmed for the Japanese version of
the game you have Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Puyo Puyo 2 Shining Force vampire killer
wrestle ball gun star heroes comics zone rent a hero Space Harrier 2 and meadow
monogatari 1 the system uses HDMI video output and is powered by USB respective
cables are included with the system so that’s definitely good to hear because
we heard about the PlayStation classic or that having some issues
cables and stuff so not bad at all I know like a lot people are excited about
the second drive many I’m not as excited about this and we were talking about it
in the PE live that I was doing last night it’s just not something that I’m
super excited about when it comes to classic consoles anymore I have the NES
classic I have the Super Nintendo classic and they’re cool you play them
for a bit but I mean it’s just one of those things to where a lot of these
games I’ve already played like a million times over I’m not gonna really be
excited to pick them up again although it’s really cool if you were a Sega fan
like a Sega Genesis fan Mega Drive fan this is really cool and there’s 40 games
although it is a bump up in price but not too bad though I mean if you want
the two controller version that is gonna be about $90 it seems it seems about $90
and we’ll see what they actually officially price it when it comes to the
European and the Western releases but it does look good I mean they have like the
little buttons on the Megadrive and everything the controllers look
authentic this is the classic Sega I mean this is definitely a classic Sega
and getting 40 titles in there that’s definitely good I think you get like 30
titles when it comes to the NES or student to know classics so to get 40
titles in there not bad at all it seems like they’re off
to a good start write stuff like comic zone and gun star heroes and Sonic the
Hedgehog 2 Shining Force I mean that’s really good vampire killer I mean these
are all solid games so I think Sega fans are gonna be happy with what they’re
doing here so what do you guys think about the Sega Genesis mini / Mega Drive
mini launching September 19th let me know your thoughts in the comments
section below alright I’m moving on to the final topic
here Bulletstorm duke of switch edition has been officially announced with the
Nintendo switch and it’s coming this summer so Bulletstorm is coming to the
Tendo switch this summer as Bulletstorm duke of switch edition gearbox
publishing and developer people can fly have officially announced boa storm Duke
of switch Edition will include the full single-player campaign with all the
previously released add-ons along with the Duke Nukem downloadable content
released for Bulletstorm full clip edition the first-person shooter first
launched for the PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and PC in February 2011 and remastered
bought stone full clip edition featuring duke nukem
was released for the PlayStation 4 Xbox one and PC in April 2017 alright so
let’s get into some of the features of this game here guys so the total package
all previously released downloadable content like we discussed here this is
including the gun Sonata and blood Symphony add-on packs upon completing
the main campaign blasts through the new game plus mode with an unrestricted
arsenal of weapons and skill shots new echo maps players can showcase their
skills on six brand new levels for the score based echo mode killer visuals
presented with updated models environments and animations all running
at 60 frames per second across all platforms will see on the Nintendo
switch version and that they said they got the frame rates running high but
they didn’t confirm 60 frames for a second at least on the switch yep
the art of destruction pull off masterful kills by mixing fast-paced
gunplay with unique kick slide and leash combos visceral audio orchestrate a
crescendo of chaos with newly remastered audio effects Duke Nukem Bulletstorm
torso play through the entire bullet storm full clip Edition campaign as Duke
Nukem featuring full voice-over and brand-new lines from John st. John the
original voice of Duke so there you go guys
bullet storm it’s coming over basically the full clip edition but now they’re
just titled up bullet storm Duke of this switch edition and I do for that this
will actually lead to Borderlands coming over I feel that gearbox knows that
people want Borderlands because a lot people were upset that Borderlands was
announced for the Nintendo switch any type of Borderlands games but if they’re
gonna put bullet storm on and I’m pretty sure eventually don’t get Borderlands on
here as well so I do feel that this is not a testing type of thing but I do
feel that this is just the start and then I think that Borderlands might be
announced like a Nintendo Direct or something like that not Borderlands 3 I
don’t think that games come in at least not at this point but I feel that
Borderlands 2 or one of the other games the game of the Year Edition could be
coming over to in 10 dos which and its own type of package maybe you get all
the different games the pre sequel and you’ll also get the Game of the Year
Edition for like 60 bucks or something maybe they do some type of unique
packaging for it but I do feel that this Bulletstorm duke of switch addition is
the starts of gearbox kind of putting a little bit more on Nintendo platforms so
what do you guys think about different topics that we talked about
here let me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that
wraps it up for this video here gonna check out the links in description below
we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like it up on our social media hit
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constantly swimming for the future and subscribe the players for this RPG
Japanese and Nintendo gaming news thank you so much for watching I will catch
you guys for the next one days

20 Comments on “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 Announced for Switch & SEGA Genesis Mini Info! | Switch News”

  1. 3:07 we all know Mario can't beat sonic. Sonic is a very nice person and let Mario win for the first time. Good sportsmanship.

  2. I haven't really played much of the Mario & Sonic series but I'm glad it's returning. I was worried it might be over since we didn't get a game for the 2018 Winter Olympics. I hope it's good!

  3. 5th
    Sanik wearing those slow shoes from sonic labyrinth. That is probably why he is losing miserably Against Mario

  4. …And six new SEGA Ages titles were announced for Switch as well at SEGA Fes (so we now have 19 confirmed SEGA Ages titles total):

    -Shinobi (Arcade)

    -Fantasy Zone (Arcade)

    -Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Arcade)

    -Herzog Zwei (Genesis)

    -Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R (Arcade)

    -G-LOC: Air Battle (Arcade)

  5. SEGA Genesis Mini sounds great, especially with M2 handling the emulation/ports. Will most likely pick it up. Also Mario and Sonic Olympic Games is cool, used to play the Wii version with my brother a lot so maybe I’ll pick this up just for fun

  6. I hope M&S Tokyo 2020 is absolutely stellar! SEGA has no excuses for it not to be since they had extra time from not doing PyeongChang 2018. So excited!!!!!

  7. i think it's awesome that mario and sonic at the olymipic games is coming back since it's been i very long time and the reason why i'm looking forward to getting sega genesis classic mini because i have always prefer sega and sonic over nintendo and mario i'm just not a nintendo and mario fan but don't get me wrong i love and enjoy playing other nintendo and mario games i am a sega and sonic fan

  8. I hope they don't limit characters to specific sports. I don't want to play rugby just to play as Diddy Kong all the time.

  9. I'm really hoping SEGA is bringing it's A+ Game on Sonic at the 2020 Olympics. It's the Tokyo Olympics, they really should be doing something especially special and unexpected.

    If it were me, I'd try to make it game Olympic themed and get some guest game characters from all around the world if I could. I'd see if we could get access to past Olympics Mascots, as well as see if I could use the 2020 official Anime Campaign Mascots (maybe not using them as characters, but maybe for themed mini games and unlock able stuff like a Kame-Senin Gi for your Mii in the game, or a Going Merry/One Piece themed longboat for rowing, etc). I'd also take all of the mini games of the sports I'd included and try to make some type of all incorporated story mode and party mode (Or I'm thinking something like a Party Mode that could potentially have a few cut-scenes in it and structure). I don't know off the top of my head, but I just think I'd want this game to be especially special.

  10. Preorders for genesis mini!!!! Sega Genesis Mini – Genesis

  11. Hey PE Ninja Master. Mario & Sonic 2020 Olympics should be fun and there is another Olympic game that looks pretty cool aswell. Mary Skelter 2 looks pretty cool. I am not the biggest Sega fan at all but i defo wanna get the Sega Mega Drive Genesis Mini tho :-D. Bulletstorm on the Switch is awesome news.

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