I FORCED/CONVINCED My Wife to Play Videogames w Me! The Next Lululuvley?!? APEX LEGENDS (w ENG SUBS)

I FORCED/CONVINCED My Wife to Play Videogames w Me! The Next Lululuvley?!? APEX LEGENDS (w ENG SUBS)

What’s up guys! So in today’s video, we have a special guest that will be joining us. Special guest?! So in today’s video guys, we are joined by my waifu. She is the first part of the name ZENEIL. Her name is Zen. And this is her first time ever playing an FPS in her entire life. So anything to say, honey? Hope you’ll have fun watching. Don’t expect too much. Enjoy the video guys. Peace.
Bye-bye. Oh no.. What’s the other one again? Pinkie? It’s too far… What did he say? You’re too much… Where are you? Where are you, loves?
Here, respawning… Wow! Talent… Because it’s close…close.. It’s because it’s close. Yeah, but it’s not that easy even if it’s close. No, that won’t work. Your health is full. You need shield cell. Oh really sir? Hold ooooon! I’m going to the shield cell. Oooh. Where is it? Hey stop that! There goes my shield cell! *laughs* Hey stop that okay… Stop already. Hold on, I’ll get shield again. I’ll just pick it?? Doesn’t work! Not yet! Don’t pick! Don’t pick! WHY?! Because you’ll be jump master. But that’s ok… Oh no, honey! Just press shift… Just press shift later. Honey, what do you mean shift? There you go.. Let’s just go far first. Did it work? Yeah, it worked. Will I just fall by myself? I will control. I will be the one to control our drop. OK. Let’s go loot. Go left. Go left. OK, and then?
Just pick up the ones on the ground. Look for a gun. OK fine. I’ll just go with you… I don’t even know what I’m picking up. Where can I get more? Just on the floor? Yeah, what did you get? Oh that’s…That’s Hemlok right? Yeah it is a Hemlok. What do you mean? Shoot it so you’ll know how it works. But I only have 15 bullets. Is there more bullets still? Let’s go look for more. Where are you? There, just follow. Oi! I can’t go inside the door. What’s that? Get the helmet. (press) E. What’s this? Shotgun. Get it if you only have 1 gun. What’s Eevie 8, prowler? What’s that? That’s a shotgun. Here get this (referring to the pinged bodyshield). How about the “burst”? I’ll just leave it? Where are you? What burst? The burst gun. Leave it, leave the Hemlok. Get the shotgun. There that’s fine. The one I’m using now? Is this ok? The auto and Eva 8? Eva 8? Yeah and shoot it just so you know how it shoots. You hold (the trigger) it has an auto rate of fire. Check it out. OK. OK. It’s fine. I’ll just hold it later. I don’t want to waste bullets.. What now? I can’t find any more bullets.. Let’s look for more here. Follow me. Just always look for my name ok? Stick with me. Wait I’m still looting. Here! Here. Oh our ally burned..Here faster! Where are you?!?! Get this. This one? Yeah, get the blue. How about this one here? Are they the same? Oh he dc’d… Where’s the body?
Where are you? Wait. I’ll look for his corpse. Don’t want to waste his loot. Don’t fall in the lava ok? That will burn you. Don’t follow. Don’t follow me. I’m just getting his loot. What’s Havoc? No, that’s ok already. What’s your gun now? Oh let’s go, loves. We are far from the ring. Let’s go here. Where are you? Follow me quick. Where are you? Faster we will burn.. The ring is closing. Get that. The shotgun bullets.
Where? Where? Get the shotgun. The green and red bullets.
OK already. Doesn’t work. Here get this. Get that the scope. Doesn’t work. Can’t get it. OK nevermind. Let’s go run.
Where?! Where are you? Oh there.. Where are you, my love? Just follow ok? Follow me always. E. Here we will zipline. Go to the end. I will just meet you there.
Ay!?! I also jumped. You said… It’s fine.. Do I need something here? Do you need this? Where? Where? Where? The one I pinged. Doesn’t work. OK let’s go! Let’s ride this. Press E. Then fly towards my ping ok? Face there. Where’s your ping?!? Aaah… Over there…There… I will fly? Yeah, it will fly in the end. Where am I? Oi!! Oi!! Straight towards me! Where?!?!? Where!?!?!??!?! There. That’s fine. What do you mean, loves? Move faster. The ring is behind us. Oh there’s a fight.. We’ll go there. Hold on. Here get this you need. Which one? Doesn’t work. What’s your gun? Yeah, you need that. Let’s go let’s go. Doesn’t work. I’ll drop the sniper ammo? Yeah drop it. You don’t need that. There you go. Hold on. Where is it again? There’s a fight.. Wait a minute. Prowler, oh eva 8. Where are you? Let’s go the ring is there. Where are you… Here you need this…Get this.. Where, where, where? The green? No, no, the one I pinged. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work.
That’s for your prowler. For the prowler. No no. This one this one. Doesn’t work! I might already have it. Oh ok. Ok let’s go. Yeah, I already have it. Fast, fast, fast.
