Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe’s Devious Ploy | truTV

Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe’s Devious Ploy | truTV

All right, here’s what’s happening. We are casting
for a new TV show, but we do have a host
that we’re casting for the show. And we’ve narrowed it down
to two potential candidates. This is the person I’m pitching
for the host — John Szeluga. Here we go. So, Q made this clip for Joe. Hi, I’m John Szeluga,
and, uh, Joe, I — I appreciate
the opportunity here, man, but this isn’t really
what I do. I know you think I’m good
at this stuff, but I’m more of
a behind-the-scenes guy. I get — Immediately saying,
“I don’t wanna host this.” Yeah. We can talk about this
somewhere else. I don’t wanna do this
right now. How convincing,
right? Yeah, he’s portraying
the part that doesn’t
wanna be part of it, which I really enjoyed. He was believable,
though. He sure
got me thinking, “I don’t think he wanna be in there.” [ Laughter ] So,
this is Megan Rico. Here we have her only scene
from a gritty police procedural airing on
a cable network. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] She’s dead,
McGulfy Jr. Are you sure,
Santiago? She got no pulse. [ Laughter ] She looks just like
the last drug mule. [ Laughter ] Did she just
move her tongue? A little bit. She sat in that grungy alley for six hours, pretending to be dead —
never complained once. That’s right. Okay, well, let’s get back
to John Szeluga, then. This one here is —
is a clip from him as a high-school jock finally asking out the girl of his dreams. ♪♪ To — To be clear,
I don’t wanna be the host. I’ll help you make the tape —
the tape and stuff. Man: Action. Hey, Judy. Hey. You’re really good
at field hockey. Thanks. I’m so– I don’t feel
comfortable doing this. [ Laughter ] I’m not an actor. Can we get
someone else? Yeah, can I — Like, literally anyone else? I’d like — please? Yeah, I just — I wanna
go home, if that’s okay. She was
the problem here. [ Laughter ] She was
the problem here. In that scene,
John really shines because he actually
stayed grounded. Q: Yeah. But, you know, a hosting job calls for nuance. Mm-hmm. And if you’re looking for nuance… Oh, nice segue. …this is from a tutorial
for home caregivers. Today, I will demonstrate the proper method for putting on an adult diaper
in the standing position. Is that
a nude man? Murr:
Oh, no! Talk about a trouper. She’s committed. Yo. Oh, my goodness. Well-done,
Joey! Sal: Killer. Joe: So we’re just
gonna ask you, raise your hand just clearly if
you would vote for John Szeluga. Okay. And then,
Megan Rico? Great. Oh,
three out of three. Oh! Three, wiped they floor with you! Q wins the day. See you later. [ Laughter ] [ Door closes ] You walked out?
It should be over, and Joe’s just
sitting in there alone. [ Laughs ] All right. Uh, we had —
John has not won any, ever. [ Laughs ] You know
when you have a friend that you know that they could
do more with themselves? Do more, you tried. That’s my John Szeluga. Like, all I really need
is you guys to switch your vote. Oh! Oh! Oh, my God. I need two of you to,
’cause it’s a majority. John just don’t
wanna do it, though. Yeah, but, Gloria,
that’s because he’s afraid. This is devious. But what is the swing
of the vote — like, what
does that achieve? It puts him
back in the running for it. You can’t go against Megan,
I understand that. Look, I don’t mind him. You don’t mind him? Great! Jordan? I mean, I guess. Oh, all right. I mean,
I’ll raise my hand. You’re gonna go? Oh, my God!
They switched! Yeah? Raise your hand,
please. Yes! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God. And then now,
I’ll get Chase in here. Hey, Joe? Thanks, guys. [ Laughter ] What’s going on? [ Laughter ] Joe: Can I talk to you
real quick? Thanks, guys! Murr:
Joe wins it!

100 Comments on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe’s Devious Ploy | truTV”

  1. Well Joe really has some amazing twisting skills…. really no one had any hint that the votes would get switched.

    Well Done Joe! Favourite Joker for All!!
    & Of course, the Cleverest Joker among those 4.
    (P.S.: Joe did the back calculation that he needed to switch only 2 votes in his favour to win, so that Q remains with 1 votes & Joe gains 2.)

    Edit: But how did Joe come to the realisation that he would be able to switch those votes successfully?
    (Experience/ Intuition/ Or something else
    Which one do you vote?)

  2. I wanted Joe to lose that challenge… I feel sorry for Q. Q has been punished lots of time this season. Joe is really hard to beat but still, Q got him this time, joe played unfair at the last..

  3. Sal had to deliver a calf, feed bears whilst he was in a cage with the bears roaming free around him, the guys went into his house and stood completely naked in front of his windows in front of his neighbours – Q placed his cat on Sal's bed- Joe pooped in his toilet, didn't wash his hands snd touched Sal's toothbrush- Murr stick his finger in Sal's peanut butter, stuck it in his mouth and then back again in the bottle, he was part of a "zombie apocalypse" along with his nieces and had to touch raw meat, Sal was part of a haunted corn field and a haunted mansion and so many other DISGUSTING punushments
    Murr had to skydive, jump out of a helicopter into a water body and was sent cage diving with sharks and ultimately the cage was detached from the boat

    Q was chained in a warehouse where tarantulas were placed on him.

    Sal has disgusting punushments and Murr had punishments where he had to face his worst phobias

    I think the guys go overboard when they invade each others privacy or make them face their phobias. They really need to stop – it's not even funny

    I absolutely love them, but they need to know when to draw the line

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