I Wonder As I Wander – Lindsey Stirling

I Wonder As I Wander – Lindsey Stirling

I wonder as I wander out under the sky How Jesus my savior did come for to die For poor or’ry people like you and like I I Wonder As I Wander Out under the sky I Wonder As I Wander I Wonder Aa I Wander I Wonder As I Wander I Wonder As I Wander I wonder as I wander out under the sky How Jesus my savior did come for to die For poor or’ry people like you and like I I Wonder As I Wander Out under the sky

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  1. Or you know how I got a little civilian GPS and he maybe next time you need to put something there that'll take my life and it to its all you have to do is send something I guess I should have had that one instead if I get hurt again keep an eye out put one in then use it

  2. Girls I think I'm going through another and I was probably too TMI I think I'm going through a heat another sexual prime boys have quite a few

  3. she is beautiful and tallented, but i think video work should also be noted. all her videos are stunning and super creative. whoever does them is brilliant.

  4. I weep for the future of this planet where content like hers gets under 6M views in almost a year. The musical talent, the vocals, the cinematography, the dance choreography, the sound engineering, the magical way she brings it all together with mastery and bravado. My goodness how is this girl not the greatest artist/ musical genius to ever grace this planet?

  5. Amazing sound. Great looks. Kind of Lost me at the Jesus part. But still amazing sound to it and amazing photography

  6. Lindsey, you are perfection and a god send. I can't even begin to tell you just how much you've help guide me threw your angelic music. You are pure inspiration. I understand your deepness and your messages within all your songs. They speak to me at divine right timing. Thank you for all you do. I look forward to meeting you someday. Until then our missions in life will guide us along. Sending alll my love.
    Yours truly- Megan and Luna.

  7. Your white outfit looks like Neleil from Bleach when she had to step up to save Ichigo. Funny you even do the Tai-Jutsu like her but i guess every artist gains ninja skills when they get enlightened to a certain point.

  8. Your camera team deserves an Oscar, because every video you've ever made is visually breathtaking. This one ranks at the top.

  9. My dear magicians, you see that my english is not good. I dont understand languages in music, but music for all peoples you know. Especially this music gets me another world, without all humanity ideas n insticts.. Thank you so much 🤗🤗

  10. I am using a portion of this song for my wedding on October 19, 2019. It'll be the bride processional song ♥️♥️♥️. Lindsey Stirling is my model… She is so lovely, talented, and so so so beautiful.

  11. uffffffffffffffff excelente. eres lo mejor para mis oídos en youtube, me encanta la imaginación, temática y amor que le entregas a tu trabajo. COMO PRODUCTOR MULTIMEDIA FELICITO A TU EQUIPO DE PRODUCCIÓN. hacen un excelente trabajo. saludos desde Colombia.

  12. I still can't get over the mix of eerie mystery and complete awe that I feel when I watch and listen to this song. Incredible. Beautiful.

  13. Ive loved her since the very first song I heard from her. Crystalize. She is a very beautiful woman with a great voice and beautiful music. Shes extremely talented and I get goose bumps every time I hear a new song from her. I look forward to more and more from her

  14. I get the costume ideas especially the first one because i think shes blindfolded so shes "blinded by darkness" and withe the second one shes free from the darkness!

  15. I was lucky enough… In the right place at the right time to be a part of her online concert… except for these words, I was speechless and as I learned I was represented on screen with her as one of many points of light… I cried to be able to be where I am and be there with you spreading joy and Hope 2 Millions across the world… I cried, this song left me speechless, thank you

  16. Странно, что я раньше эту композицию не нашёл. Это Божественно. кек.

  17. I love how you stand up for your religion, a lot of people these days don't have enough courage to do that. Thank you.

  18. I imagine Lindsey Stirling ft Aurora.. It would be like that battle between Angels and demons anyway I just imagine how it sounded that time if at all someone made some song about that…

  19. If u are reading this u are loved and the universe is by your side.. So far I've got to people that raise my vibration Lindsey Stirling and Aurora 😍😍😍 love u all

  20. TOCAS EXCELENTE!!! me enamoré de tu música cuando te escuché hace dos semanas me parece. Casualidad que apareciste en mi muro de facebook promocionandote que vendrías a México en Agosto, no sabía quien eras pero después de curiosear aqui en youtube supe en realidad que eres una CHICA MAGNIFICA Y MUY TALENTOSA!! SIGUE ASI y no te rindas. RECUERDA EL VALOR DE NUNCA RENDIRSE!! 😀

  21. I'm not religious but, even if the lyrics doesn't resonate with me, I love the instrumental and voice and video so much. It's truly a shame that she's not famous, at least in my country. More people should be introduced to her greatness!

  22. I love the efforts on the outfits and the video work, priceless her videos are all I like to see in a video clip if they came out of my head.

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