Making of Human-Powered Freerunning Machine – with Jason Paul

Making of Human-Powered Freerunning Machine – with Jason Paul

Yeah, I was brainstorming with my guys from Red Bull about what we could do for a crazy video that no one has ever done before – and we put our heads together. Then we had the idea of creating a cool chain reaction like we all know from Rube Goldberg – and then we thought of ways to combine freerunning with this crazy machine. There was a team of 10-12 people that went shopping for the craziest things… like bouncing animals, playing cards, a huge croissant and so on, and got locked up at this location to create and test building this nice looking and working machine. There was a bus propped up slanted that I could slide down in a lounge chair and a bunch of crazy things I would never have dreamed of. I was in a house with a lot of stuff I’ve never trained with before and I was in charge of combining all this to make a cool freerunning chain reaction. Yesterday all my boys came over to support me, but they had no clue that I had some plans for all of them. I started involving all of them in my ideas, and they were all really excited and started testing – that was awesome for me. It was crucial that we do a perfect job right here. Keep out of mischief! The coolest thing about this project was that we all felt like little kids playing around here with all these creative people… building this machine and creating a “wtf” moment. The final result is this awesome product and that’s what makes it all so unique. The main challenge was to make sure the machine and everything as a whole never stopped, and this proved to be the greatest obstacle in accomplishing this stunt. We only had one shot to get this on camera and turn on the TV. We did something unique that no one has ever done before, which is what we wanted to do and we are really proud of it.

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  1. It's kinda unclear what this is even about….but I clicked on the link at the end of the video and I was glad I did! Very cool. 🙂

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  4. yea i love their work but i seriously envy their free time. which working adult or student could have free time like this? i wish i had. ):

  5. Hey, sorry to be that guy who spams for subs but sadly its what I have to resort to. I'm 14 years old and freerunning, parkour, tricking and film-making is where my passion lies. I've been working on my biggest project ever and hope to have it released in a few weeks. Its already taken hours and hours of editing and filming so all I wish for is when I release these edits I have some subs to watch them and my journey to becoming one of the next generations great traceurs/freerunners.Cheers

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