Logan Paul mocks KSI after he knocks out sparring partner in bloody fight – Latest News

Logan Paul mocks KSI after he knocks out sparring partner in bloody fight  – Latest News

 Logan Paul has made it clear he’s unfazed by KSI knocking out his sparring partner during training  We wouldn’t be getting on his bad side right now but each to their own.  The American YouTuber, who was clearly made aware of the video circulating the internet, took to social media to say: ‘KSI’s knock down [cry-laughing emoji] ’  His brother Jake also got in on the action as he told him: ‘BRO INSANE!! better watch out lmao [cry-laughing emoji] ’  However, followers on Twitter were quick to question his calm demeanour.  ‘Can u do better have u even knocked someone out ?’ one asked  Another added: ‘Let’s see yours then pls.’  ‘Atleast he spars people his weight class unlike you [sic],’ one more said  Logan, who recently showed off his skills in a workout showcase, went on to say: ‘I wanna put something in perspective: – my first year of wrestling i was good not great. – my second year of wrestling i was one of the best in the state.  ‘My athletic learning curve is very fast & it’s no different with boxing KSI will understand next Saturday.’  However, KSI wasn’t having any of it, as he simply replied: ‘Wait till I punch you in the face ’  The footage of KSI’s knockout, which was obtained by The Mayweather Channel, showed KSI set up the KO with a right hook to the body before landing three precise shots to the head  Chatting about how he felt afterwards, the YouTube star – real name Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji – said: ‘I’m calm I already know what my main goal is and that’s Logan, man.  ‘I was taking it easy on the man…I could just tell, in his demeanour, so I was just like, “I’mma try a few things ”‘    Explaining what he’s expecting to happen in the boxing ring, he said: ‘As soon as I come in, I’m like “Get away with that f**ing jab”, and I’ll smack the s*** out of him ’  Meanwhile, the trash talk is getting nasty after KSI promised to make Logan ‘suffer’ in the official fight trailer  Logan, nicknamed The Maverick, is heard to say: ‘I feel like a f***ing animal… the person you see standing in front of you right now, you will not see this person in two months This is a second chance.’  ‘I know I train more intense than he does, I’m a better boxer,’ KSI, who’s taken on the nickname The Nightmare, says ‘I’m a better fighter, I have more heart. He’s going to get knocked out.’  As scenes of the pair’s first boxing match, which ended in a majority draw, played out, KSI added: ‘I’m going to make him suffer ’  The drama of it all.

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