James Shaw: The wheelchair is just another part of my tennis equipment

James Shaw: The wheelchair is just another part of my tennis equipment

Hi my name’s James Shaw – I’m a GB wheelchair tennis player ranked 14 in the world, and I’m a CP sport ambassador. CP is a condition from birth it was something that it was clear that I had from an early age because I wasn’t developing the same as someone without the condition Say if someone has done a really tough sport and the next day their muscles really ache, then my muscles feel like that all the time – and then other muscles in my body I don’t feel or I can’t use in the same way someone without CP would so that means I require a wheelchair to get around. Most of the time I can still walk and I can weight bear. Whenever you speak to doctors or physios it’s always “You don’t want to get in a wheelchair, you want to be keeping on your feet for as long as possible” So as a child I’d be walking around school and just everyday life around the house using either crutches or like a frame but I couldn’t be competitive or be to any good standard to actually play even just against my friends while doing this. Having the wheelchair that means I can fulfill my potential and it has added benefits of being able to strengthen my upper body My tennis now is my full-time job so like six days a week, five or six hours a day The thing about wheelchair tennis is I love it as it’so inclusive – like I can play people on their feet just people in their chairs. Well my dream is to first of all go to a Paralympics and then win a medal there, hopefully a gold, and compete at Grand Slams and win those as well. So high ambitions and hopefully I can achieve those. I’d say being in a wheelchair doesn’t stop you being able to walk. I lead a life in a wheelchair on court and then I lead a life off court walking around the house leading a very normal life. It doesn’t stop me, it aids me on court and it’s given me so many opportunities – but it hasn’t stopped me walking. To me, I don’t see my sports chair as a medical aid, I see it as just another piece of equipment

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