Where are you? Here outside fast. Jump down the bridge. Equipt the prowler. Press 2. Oh oh. There’s someone behind. Here, loves. Shoot it ok? Where!?! Where!?! There’s someone here behind. Here! Here! Hide! Hide! Don’t push! Just hide by the wall.. I’m already hiding..Can’t I. Aaaay! Oh they can see me… Hey honey hide by the wall. Oh no I need to heal! Oh no I don’t have…. Q! Q! Press Q! Oh yeah…. Nice. nice. Oh there’s someone also behind.. I also had an enemy behind me I didn’t notice him.. That’s fine.. Can you press your Z already? No idea… Nevermind. Go in the zone first. Come, come because the ring is about to close. Go. Just follow ok? Can you check your middle…Wait nevermind…Go in first. What do you really want sirrrrrr? Jump here ok. Check the lower middle of your screen. Can you press Z? Yeah Ok press Z. Then drop it somewhere. Look for a spot where it will turn white. Doesn’t work… OK over here. Jump here. Press Z here.
Doesn’t work…. Still red… How do you do it? Still red…
Z! Z! Bring it close to you. Nothing..Doesn’t work… Here? Oh there!
There! There! Do I need to press anything? Or no? No need. Don’t step there ok. You might get crushed. So I’ll go far away? Far from the blue. Wow. So fast… You loot so fast sirrrr… That’s it? Where next? Where are they? Far away..You have no scope. That’s fine… Where can I get a scope? No it’s because you’re using a shotgun. It’s ok. Just wait for them to come closer. Can’t I do anything else? Wow. My gun is so nice. You know this Eva doesn’t have much…Ooooi! What happened? There’s someone shooting there. Where? Oh over there. There’s someone. Did you get them, loves? Just trying to damage them.. Where to next? We’re still inside right? Yeah Good thing… I don’t have a scope. Doesn’t anyone have a scope? Press Q. Oh wait nevermind… Where, where are they?? There Where?? Here below.. Where Oh there…behind?? Yeah Do I need to hide in another crate? No need. Can I come closer? Yeah you can. Here! I can use Q again. Ooh my health is low guys! Hey! We can use Q here… Revive him loves! Go close to him! Oh nevermind he’s far… Where where where?? Where is he? There? Leave him leave him. Is this an enemy? Yeah Where are you? What to do?! I can Q!! Oooh I died… Just shoot them loves! Is this an enemy? Yeah just shoot everything moving! There you go! Here here below! Shoot shoot! *laughs* Where? There! There! Aaah! My gun is so ugly. You picked that. Why did you pick up eva8… You got top 2?
Us! Get the bag… Where? I pinged right then there was a blue on the map… Point your mouse there and press the middle mouse button. And you will dibs it. I will ping but I will dibs??? What mouse? I can’t even see my mouse… I don’t get it… If I ping, there is something color blue that pops up in the map right? Where Look around… Over there. There… There…below… Yeah…Aaaaaah….I’ll press it?
Yeah press the middle button… Middle, press the middle button. Oh it disappeared… Here one more time.. There you go! So it won’t disappear from the map then you can get it later. OK so where is it?? Below?? Yeah Get it Where is it? I can’t see it…
Did you get see it??
I can’t find it…Where is it?? Oh there! Where Will I see them if I peak? Make them come out again… Just keep shooting them.. Hey use shield cells loves Oh is that the one? Oh noooo.. Q loves. Use your Q. Run here loves. Here. Where What’s that? There’s another enemy squad here. Where Here behind. Ooooh the one behind went down already… Hold on loves.. No I can’t help you.. Hold on I’m healing… No no it’s fine. It’s too much so intense.. Oh you’re not the one I’m watching… Too bad.. I got downed… We’re dead… Did you kill someone? There’s an enemy… There’s an enemy there…. Where In my ping. Oh in front. By our friend… Don’t stay there loves. Don’t stay by the door. Oh there’s someone there already! Yeah, don’t stand by the door. I’ll try this out… There! Come come come. Follow me… Where Where are you There you go Over there ok? See it? Yeah Oi oi hide..Shield cell.. Let’s go over here Where Here to me.. Where are you Where are you loves Stay there just hide first I can’t shoot…. Come here to me Where are you Come to me Stick to the wall first then use Q come to me stick to me then use Q Go shoot I can’t see There above above Where above? Over there! Where There there there in my ping Check the map Aaah oooh I need to go out of the wall… Hide hide hide hide hide hide OK nevermind… Oi use your heal Whats happening? wait wait wait there’s an enemy what’s this? Can I be revived with knockwdown shield? whats that hold on hold on ok what will I do? oh you’re still alive!
yeah hold on I’m still trying to win.. Woooow! You’r soo good my love! So goood!

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    Introduction – 00:00 – 00:27

    Training – 00:28 – 2:46

    Game 1 – 2:49 – 11:59

    Picking to Drop – 02:49 – 3:53

    Looting Lessons – 3:55 – 10:41

    FIGHT – 10:41 – 11:58

    Game 2 (TOP 2, maybe?) – 12:00 – 18:29

    Ultimate Lessons – 12:03 – 13:48

    Enemy Awareness Lessons – 13:49 – 16:20

    FIGHT – 16:21 – 18:23

    Game 3 – 18:31 –

    Dibs Lessons – 18:33 – 19:45

    Sniping Lessons – 19:46 – 22:06

    FIGHT – 22:07 – 23:01

    Game 4 (CHAMPION, maybe?) – 23:04 –

    FIRST FIGHT (Double Kill, maybe?) – 23:06 – 24:37

    Ultimate, Healing and Sniping Application – 24:38 – 26:33

    SECOND FIGHT (3v1, maybe?) – 26:34 – 29:05

    Outro – 29:06 to end

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