Hopsin: How To Skateboard | Arts & Raps

Hopsin: How To Skateboard | Arts & Raps

what is mumbles do you want to see what mumble rap is okay we're gonna play a little game okay can you guys clap do this did you enjoy that well I don't yes and that is how I feel when I listen to music on the radio hi my name is River Shetty hi my name is Linden lamb and today we have hobson hello say I really wish I knew you I'm your father you'll probably never be introduced to you'll only see me on TV or maybe you too but now I know your mama is probably dating somebody yes I am here hello hello how are you my day has been wonderful we've heard about your talents of skateboard oh yeah yeah teachers gotta build this um yeah so now what we do is we put the wheels on here you take this one and you take this one okay so you get the wheels and you just slide them on yeah just like that okay oh they're called um contacts those are really cool ain't creepy at the same time yeah yeah I get that a lot cool and creepy home yeah yeah I started wearing them just to kind of make me stand out because I felt like people didn't notice me enough so I just wanted to be weird you know how long long you escape were last you three years oh no not that long not even close I don't get to skateboard as much as I would like to so it may last me about a month oh well how would she do now right now how many skateboards do I have 15 skateboards at my in your little piggies he prefers or rats cars when I was little I was skateboarding first because I you I used to see Bart Simpson skateboard you know Bart Simpson is no you don't know who Bart Simpson is really oh my god you guys born Bart Simpson is a really cool car start acting I started rapping when I was about 14 years no when did he Oh Bart Simpson is not a rapper oh I think he may have done a wrap I'm like an MC Hammer rap thing or something but you guys don't even know who MC Hammer is let's not get into any of that stuff but Bart Simpson skateboards so now what we do is we take this right here ladies go ahead yeah I'm that up just like that yes wait what's your favorite place to travel to my favorite place to travel to is a place called Amsterdam have you heard of it Amsterdam it sounds like yes it's a very very fun place I love it all your money on one new artist who would you bet it on a lot of houses there are lots of artists out there you're right I'd probably put it on Van Gogh to be honest that's what I'm gonna go with because he's a really good artist I heard him freestyle yeah then go freestyles what's the worst if you ever gotten I think the worst president I ever got or the worst gift I ever got was probably a pair of socks for Christmas it was quick it was Christmastime and I was excited and I was like oh my god Santa Claus I know he's about to be good to me this year I know he's about to give me a bunch of stuff oh wait and PS is not real is it you're lying no it's actually true but I seen him before okay first of all I think your mind around – you just get the car don't talk about my mom I'm serious you laughing at my mom well you like to relax and teach me how to skateboard yes oh okay did you guys get back what up squad I hope you enjoyed the video if you did you can hit the subscribe button you can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram by clicking the links below until next time thanks for watching all deaf news

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  2. 0:19
    Me: yes I enjoyed that because Hopsin did it.
    Happy Ending: I’m about to end this mans whole career.

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