HIGHLIGHTS | Athletic de Bilbao 1 – FC Barcelona 0

HIGHLIGHTS | Athletic de Bilbao 1 – FC Barcelona 0

It is true that after the high pressure in the first half, it made us go out and have a little more control. But in the second half, we totally controlled the game. I don’t think Marc had any saves to make that I remember. And it’s a shame because the team had the game absolutely in control, we were getting forward well and we had 4-5 clear chances. And then they get the late goal at the end, when there was no time for a comeback. What has happened recently is we are missing that bit of success, but this will come. It’s a shame that we don’t find it in this competition, but I believe we have reasons to be positive, and it is necessary to see that the team has done many good things and that they didn’t deserve to be eliminated.

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  1. Messi is getting older, young players are trash, manager isn’t good, the veterans are all aging.

    rip barca

  2. Tienen que aseptar que es un equipo veterano y que no es el mejor clup de el mundo estan ahi pero no es el mejor clup de el mundo vamos hacer realistas

  3. look now theres no talking about this loss we have lost 5 away games we just need to be confident on away game now and also home but mostly away because at home we not lost even one game we can win UCL and laliga but now is the time where they should start and Yes we do have a away game on sunday which is going to be tuff barca should keep pressure barca are confident at home games and have to be a bit more confident on away .

  4. Yo guys from Barca – can u tell me whats the difference between Valverde & this guy? He's lost important match now too right? Why isn't he fired yet?

  5. True of our Club..
    Experienced striker (GOAT)
    Young striker ( Ansufati)
    Who plays striking and defending (Griezmann)
    Never seen in any other club.. vamo barca… must say win or not.. but we have possibility of position 60+ in every queue setiàn Game.. that feels better..

  6. Fuck Barcelona fuck Bartome and fuck that stupid blind referee bitch🖕 …but just like always every important games they felt I'm pretty sure they don't gonna win shit this season …fuck nobody cant replace (Suarez 👍⚽️🇺🇾)

  7. mira, ahora no se habla de esta pérdida, hemos perdido 5 partidos fuera de casa, solo tenemos que confiar en el juego fuera de casa ahora y también en casa, pero sobre todo fuera porque en casa no perdimos ni un solo juego, podemos ganar UCL y laliga, pero ahora es el momento dónde deberían comenzar y sí, tenemos un juego de visitante el domingo que será toba barca. Debería mantener la presión. El barca tiene confianza en los partidos en casa y tiene que estar un poco más seguro en el visitante.

  8. It was just one of those days where the goal opportunities were there but no end result. Barca played well. However, this game shows that we do not have any depth in this squad. Loaning Carles Perez was just another dreadful decision by the management. Ansu is 17 and starting every game, shows that the planning of the board was absolutely horrendous. These are the times when thought goes out for someone like Malcolm who was sold without any opportunity.

  9. This game was traumatic for me. So many chances for Barça and so unlucky. Ter Stegen had me terrified with his passing and play from the back, which simply didn't work against Athletic. The second half was better as it was further up the pitch. Without Dembélé or Suárez, its tough man. Ansu Fati can only bring so much at his age. I have faith that it will all turn out alright (if Bartomeu goes). Força Barça!

  10. Plz sign a striker or place grizeman as cf…. plz put messi in his position rwf… plz… dont destroy the last years of the legend….. plz

  11. When barchalona win all the match match , iam happy butttt when this club lose any match , iam unhappy , this club op

  12. Soy de los Países Bajos y soy fan del Ajax. Nosotros como holandeses estamos realmente sorprendidos de cómo Barcelona puso a Frenkie en el terreno de juego. O dibujas Busquets o vas a poner frenkie. Entrenadores que llaman que un jugador de conexión como Frenkie,que nunca puede darle un papel diferente de donde un jugador debe estar de pie. Realmente no tienes nada sobre Frenkie en Barcelona.Una vez que Koeman llegue allí, barcelona dominará de nuevo. Bartomeo la fuera

  13. i hope barcelona will learn from this season, firstly change the board, and acctualy start thinking how will they build up team (not just buying hyped players)

    Couse this season their game is awful, no matter the results, they< just dont play at the level…

    Its a sinking ship atr this moment

  14. Lmao, Barcelona YT channel. No wonder the Piqué vs Williams run and his desperated attempt to stop him by hanging on his shirt, followed by a yellow card don’t appear. And what about the ‘Frenkie de Jong’ dive in the penalty area 😂😂. He was more concerned about getting the penalty than of playing football, yellow card deserved and delivered lmao 😂

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