Game Room Tour (Most Functional Gaming Setup in the World?)

Game Room Tour (Most Functional Gaming Setup in the World?)

Hi there
my name is Kevin and this is my video game room. On display are 50 TV-based
consoles, two standalone consoles, thirteen handhelds, and 1,900 different
games. This room is designed to make gaming on original hardware as
accessible as possible. Basically that means the machines are hooked up to the
TV already as you’ve seen. Each system has a number which tells me what buttons
I need to hit in order to play. For some of the older systems I need to swap
out a cord. This is because the signals from systems like the 2600 degrade when
they pass through other devices. There are two TVs one for the old systems and
one for the newer ones. I have to adjust the positioning of the recliners
depending on which TV I’m using. I’ve made it so that they slide across the
carpet easily by putting cardboard on the bottom of them. As you’ve seen the
controller cords have enough length to reach the chairs some consoles that have
hardwired cords have to be brought onto the floor in order to reach the chair.
I’ve made sure there’s extra slack in the cords that come out of the back of
the systems. This setup has almost 400 cords. The wire shelving,typically used
for food pantries, gives me the ability to tie the cords up, clump them together,
and give me the space needed to branch them into different directions. I used a
lot of velcro tape and twister seals signal cords coming from the back of
each console go on a long journey before they reach the TV the majority of them
go through switch boxes and many go through to switch boxes. The systems
output HDMI travel through these powered switch boxes while others go through
mechanical switch boxes.The electricity for the setup also goes on a long
journey. It gets split up as it leaves the outlet and then goes on to ten
rackmount power supplies. This gives me 85 individual switches to power
everything and I’ve almost used them all. There’s a few charging stations in the
setup including, one for AAA batteries right here. I also have a VCR which I use
if I want to play one of the two VCR- based systems that I have, although both
of those systems are pretty much garbage. If I want to record footage from any of
these systems I have devices hooked up that let me do
that. I also have LED lights if I want to
change the mood. One of the strands of Lights is giving
me some issues so that’ll have to be replaced. This setup is a work in
progress and the progress never ends. A couple of the systems I just got
recently and haven’t been hooked up to the setup yet. There’s also some
technical difficulties with some of the consoles. For example, it’s very hard for
me to find an original Xbox that’s not broken. This is my third one the other
two have failed and this one is starting to fail. Moving away from the setup let’s
go to this corner of the room by the door. This is where I had the Vectrex and
Virtual Boy systems. The Vectrex can be played from the recliner I have. All the
overlays hanging on the wall. If you don’t know what these are these give
color to the games. The Virtual Boy has enough length on it
to reach the recliner as well. To the right of the main setup is a shelf full
of accessories handheld systems and their games, and a handful of boxes. I
have additional accessories in other parts of the house. Now let’s take a look at this wall. As
you can see the entire wall is covered with games. I designed the shelves myself
I collect for a lot of different systems, but as you can see, there’s some that I
prefer more than others. In the closet I have a dresser with more
games stored on top. In the drawers I have other game-related
things, like instruction manuals and extra handhelds. Now let’s talk about the posters I have.
I have them all over the room. Some are original that I got out of
magazines while others are bootlegs that I bought off eBay and Etsy. The last thing I want to mention is
there’s two windows in this room, one behind the setup and the other behind
the large game shelves. Both windows are sealed up with cardboard to prevent
sunshine from getting in. That’s it for the tour have a great day and play some

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  1. I started collecting games and consoles form My NES. Then SNSES. Now I have NES SNES, Atari 2600, GBC GBA PS1, 2, 3 and 4. Xbox, x360, Wii… But honestly its so difficult to get original game for e.g for Atari with original box. How u did it? Big respect bro carry on!!!

  2. Haha no pc?? True console peasant. Console peasant lives matter!!! Llama lives matter!!
    and das an insnae collection btw

  3. I really love your setup very convenient, but one but it’s like your gaming In Your pantry. And honestly I don’t like that at all.

  4. If this guy's mom was a video game she would be rated E for Everyone.

    Just joking bro. Awesome setup! 😁

  5. Cool …but I would just be staring at the stuff for few hours thinkin what too go on as theirs loads#too many

  6. I can get most of yore gaming collection on my smart phone using emulators lol. You are just wasting space

  7. Pretty cool but video signals seems not to be ideal, even for CRT. At least I get the impression that you are using composite video and even RF.

  8. For me personally i love the power grid set up being numbered and categorized is just awesome i thought i was crazy having to buy a 14 gang extention lead for my tv setup now im glad to show my partner im not the only one, the time and effort for cable management deserves applause, having crt for older consoles is a must have! I couldnt imagine how much time it took, hope your not planning too move house haha

  9. I have a emulator with all these consoles on my laptop, only one power wire for charging and one controller, no switch box. Fits into the pocket on the side of my recliner.

    Would you trade?

  10. Yo dispongo de lo mismo solo con mi tv de tubo y mi Wii con Wiiflow y al otro lado mi Smart Tv conectado a mi PC con mi Hyperspin super completo de catalogo de todos los emuladores. La de espacio que me ahorro.

  11. I wouldn't want to get drunk, play games and have to put all that shit away the next day hungover, because we all know how drunk stuff goes, leave it on the floor when you're done. You'd wind up with 20 systems scattered all around lol

  12. If you're anything like me, setting all that up is more entertaining than playing most those games. Not that I dislike gaming, I just like building stuff, and with an industrial background I can appreciate that wire racking.

  13. Legends are telling that the owner of this setup has been seen in public once and it was to get a 2L of Mountain Dew at the convenient store

  14. The Xbox hit the market around 2,000 multiple systems giving him problems Atari from 19 holy shit you're old no problem works like a charm

  15. I think I'll be seeing your video game collection for sale on Pawn stars in the near future when your gone off earth or in need of some money during bad economy times
    So tell me is it worth all that collecting when you can't have it forever or take it with you when you go 😂 silly boy stop that nonsense and buy a bomb shelter for protection instead

  16. Just a tip. If you use openable glass cabinet with shelves for your consoles you can protect them from dust. Only for the rear cables would have a hole in it. So you can save a lot of time with cleaning.

  17. I'm joking when I say this, but I want to rob your game room. I wish to someday have a room like that

  18. I know I am just 11 but when I am adult I want to make this room in my house! It looks like heaven to me. And yes I am little
    bit nerd

  19. Hola, como se llaman las repisas sobre las que están las videoconsolas (minuto 1:58)? Quiero comprarlas pero no se como se llaman ni donde encontrarlas si alguien me puede informar se lo agradeceria mucho, un saludo!!! pedazo cuarto por cierto!

  20. Nice JVC man, what size is that, I tried to find one with component and s-video jacks and ended up with a zenith 32” sd crt. SD-CRT gaming on the curved crts, is tbh just the way pre 480p should be shown. I don’t understand why everyone’s after the flatscreen HD-CRT such as Sony Trinitrons, they actually make 240p composite signal worse.

  21. hey man I have around the same amount of consoles, I am moving here soon and would like to know what you are using for all of those HDMI switches, mine usually break after a week of use, same with the AVI adapters/switches you have. I see you have a list of some of the stuff you have shown but no links or actual names that will give me results, thanks!

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