Holiday Ops 2020: Unwrap Your Presents and Get Bonuses [World of Tanks]

Holiday Ops 2020: Unwrap Your Presents and Get Bonuses [World of Tanks]

Holiday is approaching. The holidays are the time for miracles and the time when every house
is filled with a magical atmosphere. But it’s also the time of
Holiday Ops in World of Tanks. Your first gifts will be
waiting for you in your Garage. A Tier II French light tank and
some other nice little bonuses. But this is just the opening
chapter of your winter tank fairytale. The festive Garage
is just waiting to be decorated. Show off your talents
and create a magic atmosphere. This year, in addition
to the familiar decorations, there are special ones
called Large decorations. There are four of them,
they are unique, and each one makes
your Garage even more cozy. Complete the New Year Bustle
missions and receive Small Boxes. You will find decorations and
other pleasant rewards inside. Put the decorations up and bring
the festive spirit to your Garage. There is so much
to decorate around there! Each decoration is a part
of one of four collections. New Year, Lunar, Magic, and Christmas. And don’t forget the separate
collection of Large decorations! Convert your unwanted
decorations to Shards. Don’t forget that placed
decorations can’t be broken. Use these Shards to create new
decorations in the special Decorider. This year it can
perform some real magic. With the Antiduplicator you will receive
a guaranteed standard decoration that you don’t already have. You will have to use
a special charge to use it. One is given to you right away, and
you will be able to receive more later. But remember:
they are not infinite, use them to get those
decorations that you really need. Additionally, you can create Large Decorations
with the Large Holidron Decorider. Unlike the standard ones,
these are not duplicated. However, the price to create them
increases for each consecutive one. Decorate your Garage and
increase your Festive Atmosphere. Each level will
reward you with nice gifts. Personal Reserves, national
and universal Blueprint fragments, Crew Books, medals,
a badge, Antiduplicator charges, Small Boxes,
and a festive 2D style. At certain levels
of the Festive Atmosphere, you can choose one of the
four festive Snow Maidens. Along with the Maiden, you will receive a Female Crew
Member in a unique festive outfit. Recruit them in the Barracks for vehicles
of any nation with any specialization. They will have Brothers
in Arms as a Zero Perk, and enough experience
to train another skill or perk. By level 10
of Festive Atmosphere, you can have all four festive
Snow Maidens in your Garage. Each one is related to their own
collection and will help you complete it. You will get a random decoration
from this collection once per day. You can only take it
from one of the Maidens. Along with the decoration, you will get
as many missions for x5 experience, as you have
Snow Maidens in the Garage. Starting from Level 5
of Festive Atmosphere, you will begin unlocking
Holiday Ops vehicle slots. You can put applicable vehicles
there, except for Premium ones. The slot tier
matches the vehicle tier. These vehicles will get a Holiday Ops
bonus in battle depending on their type. Heavy and medium tanks
get 50% more combat experience. Light tanks get 200% more
Free experience for each battle. Artillery and tank destroyers get
a 100% bonus to Crew experience. The Holiday Ops
bonus is always maxed and doesn’t depend
on the Festive Atmosphere level or having a certain
collection completion percentage. You can change the vehicle
in any slot for free after some time. But while the tank is in the slot,
you can apply a unique 2D style to it. Holiday Ops vehicles are only
a part of the great bonuses. By filling your collection album and
increasing the Festive Atmosphere level, you can get more credits
on any vehicle in the game. Reach Level 10 and collect at least
72 decorations in each collection to get a 40% bonus. This year, all collections
contribute to the credit bonus, so each decoration will
increase your credit yield! And you can get 10% more after you set up all the Large
Decorations in your Garage. They don’t affect
the Festive Atmosphere level but they give you a permanent
bonus right after you set them up. After you complete a collection, you will be rewarded with
six decals and a unique 2D style. Each of the four collections
has its own rewards. Styles can be applied to any vehicle,
except those with unique exterior. After you reach
level 10 of Festive Atmosphere, you can complete your
collections from previous years. Use shards to get the
decorations you need separately or the entire collection at once,
and receive your long-awaited reward. Like all good things, the holidays
will come to an end sooner or later. But not in World of Tanks. You’ll still be able to use your Holiday
Ops vehicles until the end of January. You will have as many slots
as you managed to unlock. The vehicle change
freeze period will increase but you will be able to change
vehicles for credits whenever you like. The vehicles that stay in the slots will continue to get the Holiday
Ops bonus and the credits bonus. The size of the latter will equal to the highest level
you achieved during Holiday Ops, even if you broke all decorations and
decreased the Festive Atmosphere level. But this comes later. For now, prepare
to decorate your Garage, receive gifts and
celebrate the holidays. Create your own festive
atmosphere in World of Tanks!

80 Comments on “Holiday Ops 2020: Unwrap Your Presents and Get Bonuses [World of Tanks]”

  1. The French light tank looks awesome, but it’s a tier 2 so I’m never playing it. So still, thanks for credits and garage slot?πŸ‘

  2. There is a rumor that there may not be guaranteed gold in this year's large holiday gift boxes. Can you tell us if the gold will be guaranteed in the large gift boxes? If the gold is not guaranteed a lot of people are saying they will not buy the large gift boxes.

  3. Ehhhh… are you telling me there will be no applyable discounts this year? that was kinda the only reason I was gonna grind
    Besides that pretty great

  4. Things are getting a little complicated, but only because there is so much stuff. WG, this is really the crowing achievement of all of your events.

  5. As long as they don’t change the parameters, the boxes offer the best value for your dollar all year. At the very least you get your gold’s worth.

  6. I'm excited for the Holiday Ops, so don't take this the wrong way, but the four camo styles this year are the worse they've ever released. On the plus side, that means there are none that I have to stress about trying to earn. πŸ˜‰

  7. Haven't been playing WoT for quite some time, because what's the point, but… might give it another try, and collect another four girls, like in previous years. Besides, red team just needs that artillery barrage, which I can provide. Got to jump back into top 100 arty players in the Hall of Fame on my favourite bringer of pain and b-hurt.

  8. This is a great event, especially if you've set aside $100 to buy the boxes. Last year I was surprised to get a decent haul.
    Some of the sponsored box openings looked a little fishy, but dollar for dollar I came out $3 return to $1 spent, whereas QB came out to approximately $5 to 1….. Not a complaint, just an observation, a very provable observation.

    I might be spending my box money somewhere else this year WG. Still wanting that Type-59.

  9. Guess it's that time of the year when I treat myself to 100 bucks worth of lootboxes again. Love you wg, your Christmas events are the bomb.

  10. Remember folks, a low tier premium trains crew just as fast if not faster then a high tier premium, this makes getting a headstart on vital crew skills for higher tier scouts like Sixth Sense, Camo, etc a lot easier. Glad there's finally a low tier French gift, their scouts have long lacked a decent free crew trainer. Still, why wasn't it the AM Gendron? You guys have had that thing sitting in the ingame files for a year now, I was super excited at it finally showing up for the holidays.

  11. BIG question everyone wants to know will the 2 main tanks and skins from the large loot boxes be loot box exclusive? because i don't wana drop money for a chance to get them if i can just wait a few months and just buy em like last xmas.

  12. Wargaming puts more thought into Holiday Ops than they do actually fixing the game…problems that have been neglected are stacking up…..yet all they do is add more content…..adding more problems….

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