Madonna is the worst kind of soccer mom now | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Madonna is the worst kind of soccer mom now | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

So, Madame X, she is all these
things, but one of the things we didn’t expect Madame X to be
was a soccer mum. That just…do you know what I
mean? I think genuinely, people were kind of, like,
“She’s done what now?” Yeah. It was surprising that you upped
sticks and moved to Lisbon. Yes, I surprised myself. Yeah. Yeah. Cos you post things online, and you see that David is really
good at the piano. And he dances, and all things… God, I wish he wanted to be
a singer. That’s what I mean. Was it a disappointment? It would
have been a lot easier for me. Yeah. Was it a disappointment
that he chose sport over music? I can’t say it is a disappointment.
That’s not fair. It is a challenge, yes. LAUGHTER Can you focus on
an entire soccer match? I can’t focus on
anything right now. Um, say that again. If you watch a game of football… Wait! What’s happening now?
My medication hasn’t kicked in yet! LAUGHTER I’m sorry. Can you focus – if you see a
football game, can you watch the
whole thing? I only watch when my son’s playing.
OK. If truth is told, yeah. And if he doesn’t have the ball,
you look away? If he’s sitting on the bench,
I’m on my phone. LAUGHTER

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  1. Good lawd, the eye patch is incredibly pretentious and ghastly. Unless, of course, she's wearing it for medical reasons, which is highly doubtful.

  2. Alot of tardigrade comments in this thread.Madonna say lick her ________. The lord created a mute if you dont like her,don't listen to her.The word for your behavior would be choice. Choose who you click on and don't click on.Its real easy if you try. Don't be stupid all your life. Try not clicking on who you don't like. Real easy if you try.I will loan you some brain cells.I want them back though. To prosecute your stupidily clicking on people you dont like in the future.

  3. she should have been dressed appropriately, and spoken about her children as a mother who said i gave them wings to be anything they wanted.

  4. I wonder if she's trying to channel Michael Jackson with that one eye thing and the patch, like MJ did with the one hand glove. Looks like the same glitter. It worked for Michael but for Madonna it just looks weird and like, why?

  5. Wats with that eye patch . She looks ridiculous. Madonna where is your parrot on ur shoulder. She should do a pirate movie with Johnny depp. She is weird. Wat happen to her fake fat ass she did. She looks all fake to me. Her kids think she is creepy. Madonna get help.

  6. If the eyepatch is practical, then, indeed, glam it up. But the cyborg teeth make an ordinarily articulate woman sound slushy.

  7. I admire her as an artist and her journey through pop music that she shaped like no other. But as a person…. damn I couldn't be around her. This attitude, and ironically preaching at the same time for a "revolution of love" in the world when you're not able to practice it with people on the same couch.

  8. I never rated Madonna as a singer and hearing her as a guest singer on x factor recently without auto tuning she was terrible. I feel for her as I think she should have bowed out a few years ago when she was at the top of her game.

  9. Pretty sure she's saying that sports don't tend to amuse the evolved creative mind….but that she's willing to deal with sports for the sake of her kids. Admirable.

  10. She must be the worst interviewee. Awful to watch. And that guy at the end of the sofa, so unfunny! Love the GNS, but this one was just.. meh

  11. Love it! Madonna is making all of you talk about he and that’s all she wants. You are all doing her bidding! Haters will hate and will always be disappointed. Madonna rules and you hate it

  12. was in my 20s in the 80s, was big fan of Madonna, its got nothing now to do with age, but something just not right with Madonna now, she does not seem happy in her own skin, its the case now to leave the stage while people are still claping, Madonna does a lot of good stuff, but sadly its time for her to leave the stage.

  13. Maybe it’s just me but she honestly looks like she can’t breathe with that tight outfit on . You were fab in your day but time to go spend quality time with all your kids .

  14. Honestly I think she has some serious health stuff happening right now.. she seemed to have a nervous tick going on and I have never seen her fidget her feet before ..

  15. To make it in professional football. You need to have more than just abilty you need a proper training program and full support. Nice video.

  16. The man claims to be the only Protestant in a Roman Catholic village. Yeah right. We know of some of the Irish shrills in the BBC (this was highlighted by the PROTESTANT TRUTH SOCIETY). In the 1900s the Irish Catholics were infiltrating into the BBC. Talk about that BBC. Madonna tells the truth, we are aware of your crimes (Eurovision 2019).

  17. You have to sit back and just howl in laughter at all these comments made by teenage losers about a woman who is a billionaire and is the most critically acclaimed female artist of all time.

  18. She's not as bad as people are saying, she just looks knackered… and tho her costume was a bad choice.. she can't breathe in the corset and her eye patch looked irritating..

  19. I saw Madonnas show in chicago theather and I left after 30 minutes because it was so horrible and so unsophisticated, pointless without any talent. She is narcissistic and selfish 65 year old woman so uncool, and
    Totally waisting of money!

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